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GulSU Press service
The head of the Press service-Press secretary Samadov Bobir Karshibaevich email: telegram: phone: +998916218920
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Exam results on the history of Uzbekistan
Results of the 1st stage of the competition for candidates for the Presidential Scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan and named (Navoi, Islam Karimov, Ulugbek, Beruni) for the 2022-2023 academic year of Gulistan State University.
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Financial statements (1st quarter of 2022)
Cost estimate (byudjet) Cost estimate (byudjetdan tashqari) Expenses (byudjet) Expenses (byudjetdan tashqari) Trips Public procurement Cost estimate and its execution
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Gulistan State University in January-December 2021 physical and legal appeals received from individuals
In January-December 2021, a total of 217 applications were accepted to Gulistan State University from individuals and legal entities. That: Number of applications received through Virtual reception-100 pieces Oral - 80 pieces Written - 13 pieces Email-23 pieces         Web Site - 1 piece   In January-December 2021, a total of 217 appeals from individuals and legal entities were considered on the basis of the current regulations, explanations on appeals were given and satisfied. That: Satisfied-104 pieces Explanation given-111 pieces Rejected - 1 piece In the process of Study - 1 piece   On requests directly to the office: Total 117 units That: Satisfied-87 pieces Explanation given-29 pieces Rejected - 1 piece   Acc…
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Financial indicators
778 | 2021-12-23 15:46 | Batafsil
9-month financial report for 2021
1012 | 2021-10-20 14:59 | Batafsil
Scientific-practical seminars aimed at further development of research work in higher educational institutions, the emergence of students ' abilities, meaningful Organization of free time
On April 6, of this year, a conference was organized with the participation of professors, teachers, masters and students of the pedagogical psychology direction of the Department of Organization of scientific research activities of talented students and pedagogical faculty under the direction of the head of the circle “young creators” Gulzoda Tashmatova: “scientific-practical seminars aimed at further development of research work in higher educational institutions, All active students participating in the event were awarded with certificates.
2570 | 2021-04-08 22:26 | Batafsil
Happy news
According to the order of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on appointment of State scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan to students of higher educational institutions of the Republic for the 2020-2021 academic year”dated February 1, 2021, the following students of Gulistan State University: 4-Stage Student Of The Faculty of Natural Sciences “Chemistry”, coordinator, Stage 4 student of the direction” biology "Rakhmonkulova Yodgora Muzaffar Kizi named after" Mirzo Ulugbek“, stage 4 student of the direction” Russian language and literature “of the Faculty of Philology Kholmatov Islamjon Gulom Oglu and Stage 4 student of the direction” economics “of the socio-economic faculty …
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Dear students! We remind you that further contractual payments for tuition will be made to new current accounts, since there have been changes in the university account!!! Download in PDF format
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Chief accountant: Urzabokov Abduvali Juraboevich Tel: +99891 621-27-52, E-mail: Work activities of the accounting department 1. Conduction of correspondences in accordance with set instructions and other normative legal acts. 2.  Preliminary control on timely and correct filling of accountancy documents and legality of conducted operations. 3. Regular control over the targeted use of budgetary and off-budgetary funds for specific purposes, provided for in the cost estimate, as well as over the safety of funds and tangible assets. 4. Control over the timely calculation of wages and equivalent payments to university employees, as well as student scholarships in the prescribed manner. 5. Keeping accounting records in accordance with the existing instruction an…
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