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On February 4, this year, Professor Ravshan Makhmudov of Gulistan state University visited the Halima Khudoyberdieva school of art for a master class.In his speech, Rovshan Makhmudov showed the following:Students of the school of creativity are the happiest young people in Uzbekistan who study at such a great school. While attending the school of creativity, I can say without hesitation that this magnificent school-the school of creativity named after Halima Khudoyberdieva-is a haven of the Syrdarya region.To this day, we have visited the Abdulla Kadyri school of art in Tashkent, the Erkin Vohidov school of art, and the Muhammad Yusuf school of art. I think that the students of the school of art named Halima Hudoyberdieva can equate the level of knowledge these schools of creativity. These…
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Human trafficking-the problem of the century
On February 4, 2020, Gulistan state University organized propaganda classes on the topic “human Trafficking-the problem of the century”, aimed at issues of legal propaganda. It was attended by the head of the Department of justice of the Syrdarya region L. Akhmedov, senior inspector of the Department for combating human trafficking Of the Department of internal Affairs of the Syrdarya region B. Ukhuzhakov. The event was held by the Dean of the faculty of physics and mathematics S. Allayarov. His speech L. Ahmadov spoke about human trafficking and its negative consequences, including that in our country on 17 April 2008 was adopted the law "On combating human trafficking", July 8, 2008 was accepted the decision "About measures on increase of efficiency of fight against human tra…
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The winner of the" Universiade-2020 " was awarded by the district's Hakim.
 In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "on measures for organizing and holding the final stages of sports competitions of the Republic of Uzbekistan at a high level in the 2019-2020 academic year" No. 3, on January 27-30 this year, the final stages of sports competitions were held in the Alpomish sports complex in Gulistan. Nadira Dilmurod ergashalieva, who lives in Gulistan district, also took part in these competitions, became the winner of the final stage of the badminton competition among women in the doubles category and was awarded a Diploma of the I degree. In this regard, Khakim of the district held an event to award our young athlete. The winner of the" Universiade-2020 " was presented with memorable gifts by the district.…
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Deputies at the University
On February 3, a joint meeting of the Standing Committee of the regional Council of people's deputies on "Youth policy and education of a healthy generation" and "Social and cultural development"was held in the small meeting room of Gulistan state University. A joint meeting was led by Deputy Gaibnazar of Raimnazarov. At the meeting, the Chairman of the Standing Committee, rector of the University, Deputy of the regional Council M. khodzhiev made a report on the topic "Targets for the development of Gulistan state University in 2020". Deputy Minister of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Muradjon Kholmukhammedov, Chairman of the regional Council of the party Millik Tiklanish, Deputy Norbobo Soatov, head of the working group with the deputies of the regiona…
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Another event from "Jasorat" and the National guard
In 03.02.2020 special paramilitary team Gulistan state University club "Jasorat", by Syrdarya regional units of the National guard of Uzbekistan, is a permanent partner of the club, Under the leadership of captain N. Chuliev students performed exercises to further enhance the sense of patriotism and enhance the military and combat skills, aimed at developing the skills of military training.During the training session, the head of the regional club "Jasorat" Maksudbek Sirojiddinov made a report on the continuation of such cooperation and expansion of the club's membership.Let such a brave and heartfelt young student get in line and get lucky.
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Talking about the coronavirus
Recently, there have been numerous disturbing reports in the media about the "Coronavirus" epidemic that originated in the people's Republic of China and began to spread around the world. What kind of disease is this, what kind of virus? The question of how it can be protected and protected is of concern to many of our compatriots.04.02.2020 in order to familiarize students of Gulistan state University with the epidemic state in the context of faculties and directions, the University doctor Mavluda Yunusova and nurse Nodira Ganisherova conducted propaganda lessons.
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An open dialogue was held on the topic Youth-creators of the future
 On January 31, 2020, in the Palace of culture of Gulistan state University, together with the Syrdarya regional Kengash of the people's Democratic party of Uzbekistan, an open dialogue was organized on the theme “Youth-creators of our future”. The event was attended by NDP members, teachers and students of the University.    Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the regional Council of the PDP, H. Jalolov, spoke in detail about youth initiatives and mechanisms for their improvement, about the essence and significance of the state youth policy in our country. After that, during the event, a group of active students were awarded the party.    At the end of the event, a concert program was held with the participation of singers from our region.…
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First President...
On January 30, 2020, the University organized “First President” lessons dedicated to the birthday Of the founder of the independent Uzbek state, the sincere son of our people, the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, who realized the age-old dreams of the Uzbek people. One of these lessons was organized jointly with the Millik Tiklanish Democratic Party, and was attended by pratika Nargiza Nurboeva.    This lesson highlighted in detail the work done to achieve independence and the significant contribution of Islam Karimov to the preservation and strengthening of statehood in the first years of independence. At the end of the lesson, a documentary dedicated to the 82nd anniversary of Islam Karimov was shown.
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As previously reported, it was officially confirmed that the final badminton games among students of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan “Universiade 2020” were held at the Gulistan state University of the Syrdarya region.On January 28, 2020, the final stage of badminton started in the Alpomish sports complex in Gulistan. 154 students from all regions of our country and the city of Tashkent took part in the competition. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy khokim of Syrdarya region Otabek Nasirov, rector of Gulistan state University Muhsin Khodjiev, and rector of Karakalpak state University Ahmed Reimov.On January 30, 2020, the final games were completed, and the closing ceremony of the sports tournament was held on the same day. The following results were note…
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