Chair of Technologies of processing of agricultural products

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Head of the Department: Ph.D. dots Kurbonov Ermamat Sayfiddinovich


Phone: (0 3672) 225-38-19


Department of "Technology of processing of agricultural products" was first established in 1985 as a department of "General technical sciences and teaching aids" and started its activity in the Syrdarya State Pedagogical Institute in Syrdarya. "Technology of agriculture production, storage and processing" was transformed into the department from the faculty of "Natural sciences" to the name of "Mechanization of Agriculture and Technology of Processing of Agriculture" (KMS). Since August, 2015 it has been called "Technology of processing of agricultural products".

Since the establishment of the department, associate professors G.Sh. Shokirov, A.O. Obidov, E.S. Kurbonov, S. Hakimov, A. Boyzokov, B. Kurbanov, A. Jabbarov, M. Turakulov, Professor K.K. Nuriev, c.f. nomenclature G.K. Mirsharipova worked as a manager. E.S. The Kurbanov Since July, he has been working as a head of the department.

There are 18 professor-teachers in the department. Among the professors-teachers are 1 doctor of sciences, professors, 5 candidates of science, 2 senior teachers and 11 teachers.

List of members of the department


Kurbonov Ermamat Sayfiddinovich - Head of the department, docent

Nuriev Karim Katibovich - Ph.D., Professor

Obidov Abdulhay - docent

Rakhmatov Orifjon - docent

Davlatov Pulat - senior teacher

Yusufaliev Abdurakhmon Tilavovich - senior teacher

Turakulov Mamaraim - Senior teacher, senior lecturer

Tautamishev Sayitkul Saydullaevich - teacher

Egamberdiyev Pulat Ergashovich - teacher

Khudayberdiyev Ikrom Akramovich - teacher

Ermatov Valijon Abdivaitovich - teacher

Bobobekov Umidbek Djurabekovich - teacher

Khojakulov Fayzi - teacher

Asrorova in Maqsuda - teacher

Khudoyberdiyev Rustam - teacher

Rakhmatullaev Ravshan - teacher

Eliboev Anvar - teacher

Qosimov Oblokul - teacher

The average age of professor-teachers is 47 years. The scientific potential of the department is 42%.

There are 224 boys and 70 girls in the direction of the department of 5410500 - "Technology of storage and primary processing of agricultural products", 5111000 - Vocational training (agricultural mechanization) and 5320900 - Light industry goods and technology (sewing products) receive a Bachelor's degree from a Bachelor's degree.

Laboratory training

At the present time, the department has a lot of facilities for training, 1 computer classroom, 3 multimedia studio and 7 study rooms equipped with visual aids and equipment.

There are 34 subjects in the department, teaching-methodical complexes for each science, teaching-methodological complexes have been increased to 10 copies and transferred to the university library. Electronic editions of educational-methodical complexes are placed in the computer room of the department. Teachers of the department prepared presentations on each subject in their disciplines. The lessons are being conducted using ICT and ICT.

Scientific-research work of the department is united under the theme: "Development of high-tech products in the field of complex mechanization of agriculture and processing of products". Since 2003, the doctor of technical sciences, professor K.K. Nuriev's research group "Exploration and development of highly productive working bodies of soil recycling machines" has been drafted in P-19.5 and since 2006, the group V-13-282 "The fastest separation of soil recycling machines and development of new designs of conversion structural units ".

Work on these projects has been successfully completed and results have been prepared by one doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, masters and many bachelors. More than 20 patents have been received, more than 75 scientific works have been published.

The scientific group led by candidate of agricultural sciences GKMirsharipova carried out scientific researches on the basis of the State grant "A selection and cultivation of varieties of varieties of beet breeds from abroad", A-8-161 in 2006-2008. Candidate of Sciences of Science, more than 20 scientific articles. In 2011-2013, two patents for newly created "Halima" and "Malhotra" varieties were obtained and these varieties of pea 2012 were recognized promising for the cultivation of tomatoes by the State Inspection Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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