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Information about university research projects and grants.

Information about  university research projects and grants.

Within the framework of the State Scientific and Technical Programs financed by the state budget in the reporting year, 8 projects for 2015-2017 (464.7 million sums in 2017), 1 practical (2017 (32.2 million sums in 2012) and 1 innovative research (66.5 million sums in 2017). In particular, thesis on the theme "Improving the teaching of physics in the extensive education system based on the formation of statistical ideas and concepts" by Professor M. Djoraev, ITD-A-1-26. At the final stage of the project (2017), 37.6 million soums of research works were carried out, which included the study of the curriculum, textbooks and manuals of scientific and scientific - methodical literature and academic lyceums on physics on the basis of gradual analysis of the condition of introduction of probable statistical ideas and concepts in the process of teaching of physics of academic lyceums and professional colleges. Analyzing the inclusion of probable statistical ideas and concepts in academic lyceums and vocational colleges in teaching relevant sections of the physics course encourages learners to enhance their academic vision and their interest in learning physics that they have the ability to improve their physical properties.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor H.Kushiyev's research on "A-9-27 Batat, potato and topinambur's resistance to abiotic factors and saline-resistant lines using in vitro methods" funded 76.5 mln. The research was carried out to determine the conditions for the production of turquoise on the varieties of potatoes and topinambur in the conditions of salinity, and three of the potatoes were presented to the selection committee as a selection achievement.

Practical research on the theme "Creating a cluster model on the students' health care system A-1-97" by R.Kholmuxammedov, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, made 35.3 mln. The study was completed and the practical work on the creation of a cluster model on the students' health system was completed. As a result, health indicators of more than 1,000 students of higher educational institutions of the republic were studied and analyzed.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, A.Pozilov's A-7-53: 58.8 million sums of scientific-practical work on "Determination of the structure of the crustaceans and their economic significance in the treatment of helminth infections in Uzbekistan" the research project was completed, and the taxonomic composition of dry clams participating in the distribution of helminthic diseases was identified and the mapping of land clans, as an intermediate landowner in the Adir region, was continued. Also, under the leadership of docent I.Urazbayev, candidate of agricultural sciences, he was awarded 64.7 mln USD for the development and introduction of technology to improve the productivity of mulching and processing of irrigated soils. . In the practical project on the theme: "The use of hereditary abilities of the herd-breed sheep in increasing meat production" under the leadership of the candidate of agricultural sciences, docent Turgunulov T-8-4 64,7 million sum , under the guidance of doctor of technical sciences N.Barakhaev, has been awarded 64.7 mln. US dollars on A-3-46: "Calculation of the efficiency of grain cleaning and screening systems and their designing methods". A-9-23 under the guidance of docent O.Rahmatov, "Development of resource-efficient, high-efficient technology of processing of grape products" worth 62.4 mln. Practical scientific projects under the leadership of young teacher A.Kenjaev were carried out under the direction of YoA-7-4 and young scientists worth 32.2 million sums on the topic: "Agrobiotechnologies that increase productivity of saline soils". The table below summarizes the most important scientific results achieved during the reporting period on research projects implemented within the state budget-funded scientific and technical programs.

Table 1

The most important scientific results achieved during the report on scientific and technical programs and projects



Project encryption

Theme of the project

Project Director, PhD, academic degree

The most important scientific results

Introduction of the result into the science, education and production system

Applied research projects of state scientific and technical programs



Formation of statistical ideas and concepts in physics education in the continuous education system

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