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About the Council of Gulistan State University


This Satatute is developed according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About education" (Gazette of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 1997, No. 9, Art. 225) and the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On National Program of Personnel Training" (Bulletin of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 295) and the order of the organization of the Council of Higher Education according to the Law "On higher education".

I. General Provisions

According to the Regulation on the Scientific Council of the Higher Education Institution, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 3, 2011, 487, "University Council" is organized under the chairmanship of the rector to consider the main issues related to Gulistan State University's activity.

The "University Council" consists of rectors, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of departments and directors of independent organizations and networks of higher education institutions, heads of specialized departments, leaders of the University Youth Union and other public organizations. Other members of the University Council are elected by secret ballot at the faculty general meeting. The number of members elected from the teaching staff to the "University Council" is determined by the decree of the rector. The "University Council" includes major scientists and specialists working on certain issues of higher education. The term of office of the formation of the University Council is 5 years.

The composition of the "University Council" is confirmed by the decree of the rector. At the beginning of each academic year, new members are elected or placed under the Charter instead of the Council members for various reasons.

II. Aims and objectives of the University Council.

1. The purpose of the "University Council" is to ensure that the efforts, intellectual potential and all the other opportunities of the Gulistan State University are ensured by the implementation of the tasks set out in the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and "On the National Program of Personnel Training", the state education standard of higher education perfect knowledge of the requirements. Training is aimed at training professionals with skills in harmony with production.

2. Council of Gulistan State University:

- Examines the strict implementation of state education standards, curricula and programs in accordance with the "National Program of Personnel Training" and identifies recommendations and assignments on priority issues;

- Receives information about the faculties' academic, research and spiritual and educational work, academic lyceums, activities of scientific societies under the Gulistan State University, about the activities and the results of the admission committee, as well as the needs of marketing services for graduates in all fields, hear reports and make appropriate decisions;

- Discusses the issues of scientific research, spiritual and enlightenment work plans, improvement of professional skills and retraining of professorial-teaching staff and adoption of relevant decisions;

- Approves the annual and perspective plans of development of Gulistan State University, discusses the results of logistical support and financial and economic activities and makes appropriate decisions;

- Makes appropriate decisions on the issues related to the establishment or discontinuance of faculty and departments, with regard to the establishment or discontinuance of the training of specialists in the new bachelor's and master's specialties, taking into account the proposals for marketing services;

- Conducts competitions for the position of professors-teachers in accordance with the Regulation "On the order of recruitment of teachers to higher educational institutions";

-Professor examines the documents of the applicants seeking to obtain an academic degree and submits them for approval to the academic title in the prescribed manner.

- Discusses and defines measures to ensure the acquisition of English and other foreign languages ​​by alumni and faculty of the State University of Gulistan and the use of information and communication technologies and the Internet;

- Provides educational process with textbooks, issues of preparation and publication of new generation of textbooks and manuals, as well as educational and methodological complexes based on innovative educational technologies;

-Personal researchers and researchers recommend candidates for higher education institutions, approve their individual plans, doctoral dissertations and scientific advisors;

- Among the talented students and professors nominates candidates for professional development through state and enterprise funds and other funds, financial institutions through foreign higher education institutions;

- Guliston State University recommends candidates for gifted students and trainees who will participate in the State Scholarships and State Scholarships contests of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Develops measures to improve the physical education of students and their health in cooperation with the "For Healthy Generation" and other foundations;

- The primary customer will discuss the issues of developing corporate partnerships with organizations, enterprises and institutions, strengthening the material and technical basis of the university and increasing the effectiveness of students' qualifications, and elaborates recommendations for their further improvement;

- Makes appropriate decisions on establishing and developing partnerships with foreign higher education institutions;

- Listens to reports of heads of small enterprises, firms and courses engaged in educational services, and takes appropriate decisions;

- Defines measures for improving the safety and labor protection of students and staff of Gulistan State University and professors.

III. Organization of the "University Council"

1. The University Council carries out its activities in accordance with the plan developed for each academic year. The Council's plan is approved by the University Rector upon review by the University Council.

2. Decisions of the Unitary Council on all matters relating to academic, scientific, methodological, scientific, spiritual, educational and organizational matters of Gulistan State University shall be taken by open vote by the majority of votes.

3. Resolutions on the occupation of professorial-teaching staff and on the nomination of professors or associate professors are made in the prescribed manner by secret ballot.

4. The decisions of the "University Council" come into force after approval by the university rector.

5. After the meetings of the University Council, the protocols are signed by the chairman and secretary of the "University Council".

6. The Chairman of the "University Council" regularly organizes review teams for the implementation of the decisions of the Council. At the "University Council" meeting, the members of the Board will be informed about the issues they have studied.

Secretary of the University Council:

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