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The fourth day of the Week of creative youth.
An intellectual game "Zakovat" was held at Gulistan State University as part of the "Week of Creative Youth" organized by the "Creative Youth" club. The event was held by the general coordinator of the club Temur Abdullaev, coordinators Usmonkhodjaev Jamshidkhodja, Samandar Saribayev. In the intellectual tournament "Zakovat" among 7 teams, the team "Bilimdonlar", consisting of students of the pedagogical faculty, won.   ⚡️ Stay tuned 😊   👉 @Ijodkor_yoshlar_klubi
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The third day of Creative Youth Week
Gulistan State University hosted a Debate as part of the Creative Youth Week organized by the Creative Youth Club. The event was judged by @sirdarYOU_report committee chairman Oybek Hakimov, club general coordinator Temur Abdullayev, club coordinator Utkir Mirzayev. The event, which brought together talented and gifted students, was entitled "Performances are more useful than movies." In the match between "Istiqbol" and "Philologiya", "Istiqbol" won in a negative position.  ⚡️Follow us our projects are still going on😊  👉 @Ijodkor_yoshlar_klubi
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Clothes my grandmother wore
At the initiative of the Women's Council of Gulistan State University, an event entitled "Clothes worn by my grandmother" was held with the participation of students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology. It promotes the idea of promoting our national values, ensuring the continuity of traditions and improving the culture of dress, as well as to enrich the perception of each of our students about modern national costumes. At the end of the event, the teacher of the faculty Gulnoza Tukhtamisheva was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Rector of the University and a collection of books for exemplary work in the formation of the spiritual image of active participants and students. The students' performances made a good impression on everyone.
76 | 2021-02-25 06:02 | Batafsil
Rector cup competitions were held
In order to ensure the implementation of the resolution PP-4881 of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan "on measures to develop the national sport type of wrestling and increase its international prestige" on November 4, 2020, as well as the letter 87-01-67 of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education dated February 8, 2021, on February 23, In this sport competition, 80 students from 7 weight classes competed among men. Among women, 32 female athletes in 8 weight categories competed. The competition was organized by the university leadership and "GulDU" Sports Club in a high level, intense and uplifting spirit. The winners of the competition were presented Rector's Cup and expensive prizes, diplomas, honorary titles. The university leadership wishes the participants …
60 | 2021-02-25 05:49 | Batafsil
The second day of the week "Creative Youth".
Within the framework of the "Creative Youth Week" organized on the initiative of the "Creative Youth" Club, "mushoira" was held at Gulistan State University. The event was attended by the head of the Department of spiritual and moral education of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education Otabek Bazarov, professor Ravshanbek Mahmudov, vice-rector Fakhriddin Niyazov, creative students and poetry lovers. "Readings" consisted of three parts. In the first part, creative young people read examples from their creativity. In the second part, the audience was also covered, that is, they also gave the participants a dictionary of the poems they knew. The most important part - bahr in the third part-it was organized Beth, in which the master of the 1st stage of the direction" primary ed…
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"Are the girls ready for the future?"
23.02.2021 at 14.00 in the lecture hall No. 1 on the initiative of the Women's Council of Gulistan State University, a spiritual and educational event was held under the title " Are girls ready for the future?" from the Women's Council of the Faculty of Philology. It contains information important to prepare students for family life, and what you need to know for the girls. During the event, students critically presented the problematic situations that may arise in the family, in the form of a scene. In addition, our students performed poems and songs dedicated to the role of women in society. The students ' performances made a good impression on everyone. The event was attended by more than 150 students.
78 | 2021-02-24 08:11 | Batafsil
Creative Youth Week has begun
On February 22, 2021, the Week of Creative Youth was opened at Gulistan State University. The first creative exhibition and presentation of the members of the Creative Youth club took place. The exhibition, organized in the lobby of the university, attracted the attention of young people and professors. The presentation was attended by the rector of Gulistan State University, doctor of technical sciences, professor Mukhsin Khodjiev, professor Ravshanbek Makhmudov, pro-rector Fakhriddin Niyazov, general coordinator of the club Temur Abdullaev. “We rely on you for everything. You are our support. Your talent is also the reputation of our university. Thanks to all the parents who raised children like you, ”the rector said, talking with each student and getting to know the exhibiti…
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A training seminar was held on the topic "Raising the culture of teachers and students in the use of digital technologies: problems and solutions."
Together with the Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of Gulistan State University and the Academic Lyceum at Gulistan State University, on February 19, 2021, a training seminar on the topic "Improving the culture of teachers and students using digital technologies" will be held at the Academic Lyceum. technologies: problems and solutions. "The library has passed. The training seminar was held in two stages, the 1st stage - "Master classes" for students of academic lyceums, the 2nd stage - "Master class" for professors and teachers.
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