Department of Mathematics

The head of the department: docent Norjigitov Husanbay 

Phone : (+99894) 585-37-83


The main scientific theme of the department: Modern problems of mathematical practice and mathematics teaching.

History of the department

The department was founded in 1971. At the end of the 70s, the department was called "Algebra and Number Theory", "Mathematics and Geometry Teaching Methods" and "Mathematical Analysis". In 1999, the departments "Mathematical Analysis" and "Methodology of Mathematics Teaching" were added and "General Mathematics" department was called "Mathematics" in 2014.

The main scientific theme of the department: "Mathematical practice and modern problems of mathematics teaching". On the basis of the main scientific theme, the department conducts research in 3 directions. From 2010-11 academic year, the department has established an innovative group in three directions: the main scientific subject, where new mathematical scientific schools are being formed.

In the direction of Mathematics: dots. Gamimnazarov G group leader, senior lecturers Qalandarov A., Norboev F., Eshniazov A., teachers Umarov X., Bozorov S., Yangier AL teachers Mirmukhamedov J., Abdujabborov A.

In the direction of theoretical and practical problems of mathematics: the head of the docent Jamuratov K, the members dots.Norjigitov X, the senior teacher Mamatov J., the teachers Dustnazarov S., Kholmirzaev A.

The complex of educational process is directed by members of the group of professor Tadjiev M, docent Gaymnazarov G., senior teachers HanatkulovU., Goyaibnazarov H., researchers Turdiboev D., Dushaboev O. Guliston AL Zokirov, A.,

A scientific seminar was organized at the department of "Mathematics"

Discussing the seminar

Currently, the chair is headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Norjigitov Husanboy and the scientific potential of the department is 35%: 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 9 senior teachers and 9 teachers.

The department prepares bachelors - mathematics teachers in the direction of 5130100 - «Mathematics», masters in the department 5A130101 - «Mathematical analysis of directions» for the 2018-2019 academic year. The direction of education was opened. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the second specialty in mathematics is opened.

 Teaching subjects:

- Mathematical analysis;

- Algebra and number theory;

- Analytical geometry;

- Differential equations;

- Differential geometry and topology;

- Private derivative equations;

- Methods of mathematical physics;

- Discrete Mathematics and Logic;

- Probability theory and mathematical logic;

- Variable calculation and optimization methods

- Functional analysis;

- Theory of Coplex Variable Functions:

- Methods of teaching mathematics;

- Methods of calculation;

- Mathematics in schools and ALs;

- Basics of geometry;

- History of Mathematics

- Mathematics (by directions);

- Higher Mathematics (by directions)

- Abstract Algebra

            -Methods of speech development

            - The theory of barrel measurements and potentials;

            - Selected chapters of Topology;

            - Generalized theory of functions;

           -Special functions of analys and important integral integral

            - The theory of function convergence;

            - Differential forms and the theory of mathematical fields;

           - The theory of quality in differential equations;

           - The theory of teaching special disciplines;


The staff of the department cooperates with the following research centers and higher educational institutions in educational, educational and research fields.

As a result of this collaboration, the faculty of the department has prepared a number of scientific materials in educational-methodical, spiritual-educational, scientific-research works and presented at scientific conferences, seminars and competitions.

Professors and teacher of the department:

1 Norjigitov X. Head of the department

2 Gaymnazarov G. Dotcent

3 Jamuratov K.. Senior techer

4 Qalandarov A. Senior techer

5 Eshniyozov A. Senior techer

6 Gaimnazarov O. Senior techer

7 Goyimnazarov X. Senior techer

8 Mamatov J. Senior techer

9 Norboev F. Senior techer

10 Xonqulov U. Senior techer

11 Nurboyev A. Teacher

12 Umarov X. Teacher

13 Bozorov S. Teacher

14 Do’stnazarov S. Teacher

15 Xolmirzaev A. Teacher

16 Mo’minov Q . Professor

17 Baxromov J.Teacher

18 Dushaboev O.Teacher

19 Turdiboev D. Teacher

Adress: Guliston city 4 – microregion Gulistan State University, Department of Mathematics

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