Department of Ecology and Geography

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Department of Ecology and Geography

The head of the department: Karshiboyeva Lola Gilichevna

Phone: (+998 90) 255-67-86


The main scientific theme of the department: Natural resources of the Mirzachul oasis and the problems of their protection.

The Department of “Ecology and Geography” was originally renamed into the Department of “Botany and Agriculture” on June 15, 1990 as a separate department from the Department of “General Biology and Zoology”.

The founder of the department and the first head of the department is Ph.D., Associate Professor

P. Khalkuziev.

In the history of the department:

I.Shirinova (1993-1994), I. Urazboev (1994-1996), N. Khadzhaeva (1996-2003), A. Dosmetov (2003-2005), N. Sulaimonov (2005-2011)). The Department of “Ecology and Geography” was founded in August 2015. The department "General Ecology and Geography" operated from 2011 to August 2015, and from 2011 to 2015 it was headed by Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor A. Dosmetov. During 2012-2017. the department was headed by Ph.D. A. Yuldashov. Currently, the department is headed by Ph.D. Associate Professor Karshiboeva L.K.

Today the Department of “Ecology and Geography” is one of the six departments of the Natural Faculty of Gulistan State University. The department employs 19 professors and teachers. Among them are 2 professors, 7 candidates of sciences, associate professor, 1 and. about. associate professors, 3 senior teachers, 6 teaching assistants. The staff is 19 people. The average age of the teaching staff of the department is 37 years.

Currently, the Department of “Ecology and Geography” is working on the project "Growing peacock seedlings in the Syrdarya region".

The department is working on scientific problems "Natural resources and protection of the Mirzachul oasis" and "Physical geochemistry of the Mirzachul oasis". Including scientific research in the direction of "Geoecology", "Physical geography", "Geophysics of landscapes" and "Economic geography".

Under the leadership of A. Yuldashov, a scientific, practical project "Growing licorice on saline soils and using it as a raw material for the production of stimulants" is being carried out. There are 2 scientific circles in the department. Members of the "Small School" are involved in research work, professors, gifted students, teachers of academic lyceums are assigned to it.

The department teaches interdisciplinary subjects "Ecology and environmental protection" and "Ecology and nature protection" in national and European groups in Uzbek and Russian languages for all undergraduate programs. In the direction of the bachelor's degree in Ecology and Geography, 38 general, special and optional subjects are taught under the program.

The teachers of the department have created textbooks, didactic materials, seminars and development of the CDS in the disciplines taught. The staff of the department took part in international and republican scientific conferences, presented more than 100 scientific reports and published more than 80 scientific articles in scientific journals.

Over the past 2 years, the teaching staff presented 2 textbooks, 4 teaching aids, 2 monographs, 6 articles in journals recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission and scientific articles in 14 foreign journals.

There are favorable opportunities for active research for teachers and gifted students. In the field of education, international Scopus uses articles from the Web of Ssiense database through the ProQuest program and contributes to articles in prestigious international scientific journals.

The department has agreements with foreign universities. In particular, agreements were signed with the Russian State Pedagogical University, the German Geographical University of Göttingen and the Peoples' Friendship University named after academician A. Kuatbekov in Kazakhstan, on the basis of which the exchange of professors and teachers was established.

In addition, the department cooperates in the direction of scientific and educational activities with the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after I. Nizami, Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute, Samarkand State University and 4 academic lyceums and a number of schools in the Syrdarya region. In addition, cooperation with the Committee of the Uz Hydrometeorological Center, the Syrdarya regional branch of the Republican Committee on Statistics and the branch of the State Committee for Nature Protection, the State Committee for the Environmental Movement and many other state structures.

Currently, a number of practical measures are being taken to improve the effectiveness of teaching geography and ecology in partner academic lyceums and schools.

Department address: Gulistan. 4th microdistrict. Gulistan State University, main building, 2nd floor. Department of "Ecology and Geography"

Phone: (0367) 225-47-63


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