Spiritual and educational work

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Spiritual and educational work

At the academic lyceum in 2011-2012 academic year 1,042 students studied in 4 directions, including 314 in the direction of "Social-humanitarian", 212 in "Actual sciences", 342 - "Foreign philology" Natural-scientific direction "- 174 people. In step 1 there were 321 pupils, of which 104 were girls, 318 pupils were enrolled in the second stage, of which 116 were girls, and in the third stage 403 pupils, including 140 girls.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 360 of September 21, 2000 "On the improvement of the activities of commissions on juvenile affairs", the Committee on the Rights of the Child has adopted a Decree # 101, dated August 28, 2011, - a plan of action has been developed.

The order of the academic lyceum No. 58 dated March 29, 2012 on the execution of the State Program "Year of the Family", approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from February 27, 2012 № PP-1717, the working group composition and program were developed and executed within the established deadlines.

On August 25, 2006, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the annual plan on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Promotion of National Idea and Enhancement of Spirituality and Enlightenment" by PK-451 and is being implemented every month.

The academic lyceum is organized on the basis of the state educational standards, and training sessions are based on optimized science programs in 2010.

At Guliston Academic Lyceum, 79 teachers of higher education are organizing classes with modern information and communication technologies.

Of the 79 teachers, 60 full-time and 19 full-time faculty members were trained on their specialty.

Gulistan academic lyceum teachers all have their own science programs, calendar plans, lesson plans, textbooks, visual aids, handouts, testing boards, and are effectively utilized. All 34 groups of academic lyceums have training sessions and are properly documented.

Parents of pupils who regularly attend classes without excuse, chairmen of mahallah assembly, preventive supervisors of internal affairs department have studied the reasons for non-attendance and identified measures. The attendance of students at the Gulistan Academic Lyceum is 97-98 per cent daily.

Following the approved curriculum of the educational institution for attraction of science and sports to the circle of interest for the 2011-2012 academic year, students have been working in a total of 29 clubs. There are 834 students in these clubs, of which 319 are from the first stage, 222 from the second and 293 from the 3rd.

Of the 29 clubs there are 21 science circles, including "Young Physics", "Young Mathematics", "Young Informatics", "Young Historian", "Young Biologist", "Young Chemistry", English, Russian and French languages has been released.

345 (266 adolescents, 79 girls) regularly participate in sports clubs in 8 sports clubs (mini-football, volleyball, national wrestling, basketball, chess, handball, athletics and youth athletes). The circles were organized by qualified teachers, and in the circus magazine they had a full schedule of lessons, and their subject was vomited.

At the academic lyceum Information Resource Center, the textbooks are sufficient for students, and teachers have been using electronic texts of lecture texts and textbooks in every subject, and students and teachers have been effectively used. The Information Resource Center has a total of 17,457 books. Textbooks and manuals are 7759, methodological manuals 54, political literature 1675, fiction literature 6930, electronic textbooks 51, lecture texts 235 and others.

The library is used by academic lyceum teachers, trainers, educators, and students as well as textbooks and other literature.

The episode "Anti-narcotics", dedicated to the creativity of the well-known Uzbek writer A.Navoiy, Z.B. Bobur, the works of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "High Spirituality - Invincible Power" and "Global Financial Crisis: Ways and Measures to Overcome It in the Conditions of Uzbekistan" built-in private corners. Computers in the Information Resource Center are connected to the Internet. All textbooks in the information-resource center of the academic lyceum are now being translated electronically.

The number of newspapers and magazines subscribed to by the educational institution is registrated and revised. Students are provided with the opportunity to use newspapers and magazines after school. There are 3 computers in the Information Resource Center. The Information Resource Center serves the residents of the Bostan neighborhood of Gulistan.

The academic lyceum has a modern class indoor sports hall and summer football, volleyball, tennis sports grounds for teachers and pupils. It is equipped with necessary equipment, simulators and sports equipment. During the academic year, various competitions were held among students and teachers in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, chess and other types. In particular, from November 7 to November 20, 2011 mini-football championship among pupils of 1-2-3th place was held and the third place went to 315 group pupils on December 6 among the teachers of academic lyceum, on December 5-7 volleyball, volleyball among juniors on 12-14 December, basketball among juniors on December 19-21, basketball competitions among juniors on 22-23 December and teams who took honorable places were awarded with honorary titles and memorable gifts.

There are currently no prophylactic, hard-working students in the educational institution. There are three orphans and 25 low-income pupils with gifts for their day-to-day life.

Gulistan City Council, under the auspices of the Juvenile Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to ensure the implementation of the protocols of the 2011 and 2012 protocols, and to support the implementation of various mass media, and countermeasures "have been developed and implemented within the established deadlines.

On August 25, 2006, the Presidential Decree "On Promoting National Idea and Enhancement of Spirituality and Enlightenment" has been approved and published on a monthly basis.

The academic lyceum is constantly undergone in every group as a subject "Fundamentals of Spirituality" and "Idea of ​​National Independence" by the Department of "Social and Humanitarian Sciences".

The lyceum of Kelajak Ovozi - 2012 Republican Contest was held on May 14, 2012 in each direction, and 9 of the talented students took part in the regional stage. At the regional stage, 3 students took the first place and received a ticket to the republican stage. These are:


- in the direction of dance: Jonikulova Mokhinur Murod daughter from 207 group:

- in the direction of: Sherkulova Sevara Bakhtiyor daughter from 301 group:

- on the list of publishes: Ashurboeva Muhayyo Rustamjon kizi of the 306th group:

In the "Dilemma" Republican Discussion Forum in Ferghana on May 10-13, 2012 the forum was attended by talented, well-educated students and 4 academic lyceum students from the Republic of Uzbekistan. The third stage of the Educational Institution "Social Humanitarian" was attended by the student of the 301th group Kholosboyev Doston. was awarded the title.

In 2012 on the initiative of the Women's Committee of Gulistan on the occasion of "Year of the Family" was held the "Girls' Circus" teleconference among girls studying at the academic lyceums and professional colleges in Gulistan. The second stage of Guliston Academic Lyceum was attended by Tursunova Sohiba, a student of the 210th group "Foreign Philology" and took the 2nd place.

In 2012, at the initiative of the Department of Justice of the Syrdarya Region at the initiative of the Marriage House, a charity competition titled "Strong Family - Country Protector" among talented students studying at academic lyceums and professional colleges in Gulistan in June 2012, dedicated to the Year of the Family Gulistan 3rd place student of the academic lyceum Holosboev Doston of 301 group "Social and Humanitarian Sciences" took 1st place.

The Lyceum has a practical psychologist and Ayubjonova Mamura is working in this state. Continuously working with learners, their behavior, upbringing, profession, science, sports and other tactical tests and interviews are conducted according to the work plan.

At the academic lyceum there is a teacher of history, Rustam Khusan, as the leader of the youth movement "Kamolot". An annual business plan is available. According to the plan, the lyceums hold events, meetings, roundtables, contests and public holidays.

Pardaeva Yulduz, a teacher of the native language and literature, is the chairman of the Women's Council of the academic lyceum. There is a yearly work plan, the Zulfia State Prize in the framework of the plan, "Orasta qizlar" in the month of December 2012, active members of the club are active, intelligent, behavioral, exemplary, active and active in various activities. Together with the Women's Committee of Gulistan, students organize various events and roundtables.

There are 2 rooms dedicated to military education, and Jumanov Bekbola is educating pupils on the annual plan. "Shunkorlar" takes part in military competitions and occupies a leading position in the region.

The Law "On Education" and the State Education Standards are being followed in teaching students. In order to prevent crime, crime, suicide, religious extremism in the lycee, collaboration with regional law enforcement agencies are being developed and jointly implemented and implemented.

On September 29, 2010, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the prevention of juvenile delinquencies and offenses" was passed to the first-year pupils of the academic lyceum in the lobby of the activity hall and informed that the main purpose of the law was to inform the minor children about the uncontrolled, identifying the causes and conditions that enable them to commit acts or other unlawful social actions as well as elimination of the educational work carried out during the academic year.

The junior high school students who are studying at the lyceum are organizing events and contests dedicated to the important dates of the year in order to create the necessary conditions for the youth, and to encourage their leisure time; "The Independence and the Protection of the Constitution are the sacred duty of each and every one of us", "The Holy One in the Holy Land" October 1 - "Teachers Respect You", "Protesting Religious Extremism, Discrimination in Respect", " , "Healthy mother and father, healthy child", "Healthy mother and father, healthy generation", "Healthy mother-healthy child", "Barkamol avlod - kelajak kelajagi", October 21, language status on the theme "Language is a mirror of the nation", "Threat to the spirituality and threat to our future", Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-451 "On raising effectiveness of the national idea and moral and enlightenment work" Our wealth is the protection of our peace and stability, the contest of essays "Future of Uzbekistan in the eyes of young people", "Combating human trafficking", the harmful consequences of HIV and AIDS, "Improving the social and spiritual environment, on the theme "Concept of further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country" at the joint session of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on November 12, 2010, The Month of Fire Safety "was organized by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to the 19 th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan , dedicated to the main results of 2011 and priorities of socioeconomic development of Uzbekistan in 2012, interview with the media devoted to May 9, 2012, Day of Remembrance and Honor, "On the Threshold of Independence of Uzbekistan ", The meetings with students, roundtables were held with the participation of experts.

Deputy Director for spiritual and educational affairs at Gulistan academic lyceum


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