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Information about student accommodation

The university has 4 student residences with a capacity of 2094 places.

In particular, student residence No. 1 is 4-storey, designed for 822 places, student residence No. 2 is 4-storey, designed for 772 places, located on the territory of the university, close to educational buildings the distance is 100-200 meters.
Student residence No. 3 has 4 floors, is designed for 350 places, is located in the territory of the Pedagogical Faculty of Yangiyer city, the distance to the educational building is 50 meters.
Student residence No. 4 is 2-storey, designed for 150 places, located in the territory of the Faculty of Physical Culture of Boyovut district, the distance to the educational building is 60 meters.
All facilities and amenities for students have been created in TTJs, including medical rooms in student residences No. 1 and 3, separate rooms, library, sports (fitness) room, music room in order to introduce 5 important initiatives in TTJs No. 1 and 2 and a visual arts room and computer rooms have been established. These rooms are equipped with necessary sports equipment, musical instruments, computer equipment, textbooks and literature. A hairdressing salon (4 seats) in TTJ No. 1, and a sewing room (for 4 sewing machines) in TTJ No. 2 are organized and provide full service to students.
- 4 of the REGULATION "On Student Accommodation" approved by Order No. 1019 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education dated November 1, 2019, due to the high demand for dormitories in student accommodation at the university Chapter, (organization of TTJ activities) is placed based on the sequence of requirements specified in paragraph 26.
(Students who are truly orphaned, foster children of "Merhibonlik Houses", students with disabilities, students in need of social protection, students with a difficult financial situation (as well as if 2 or more people in one family are studying on the basis of a payment contract), from abroad incoming students, students of the 1st and 2nd stages, activists of the Youth Union, students who have won the International Science Olympiad, students who participated in the repair of the TTJ as part of the "Fidokor" youth labor squad during the summer vacation, at the TTJ Priority is given to students who are constantly active with the student council chairman, floor captains and other aspects).

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