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Students' Dormitory

4-storey two buildings in Gulistan have 1166 seats, 4-storey one  building in Yangier has 300 seats.
Each of the dormitories has a total of 8 kitchens (2 on each floor), each kitchen has 4, a total of 32 4 comfort electric stoves and 1 has a total of 8 refrigerators.
On the 1st floor there is a double room for students with disabilities with all amenities (toilet, shower, washroom).
There are 22 sofas, armchairs and 3 TV sets in the foyers on each floor for students to enjoy cultural activities.
In addition, there is an IRC office, a computer room, a room of the Council of the Youth Union in the dormitory, a medical room, a cafeteria, a radio station and a Wi-Fi zone on the 1st floor.
There is 1 teacher in the dormitories, 3 educators with higher education and 1 psychologist.
In order to implement the 5 initiatives put forward by the President, separate rooms (library, sports, music and computer) have been set up in the dormitory. These rooms are equipped with the necessary sports equipment (20), musical instruments (10), computer sets (22 pieces), textbooks and fiction (1368 pieces).
In order to meaningfully organize the leisure time of students living in TTJ, various spiritual, educational and sports events, roundtables with the participation of professors, political parties, public organizations are held with them.
The amount of payment to TTJs is set at 78,000 soums per month and 780,000 soums per year (10 months).
According to the statement of the 1st meeting of the University Council dated August 29, 2020, true orphan students will be exempted from tuition, a 50% discount is set for students with disabilities.

Gulistan State University

2054 | 2018-09-26 12:40

Guliston davlat universiteti (GulDU)
Telefon: (0367) 225-40-42
Faks: (0367) 225-42-75

Manzil: Guliston sh. 4 mavze
Jamoat transporti: 2-4 yo'nalishdagi avtobus, universitet bekati
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