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Bizning shior: Universitet obrosihar bir professoroqituvchi, xodim va talabaning ornomusi, iftixori va vijdon ishidir.           Asosiy maqsadimiz: Eng yetuk universitetlar qatoridan joy olish!           Ilm bir shula, dilga tushgan on Shunda bilursankim, ilm bepoyon...
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Attention!In order to facilitate accessibility of entrants and their parents for the 2019-2020 academic year in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as to inform the public about the content and significance of introduced news, Gulistan a Call Center was established at the State University. Please call the Call Center at 67-225-05-60, 67-225-02-75, 67-225-09-46, 67-225-42-15, 67-225-39-25. you can get answers to your all related questions.
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Changes in entrance for Master's Degree Program
Amendments and supplements to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on approval of Regulations on admission to higher educational institutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the order of moving, restoration and withdrawal of students from studying '(no. 360, 27.04.2019.) In accordance with the new regulation, the following abolished the entrance into the master's degree: - Conversation with selected specialty questions for the purpose of determining the abilities and interests of the graduate students in scientific and scientific-pedagogical activities; - "Computer Science and Information Technology" subject tests; - Testing the theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan. Applicants applying for a M…
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Attention applicants!
Applicants can submit 5 documents in a simplified procedure From June 15 to July 15 of this year, applicants can submit documents to the following ATMs in a simplified manner through the Centers of Public Services (SSMS), regardless of their permanent location: Tashkent State University of law; Karakalpak State University; Gulistan State University; Fergana State University; Samarkand State University. When submitting documents through dxms, only 2 documents are requested: civil pasporti (birth certificate for those who do not reach the passport age); general secondary education (on the basis of the 11th grade) or a document (with the application) about the completion of a secondary special, vocational education institution. Applicants who have a privilege must present a hujja…
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Collection of questions on introductory subjects
Subjects of entrance examinations for foreign language and their content1. Family and society.2. The student's research,3. Friendship. My best friend.4. Communication and its types. Phone communication.5. Specialist and professional activity.6. Geography, climatic conditions of the language studied.7. The population of the country in which the language is studied, the state structure.8. The state structure of the Republic of Uzbekistan.9. Cities of the country where language is studied.10. Tourist cities of Uzbekistan.11. National holidays of Uzbekistan.12. National holidays of the country where language is studied.13. Traditions and customs of the language studied.14. National symbols of the country in which the Republic of Uzbekistan and the language is being studied.15. Literature and a…
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List of exam items
5A110701 - Information technologies in education • Informatics and information technologies• Informatics teaching methodology• Numerical methods• Basics of programming 5A111701 - Theory and method of teaching and education (elementary education) • Mother tongue teaching methodology• Mathematics teaching methodology• Teaching methodology• Nature teaching methodology• Methodology of educational work 5A130101 - Mathematics (by directions) • Mathematical analysis• Theory of Complex Variable Functions• Functional analysis 5A140101 - Biology (in the field of Science) • Botany• High plants• Reproduction and viability of plants• Zoology 5A140202 - Physics (by directions) • Kinematics• Dynamics&bull…
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2016-2017 admission quota for the academic year, the number of applications received, and scoring points
Ta'lim yo‘nalishi Shifr Qabul Tanlov Grant Shartnoma Biologiya (turlari bo‘yicha) X005 / Biologiya / Kimyo / Ona tili va adabiyoti 5140100 50 25 / 25 978 19.6 146.9 157.0 134.2 139.2 Boshlang‘ich ta'lim va sport-tarbiyaviy ish X097 / Ona tili va adabiyoti / Matematika / Chet tili 5111700 50 10 / 40 1044 20.9 135.9 139.0 111.1 122.2 Ekologiya va atrof-muhit muhofazasi (tarmoqlar va sohalar bo‘yicha) X003 / Kimyo / Matematika / Ona tili va adabiyoti 5630100 20 5 / 15 659 33.0 85.7 110.6 77.8 79.8 Filologiya va tillarni o‘qitish: o‘zbek tili X007 / Ona tili va adabiyoti / Tarix / Chet tili 5120101 50 20 / 30 779 15.6 141.3 155.9 125.5 132.4 …
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