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Information resource center
With the aim to improve the organization of the library network with modern students, to create the principal new information centers aimed at preserving cultural, moral and ethical values ​​to meet the intellectual needs of the younger generation, as well as to provide the population with a wider and systematic information, In accordance with the decision of PK-381 of June 20, 2006 the Information Resource Center was opened at our academic lyceum. The main task of the IRC is to assist in regular training and self-education of users using information technology. Library - education of information culture, training of users to modern methods of information search. Library is a process of improving the work on the basis of introduction of modern information technologies and compu…
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About academic lyceum
Gulistan academic lyceum was founded on the basis of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 77 of July 16, 1998, and named Gulistan academic lyceum. The projected capacity is 825 square meters, the total area is 8.0 hectares, the building area is 8291.53 square meters, the asphalt and covered area is 9248 square meters, the oval lands are 87182 square meters, the total area is 63078.71 m classrooms are 2075.38 sq. m. of the population.At the academic lyceum there are 100 qualified teachers. The main staff consists of 95 people and 18 members, who are mainly qualified professors-teachers of Gulistan State University.At the academic lyceum there is a modern type of indoor sports hall and 5 sports grounds (mini football, volleyball, basketball,…
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Gulistan Academic Lyceum was established in 1999. There are 42 classrooms in the academic lyceum that meet modern requirements, including 3 classrooms, 3 classrooms, physics, biology, anatomy and chemistry laboratories. At the academic lyceum there was an internal TV and radio studio to improve students' speaking abilities. • The building has 600m2 gyms, outdoor courtyards, basketball, volleyball courts and 2 tennis courts.• Meeting room with 300 seats and a small meeting hall for up to 60 seats.• In the inner part of the academic lyceum there is a 240-seat kitchen.• The lyceum for 60 beds with all amenities and the number of books is 21150.• Students of academic lyceum are educated by 73 high school teachers, of whom 17 are candidates of science.• For Ly…
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Leadership of academic lyceum
Director: Inoyatov Odil SobitovichEducation: HigherPhone: 998672-226-57-90Fax: (0367) 226-58-13 Deputy Director for Educational Affairs: Abdullaye BakhtiyorEducation: HigherPhone: 99897-277-21-78Fax: (0367) 226-58-13 Deputy Director for spirituality and enlightenment: Toshmatov AbdujabborEducation: Highertel: 99895-511-00-81Fax: (0367) 226-58-13 Deputy Director of Economic Affairs: Tashmatov AbdujabborEducation: Highertel: 99891-504-20-62Fax: (0367) 226-58-13
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Students entering the academic lyceum will submit the following documents:• Application to the Academic Lyceum Leader.• Copy of the birth certificate of the pupil (the original of the certificate is personally indicated when accepting the documents).• U-086 medical certificate.• A certificate from the pupil's place of residence.• 6 color photographs of 4x6 readers.• The original of the 9th grade certificate.• Recommendation of the Center for Psychological Diagnostics and Professional Orientation of Pupils.On the appointment of the 9th grader to the Gulistan academic lyceum for the 2017-2018 academic year Қ % ҳ …
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Guliston davlat universiteti (GulDU)
Telefon: (0367) 225-40-42
Faks: (0367) 225-42-75

Manzil: Guliston sh. 4 mavze
Jamoat transporti: 2-4 yo'nalishdagi avtobus, universitet bekati
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