Information about the Marketing Services department activity
Information about the Marketing Services department activity  The Department of Marketing Services of the Higher Education Institution. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Law "On Education" envisage resolutions and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on providing economic sectors with qualified personnel, acting on the basis of relevant legal and regulatory acts in the field of education. Purpose and tasks of marketing department: Formation of a database on the basis of the study of the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations for highly qualified personnel prepared at the university; Facilitating the development and improvement of market equity in the field of education, forming a real "Portfolio of orders" for bachelors and mast…
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Planning and Finance Department
Head of Department: Qodirova Dilafruz Alimjonovna Reception days: Tuesday-Friday (15:00-17:00) Phone: (0367) 225-06-29 Feks: (0367)225-40-42 E-mail: Plan-about the Department of Finance In the conditions of transition to the market economy, financing of educational institutions, including bringing the educational process in higher educational institutions to the level of modern requirements, that is, improving social protection in them, plan and financial departments make a worthy contribution to the establishment of the material and technical base. The Department of planning and finance is a separate department of the university, directly subordinated to the rector and operates by the head of the Department, The Economist of the 1st category. The departme…
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Department of quality control
Head of the department: Baeshonov Mustafa Muhamedovich Info: High Reception time: Monday-Friday 14: 00-16: 00 Tel: E-mail: ________________________________________     Chief Specialist: Niyazov Muhammad Bakhronovich Info: High Tel: E-mail:     Chief Specialist: Kim D.V. Info: High Tel: E-mail:  There are two divisions in the department and two chief specialists. Educational quality control department is trained to analyze the qualifications of students of higher education institutions according to the state educational standards, monitor their quality, monitor the quality of the cadres, and influence factors on the quality of education. Implementation of relevant measures to submit information on the rector and the State Inspectorate of higher education; Ensure tha…
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The main tasks of the Department of Protection the labour of human and Human Rights.
Head of the department: Kilichev Abdumavlon  Reception days: Every day (From 9:00  till 11:00)  Phone: +99894-914-38-63  E – mail address: The main tasks of the Department of Protection the labour of human and Human Rights. 1. Organization and improvement of work to ensure healthy and safe working conditions. 2. Ensure the implementation of normative and technical documentation and legal documents on healthy and safe working conditions and curriculum. 3. Ensure compliance with and protection of occupational safety, fire fighting, radiation safety, and control over the air and air condition of the premises. 4. Implementation of State Standards, labor and education standards in the management system. 5. Implement and conduct qualitative study …
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Department of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists
Department of  training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists Head of department: Botirova Laziza Axmatovna Office  telephone:  (+998 91) 6214240 E-mail: The scientific department has been functioning since the establishment of the university. The scientific department was headed by A.Pozilov in 1992-1995, Sh.Majidov in 1995-1999, F.Musurmonkulov in 1999-2002, A.Aralov in 2002-2010 and H.Yodgorov in 2010-2013. Since 2013 the department is headed by Associate Professor of "Biology" Turdikulov Toyirkul Turdikulovich. In the scientific department there is a large scientific-research institute, "Council of Young Scientists", working with talented students, scientific community of students. In its activity the departmen…
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Head of the department SULTANOV BEKHZOD RAKHMANKULOVICH mob: +998972751881 Email: About the Department of International Relations In order to modernize and improve the quality of education, the provision of technical assistance in the organization of modern educational process of the University, Department of International Relations is gradually developing international cooperation’s with leading foreign universities of Europe and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).   Aims and objectives: to study and to implement of new technologies and scientific advances in the field of education, the department establishes cooperation with leading foreign universities, research centers, international organizations with diplomatic embassies of the …
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Education branch
Education branch The Education branch is one the main parts of the university. It organizes and fulfills its activities according to the law “About Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan, requirements of National Program in Specialists Traning and Charter on higher education institutions, orders of Higher and secondary Specialized education institutions, university Charter, orders of rector and decisions of Scientific Soviet of the university. The activities of the education branch are fully controlled by the pro- rector of education branch of the university. 1. Goal and Main Function of the Education Branch: The education branch controls organizining activities in increasing the education process of the baccalaureate and magistracy directions of the univer…
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Gulistan State University chancellery.
Gulistan StateUniversity Chancellery     Chancellery  is a structural part of the university.  Office working at the University is run based on the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 12.0.1999, 12 "On measures to strengthen executive discipline" from 29.03.1999, 140 "On approval of regulations on office working and monitoring of performance in state authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan "and by the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan 195 from 21.05.2010. Responsibility for organizing the office working entrusted to the head of the Office of the University. Chancellery of the University, in accordance with the established procedure and terms and at their di…
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The department of Job Recruitment service
 Head of department: Alimov Shukhrat Ashrabovich   Education: Higher   Foreign Language: Russian Phone: (8-367-2) 25-05-56   Fax: 25-40-42   E-mail:   Reception days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, SaturdaysBo’lim boshlig’i: Alimov Shuxrat Ashrabovich   The  functions and activities of the department The department of Job Recruitment service is a part of the university. The department of JRS is based on the Charter of the University, in accordance with the present Charter, its practical activities are implemented by the Uzbek Communication and Information Agency, the orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Working style have nec…
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Department of internal control and monitoring
Department of internal control and monitoring    The head of department:       Education: Higher   Specialty: Teacher of Uzbek language and literature Foreign Language: Russian and English languages  Phone: (8-367-2) 25-49-12  Fax: 25-40-42   E-mail:   Reception days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays     About the internal control and monitoring department   The University's Internal Control and Monitoring Division has been set up to monitor the timely fulfillment of the tasks set out in the National Program for Personnel Training, the implementation of normative documents and gu…
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