Bizning shior: Universitet obrosihar bir professoroqituvchi, xodim va talabaning ornomusi, iftixori va vijdon ishidir.           Asosiy maqsadimiz: Eng yetuk universitetlar qatoridan joy olish!           Ilm bir shula, dilga tushgan on Shunda bilursankim, ilm bepoyon...
Travelling to Tashkent
Uzbekistan jannatmakon of the earth. Historical monuments in our country, Saint qadamjo, ziyoratgoh, a great city-a beautiful place very much. Today, the country pays great attention to the tourism sector in the open area more beautiful, because the citizens of this place for themselves and foreign tourists call. Gulistan state University the team also Nowruz day holiday weekend exciting umuxalq transmission, and qadamjo St. St. St. the purpose of the visit “Uzbekistan journey! under the slogan: "travel to the beautiful city of Tashkent Dali. The journey to “Zangi” father ziyoratgoh, “blame the Imam of the mosque”, the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “as the victim's” memory of the State Museum and many other turning …
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Attention to the quiz!
Amir Temur - the great statesman, the famous commander, Sohibhiron "A knowledgeable person of Amir Temur", dated 682nd anniversary, quiz questions.     1. Who was his last enemy on the battlefield of Amir Temur? a) Sultan Bayazid b) Black Yusuf c) Iskender Sheikh   2. Ibn Khaldun writes that Amir Temur, on the other hand, whether the king is his relative? a) Buxtannasr b) Manuchehrc) Xusrav   3. According to the Arabs, Temur Amir madrasah Imam Jamoluddin Ahmad al-Khorezmiy teaches the Temurian prince? a) Muhammad Sultan b) Pirmukhammed Mizro c) Ibrahim Sultan   4. What is the meaning of the term "ukulka" of the Timurid era? a) Rule b) Prize money c) Prize money   5. Who wrote Amir Temur as a shepherd when he was young? a) Ibn Khaldun b) Ibn A…
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Gulistan state University celebrated the holiday of Navruz
Gulistan state University 16 March 2018: "dear compatriots, every day of Navruz!” called a concert. The faculty on the occasion of Novruz holiday in the national exhibition dedicated to the holiday posters, Newspapers, at best, in national dress, the best day food on the table of most regions the most prosperous Navruz model has been defined as a group of conditions of the competition.
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Information on functioning in the university sports mugs
Tr The name of the department Name of the group Head of the circle Number of students 1 Physical culture and sports among faculties Basketball Shukurov A. 35 2 Physical culture and sports among faculties Football Omonboev B. 22 3 Physical culture and sports among faculties Chess-dish Bekmurodov A. 17 4 Physical culture and sports among faculties Volleyball (Girls) Jonibekov Sh. 17 5 Physical culture and sports among faculties Volleyball (Boys) Eshonqulov O. 20 6 Physical culture and sports among faculties Combat Dzyu-do Burhanov A. 18 7 Physical culture and sports among facul…
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  Ң Ң ҳ 1 “” ққ . . 22 2 “Қ қ ” .. . 52 3 ққ . . 52 4 қ . . 52 5 қ Ғ.. Қ. …
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Dear compatriots! The administration, the staff of the Gulistan State University sincerely congratulate you on the long-awaited holiday of Navruz and express to you the most kind wishes. Navruz is the most ancient, truly national holiday free from all ideological and political trends, nationalities, language and religions, embodying traditions and customs, the eternal values ​​of many peoples of the world. With its humanistic spirit and ideas, it is dear and close to the heart of every person who, feeling himself an integral part of his native land, surrounding his world, feeling and carefully cherishing the unique beauty of nature, strives to live with her in harmony. Therefore, everyone who lives in the fertile land of Uzbekistan, regardless of nationality, language and rel…
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The Republic of Bashkir onions of the Republic bore fruit as their customs and rituals. Dushanbe, March 18-19, cousin Mausoleum at nasriddinovich, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor associated with R & M. Universal ornithologist 2100 people-fakyl, master's degree Farsi-time interval of participation in Lujza.               
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A legal awareness campaign was held at Gulistan State University.
On February 17, 2018, the Gulistan State University hosted a legal and promotional event dedicated to promoting the essence and meaning of legal acts adopted in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Rector of Gulistan State University, Professor MTXodjiev, Head of Syrdarya Regional Department of Justice Sh.Saidov, Chairman of Syrdarya Regional Civil Court J.Hudoynazarov, Chairman of Syrdarya Regional Economic Court A.Hudoyberdiev, Judge of Gulistan Inter-district Economic Court Nabiev, pro-rector on Spiritual and educational work R.Mahmudov, media representatives, professors and students. Speakers at the event noted that the formation of high legal culture of young people is a solid basis of ensuring the rule of law in the society, the essence and significance of adopted normative and legal acts i…
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Prevention of offenses and combating crime
On January 18, 2018, a round table was held at the university head office with the participation of the chief imam of the Syrdarya region, Mumin Hoji Usmanov. In his report, Mumin Hoji Usmanov emphasized the increasing importance of students' conscious attitude towards life and the changes that take place in the world and in our country, and our young people are more conscious of their intelligence and intelligence. once again, to contribute to the peace of the country, every citizen should always be vigilant and vigilant under the slogan "Your home is for yourself" to prevent and combat crime, to analyze and prevent the causes of crimes.  At the event, students received answers to their questions in moral, emotional, and other spheres.  
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