Department of training of research and scientific and pedagogical staff

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Department of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists

Department of  training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists

Head of department: Botirova Laziza Axmatovna

Office  telephone:  (+998 91) 6214240


The scientific department has been functioning since the establishment of the university.

The scientific department was headed by A.Pozilov in 1992-1995, Sh.Majidov in 1995-1999, F.Musurmonkulov in 1999-2002, A.Aralov in 2002-2010 and H.Yodgorov in 2010-2013.

Since 2013 the department is headed by Associate Professor of "Biology" Turdikulov Toyirkul Turdikulovich.

In the scientific department there is a large scientific-research institute, "Council of Young Scientists", working with talented students, scientific community of students. In its activity the department is guided by the organization of scientific, research, experimental and research works of the university. Together with the faculties and departments, the department determines the talented students, studies and supervises their scientific activities. Employees of the scientific-research works are admitted to the Institute of Senior Researchers-Researchers, as well as sends the bidders to the Institute of Advanced Researchers of the Republic. Researchers, trainees, researchers and students are continuing their research work in higher education institutions in the Republic. Organizes scientific and theoretical, scientific-practical conferences, seminars at the University and Republican level, and directs university scientific activities, scientific Olympiads, contests. Students' scientific community supervises the activities of the "Small Schools" established at the departments.

The professors and teachers of the faculty and departments of the University are engaged in scientific activity, and attracts talented students in scientific activity.

Since 2012, the University has a great scientific researcher-research institute. Due to the practical assistance provided by the research department, more than 60 researchers successfully completed the dissertation work.

More than 50 masters have been trained in the magistracy. The university has been closed since 2016. In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 20, 2017 "On measures for further development of higher education system", PD-2909 has begun to adopt new Master's specialties since 2017.

The "Small Schools" Activity, which unites young talents, teachers, students, schoolchildren and students at the Department of "Talented Students" on the basis of the "Creating a Talented Student Contest" developed by the department, selecting candidates for state scholarships and scholarships as well as in the implementation of the project.

In accordance with the annual and perspective plans of scientific research, annual national and international scientific conferences are held. The conference will focus on various issues related to the current problems in the education, socio-economic, spiritual and educational life of the country, the problems of rural and national economy, science and technology, their solutions and solutions. They focus on socio-economic development and development of the country.

About 600 students, more than 280 professors and teachers, more than 100 leading teachers of the regional educational institutions are present at the annual scientific-theoretical conference of professor-teachers and students held every year in April-May.

Representatives of scientific centers and universities from foreign countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, USA, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and others participated in international conferences.

During 2000-2016, representatives of more than 130 countries visited the University to develop scientific and educational-methodological issues.

Today, the Gulistan State University is based in Gyottengen, Germany, Grenoble, Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg State Universities, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, China and Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as Astrakhan Agricultural University, Tyumen State University, ICARDA, ICBA, IWMI , IPGRI international organizations and a number of educational and scientific centers. Also, the university has a number of educational, scientific, spiritual and moral education, fasat and other topics.

The level of university's academic staff

Preparation of scientific and pedagogical cadres at the university is carried out by the scientific department, which is organized by the small school, the Scientific Society of Students, the senior scientific-research institute.

The university has more than 100 doctors of sciences, 9 candidates of sciences, 4 senior scientific worker of more than 240 researchers and teaching staff on various topics in education, economy, agriculture, literature and art in the fields of scientific research in the market. During 2000-2016 8 doctoral and 60 candidate dissertations were defended at the university. In 2016, two doctoral dissertations were defended.

Research activities of the University

Research work at the University is based on the state scientific and technical programs and business contracts funded by the state budget.

Within the framework of state scientific and technical programs, three fundamental (2012 - 136.6 million soums in 2016) for 2012-2016, 8 applications for 2015-2017 (432.5 million soums in 2016) and 1 young The scientist's fundamental research work (30,0 million soums in 2016) was carried out. In particular, according to the research conducted by Doctor of Biological Sciences A.Pozilov on the study of the process of formation of soil fossils in the F-5-17 and the adjacent territories of Uzbekistan and adjacent territories, 46,2 mln. The State Order for the Fundamental Research Program was executed.

According to the research conducted by A.Mamatov, Doctor of Economics, on the theme "Innovative development of rural production infrastructure under F-1-80-Economic modernization," 46.2 mln. Based on the state order of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a fundamental project was completed.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor H.Karshibaev's research on "F-5 - 18 adaptation to vital strategies and stress factors in the Astragalus L. Residences in arid regions of Uzbekistan" The state order was executed on the basis of the fundamental research program.

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences M. Djoraev's project ITD-A-1-26 "Improve physics teaching in the continuous education system based on the formation of statistical ideas and concepts" is being carried out, which includes scientific and scientific-methodological literature and academic lyceums on physics curricula, based on the analysis of textbooks and manuals, the state of probable statistical ideas and concepts in the academic lyceums and vocational colleges' teaching of physics, consistent sequential analysis indi. As a result, it was concluded that the introduction of probable statistical ideas and concepts in academic lyceums and professional colleges would increase students' scientific awareness and increase their interest in learning physics, and enhance their ability to physically analyze the properties of macro and micro circumstance phenomena.

Thesis on the theme "Analysis of A-9-27 Batat, Potato and Topinambour Abiotic Factor Resistance and Creation of Saline Resistant Line by IN VITRO Method" was studied by the doctor of biological sciences H.Qushiev on the conditions of the formation of turquoise on varieties, potatoes and topinambur in saline conditions and 3 potatoes, and 2 lines of potatoes were presented to the selection committee as a selection achievement.

Practical researches on a theme "Creation of a cluster model on a student's health system" were carried out by Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor R.Xolmuxammedov A-1-97.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, A.Pozilov's A-7-53, conducted a research project on "Determination of the composition of the crustaceans and their economic significance in the field of germination disorders in Uzbekistan", which describes the taxonomic structure of dry cobblestones and continued to draw up a map of the distribution of land cabbage, as an intermediate landowner in the Adir pastures. Also, under the guidance of docent I.Orazbayev, under the guidance of docent T.Turdikulov, a candidate for agricultural sciences, docent T.Turdikulov headed A-8 -4: "Using the hereditary abilities of the herd-breed sheep breeders", under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Sciences N.Barakhaev, -3-46: "Calculation of the efficiency of grain cleaning and screening devices and "Improving their design methods" under the guidance of docent O.Rahmatov under the guidance of A-9-23 "Development of resource-saving, high efficient technology of grape processing" and YoA-7 under the guidance of young teacher A.Kenjaev -4: Practical research projects of young scientists on the subject "Agrobiotechnologies that enhance the efficiency of saline soils".

In 2016, the chairs, research centers and laboratories of the University with 9 enterprises and organizations of the Republic, totaled 609.4 million soums, and operated on this basis.

Gulistan State University is a member of European Union Erasmus + (Tempus) program, 574055 - EPP-1 - 2016-1-IT - EPPKA 2 - CBHE - JP registration number RENES: Renewable  Energy.  As  well as under the guidance of docent I.Orazbayev, under the guidance of docent T.Turdikulov, a candidate for agricultural sciences, docent T.Turdikulov headed A-8 -4: "Using Hereditary Opportunities of the Heroic Breed in Increasing Meat Production", under the guidance of Dr. N.Barakhaev, No. A-3-46: "Calculating the Effectiveness of Grain Cleaning and Screening Devices "Development of resource-efficient, high efficient technology of grape processing" under the guidance of docent O.Rahmatov under the guidance of docent O.Rahmatov and practical training under the guidance of young teacher A.Kenjaev "YoA- Practical research projects of young scientists on the theme: "Agrobiotechnologies that enhance the efficiency of saline soils" were carried out in 7-4 numbers.

In 2016, the chairs, research centers and laboratories of the University with 9 enterprises and organizations of the Republic, totaled 609.4 million soums, and operated on this basis.

In addition, Gulistan State University is a member of the Erasmus + (Tempus) European Union program 574055 - EPP-1 - 2016-1-IT - EPPKA 2 - CBHE - JP "RENES: Development of Master Program in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment "The winner of the foreign grant on the topic" Foreign Language ". From October 15, 2016 to October 14, 2019, he has worked as a partner for a grant of € 850,975.00 for a period of three years. As a result of this project, the prospects for the use of renewable energy sources, including solar energy, will be expanded. New engineers who have the ability to deal with renewable energy sources will be trained.

Professors and teachers of the University actively participate in fairs organized in the region and in our country in 2016 to demonstrate their innovative ideas and practices and demonstrate their own development. In particular, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Science, the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development, the Presidium of the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan, the Central Council of Kamolot Public Youth Movement, February 8, 2016, On the organization and carrying out republican contest of innovative ideas with the purpose of development of creative thinking and creativity " "Energy, Energy and Resources Savings, Creation and Development of Alternative Energy Sources". Rakhmatov Olimjon, the teacher of "Economics" department, was recognized as the winner of the scientific and innovative project "Improving the technology of melon processing" and was awarded with the Honorable certificate of IX Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects.

As a result of the systematic work on attracting talented students to the R & D, in 2016, two students were awarded the honorable 2nd place at the Republican Olympiads (Biology colleges - Tursunov Mahmudjon, History specialty - Zokirov Dilshodjon).

In 2017, students of the Faculty of Pedagogy from the Russian language (general professional) Mamatova Nozima won the first place in the Republican Olympiad on the 2nd place and students of the Faculty of Philology Asetova Baljan took the second place.

According to the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from October 6, 2016, 415 "About appointment of State grants of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2016/2017 academic year" the student of the course Misrbekova Mahliyo Misrbek and the fourth year student of the Foreign Language and Literature (English Language and Literature) faculty of Foreign Language and Literature Eshbayeva Durdona Alisher's daughter 1 year 2016 specified Navoiy Republic was appointed as the State Scholarship.

Innovations made by university scientists In addition to entering the catalog of Uzexpocenter, applications for patent and obtaining certificates were submitted to the Office of the Agency for Intellectual Property and the State Rating Assessment Commission.

Associate professor of the chair "Soil science and agronomy" G.Mirsharipova, candidate of agricultural sciences, has been awarded by the State Commission for examination of varieties of agricultural crops of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan for new varieties of saline resistant peas - Malhotra and Halima by May 12, 2015 431 and 432 digital copyrights.

In 2016 scientists of the department "Technology of primary processing of agricultural products" O.Rakhmatov, K.Nuriev, A.Yusupov, B.Usmanov, H.Qoshiyev "Improvement" ( FAP 01106), K.Nuriev , O. Rakhmatov, A.Yusufaliev's "The working body for soil softening" (FAP 01094), K.Nuriev, O.Rakhmatov, A.Yusupov, Firdavs Orifjon oglu ""(No. FAP 01063), K.Nuriev, O.Rakhmatov, Yusupov ( FAP 01055), O.Rakhmatov, K.Nuriev, A.Yusufaliev's "Self-propelled pelvic perforation" ( FAP 01042), O.Rakhmatov, K.Nuriev, O.Rahmatov, F. Patents for O. Rakhmatov and A Yusupov's dried grape processing equipment (No. FAP 01146) were obtained.

Address: Gulistan, 4th district, Gulistan State University, 2nd floor, room 204,

Phone: (0367) 225-36-45


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