Mentor-apprentice school

School of mentoring "Ustoz-shogird" and its practical results

Renewal of the Uzbek society connected with the new stage of reforms of rapid development of the country, implementation of the "Strategy of actions in five priority areas of development for 2017-2021", moving forward requires activity from all of us, especially the younger generation – the decisive force of today and tomorrow.

The success of the modernization of education depends primarily on teachers, their competence and professionalism. Modern University needs a professionally competent, self-thinking teacher, as well as psychologically and technologically capable of implementing humanistic values in practice. It should be a teacher capable of meaningful inclusion in innovative processes. An important condition for the development, functioning and improvement of the system of higher education on the basis of modern economy, science, culture, technology - is the professional readiness of the teacher to integrate into the educational process.

The Ustoz-shogird mentoring school can provide the young teacher with the necessary support, acquisition of teaching skills and immediate practical assistance in the workplace from an experienced mentor. The need for such a solution has formed a system of mentoring "Ustoz-shogird", which helps to acquire a huge amount of knowledge, develop life competencies, training and ability to build production relationships. We believe that the school of mentoring "Ustoz-shogird" is an activity in the direction of pedagogy of cooperation, it is work in tandem with a young teacher with a more experienced Foundation (mentor). This mentoring school involves the work of a senior colleague with a younger one who needs methodological, scientific, and professional assistance and support. It is possible to implement through:

- improving the professional level and competence of young teachers at the University;

- development of positive attitude to teaching activity among young specialists-teachers;

- the ability to accelerate adaptation and achieve the expected results in teaching;

- assistance in improving the quality of the educational process at the University.

This system is a kind of road map that helps the young teacher to get acquainted with the activities of all structures and departments of the University system. This is an example to follow and an example of the organization of pedagogical activity, and the process of stimulating the young teacher.

The school of mentoring "Ustoz-shogird" helps to develop management skills, to overcome the shortcomings of practical experience, to form the personal qualities of a young teacher, to improve the methodological basis for the acquisition of practical skills.

Ustoz and shogird spend a lot of spiritual and educational work with students of the faculty. These include round tables, debates, presentations on current issues, joint visits to cultural and arts institutions, such as theaters, museums, exhibitions, cultural and leisure centers.

The school of mentoring "Ustoz-shogird" can give good results and contribute to the training of young professionals in higher education.

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