: қ Қ қ: Ҳ ( қ)15:00-17:00 : (97) 903-00-98 : moviy 69@mail.r : “ - ”. :   қ : 5111800-   қ : 5111801- ( )   2019 , 18 . 2015 “ғ …
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Department Theory and Methods of Physical Culture
Theory and Methods of Physical Culture Department "Theory and Methods of Physical Culture" Reception days: from Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 16.00. Phone: (+99897) 340-40-91 E-mail: sh-saribayev66@umail.uz 1. Organizational work. During 2018-2019 the educational building was refurbished in the direction 5112000- “Physical Culture”, 5112000- “Physical Culture” (ZhS). The universal sports hall, gymnastics hall, wrestling hall are equipped with modern equipment. A computer class was created in the educational building and nine modern Pentium-IV computers were installed. The computer class is connected to the Internet and the intranet. The existing 10 classrooms are fully equipped. 547 students are currently studying. 2. Educational work. All 12 educational and …
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Department of Russian Language and Literature
Department of Russian Language and Literature Head of the department: candidate of philological sciences, associate professor. Bayshanov Mustafa Accepting time: Daily from 9.00 to 17.00 Telephone: +99 (890) 610-14-28 E-mail:mustafabayshanov@umail.uz FAN DASTURLARI MALAKA TALABLARI NAZORAT SAVOLLARI HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT Department of Russian Language and Literature was founded in 1997 in conjunction with "General Russian Linguistics", "Methods of Teaching Russian and Literature" and "World Literature". There are 7 candidates of sciences, 2 senior teachers and 12 teachers. The department prepares the following specialties: 5111300 - Russian language and literature (native language and literature) in foreign languages. SUBJECTS OF THE CHAIR: Russian Literature, History of …
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The department of pedagogy and psychology
DEPARTMENT OF PEDAGOGICS AND PSYCHOLOGY   Head of the department: Kholnazarova Matluba Kholbutaevna Days of reception: every day Phone (+99897) 245-40-63 Email: shakishbant@mail.ru   Kafedra fan dasturi: Kafedra nazorat savollari: Malaka talablari  The structure of the department:   The department trains bachelors in the following areas of education:   5110900 Pedagogy and Psychology  5210203 Applied Psychology  5210200 Psychology   The department prepares masters in the following specialties: 5A110902 Pedagogy and Psychology   History of Pedagogy and Psychology: Department of Pedagogy and Psychology was established in 1966. The main scientific problem is "The theory and practice of formation of professional culture of th…
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Food Technology department
Department of Food TechnologyHead of the chair: Turaqulov MamarayimPhone:(+998 94) 1696201 E-mail:  FAN DASTURLARI NAZORAT SAVOLLARI MALAKA TALABLARI The main scientific theme of the department: Improving the technology of safe foodstuffsDepartment• Department of "Food Technology" was established in January, 2017.• At present, the Department of "Food Technology" is one of the 6 chairs of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Gulistan State University. There are 13 professor-teachers in the department. Among them 1 doctor of technical sciences, 1 candidate of biological sciences, 1 chemistry and 2 candidates of technical sciences, senior teachers and 8 teachers. At the full rate is 8 employees and 5 employees at 0.5% rate. Professors and lecturers of the depa…
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DEPARTMENT OF "PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS" Head of the Department: Ph.D. dots Kurbonov Ermamat Sayfiddinovich Phone: (0 3672) 225-38-19 E-mail: www.guldu.uzglsu_info@edu.uz Department of "Technology of processing of agricultural products" was first established in 1985 as a department of "General technical sciences and teaching aids" and started its activity in the Syrdarya State Pedagogical Institute in Syrdarya. "Technology of agriculture production, storage and processing" was transformed into the department from the faculty of "Natural sciences" to the name of "Mechanization of Agriculture and Technology of Processing of Agriculture" (KMS). Since August, 2015 it has been called "Technology of processing of agricultural products". Since the establishment of the…
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Department of Chemistry
CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT  Head of the Department: Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate ProfessorABDURAKHMANOVA O'G'ILOY QAXXOROVNAPhone: 91-621-41-25Electronically: ugi_lay.912 @ .amail.uzReception days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENTDepartment of Chemistry is one of the leading departments of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, founded in 1990 on the basis of the Department of General Physiology and School Hygiene.There are 2 doctors of sciences, professors, 2 candidates of sciences, 2 senior teachers and 8 teachers in the department of chemistry.From 2013-2014 academic year, the department has opened a magistracy on 5A140501 - Chemistry (on the sciences). The department trains bachelors in chemistry 5140500 - chemistry. Starting from 2017-2018 academic year, t…
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DEPARTMENT OF "ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE" Head of the department: Hamdamov Erkin   Accepting time: Daily from 8.00 to 17.00   Phone: (+99897)2245958  E-mail: The main scientific theme of the department: Future foreign language teachers are professional the use of distance learning in curriculum competence methodology HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT The department of foreign languages was founded in 1967 under the Syrdarya State Pedagogical Institute. At that time the department was headed by Galin Igor Anatolyevich, and Sultanov Erkin was the dean of the faculty. In 1968 the department was divided into two foreign languages departments. From 1975 to 1986, the department was headed by Egamova Yanglish Egamovna. In 1980, two departments wer…
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Department of Soil Science
Department of Soil Science Head of the department of soil science : Turdimetov Shahobiddin Muhitdinovich Time of admission: Everyday Time 15-00 -17-00 (Except Tuesday and Saturday) Phone : (+99899) 4742344 E-mail: turdimetov1970@umail.uz FAN DASTURLARI MALAKA TALABLARI NAZORAT SAVOLLARI  The structure of the department   The department prepares bachelors in the following areas of study:: 5411900- Agrobitechnology 5410200- Agronomy (Pomegranate) 5141000- Soil science 5410100-Agrochemistry and agro-soil science 511100- Professional education  (5410200-agronomy) The department prepares masters in the following areas of study:   5A141001-Soil sience   History of the soil science department The department was established and renamed in 1994 o…
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The department of Uzbek language and literature
Department of Uzbek language and literature Chairman: Fayzullayeva Obida Holbekovna Reception days: every day from 15:00 to 17:00 (Tuesday and Saturday) Phone (+998945500334) E-mail: fayzullayeva2016@yandex.ru   FAN DASTURLARI MALAKA TALABLARI NAZORAT SAVOLLARI The department prepares bachelors in the following areas of education: 5120100 - Bachelor of Education in Philology and Language Teaching (Uzbek) The department prepares masters in the following specialties: 5A120101-Literature (Uzbek literature) trains specialists in the field of magistracy.   History of the department “Uzbek language and literature” The department “Uzbek language and literature” is the only department in the Syrdarya region that trains specialists in the Uzbek langu…
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