Future plans

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Future plans


This appendix contains a plan of action to be taken in the scientific area of ​​Gulistan State University's perspective development program for 2017-2030.

II. Further development of innovative and institutional cooperation with sectors of the economy in the field of scientific research.

2.1. Systematic improvement of the priorities of the university research on the basis of the achievements of science, advanced foreign experience and uniqueness of the departments. On the basis of promising priority trends in science and technology development, the general strategy for the development of research activities of universities and departments is elaborated and approved.

2.2. Annually improve the priorities of scientific research on the basis of the achievements of science, advanced foreign experience and uniqueness of the departments. 2017-2030 yy. Vice rector on scientific work and innovations, scientific department, deans of faculties, heads of departments. Priority directions of university and department research are defined, and researchers are given the research topics in these areas. a unique image of universities and departments.

2.3. In order to achieve a high level of innovation-enterprise cooperation aimed at the modern development of the economy by utilizing the existing scientific potential in the university and the rich practical experience accumulated in the enterprise (organization, educational institutions), to ensure the high production and service capacities of the enterprises, on actual scientific and practical issues related to technical and technological modernization of enterprises, attraction of investments iversitet innovative groups in the volume of work within the framework of scientific research. A plan of action for the expansion of collaboration with the enterprises and educational institutions of the departments of the University is developed.

2.4. In the framework of innovation and corporate cooperation agreements are signed to ensure that enterprises and educational institutions reach high production and service capacities.

2.5. Under the agreement, innovative groups are organized, and these groups are involved in teaching staff, researchers, masters and students. 2017-2030 yy. Vice-rector on scientific work and innovations, faculty, deans of faculties, heads of chairs, as a result of effective activity of innovative groups, ensures high production and service capacities of enterprises and educational institutions, training of professors, teachers, researchers, masters and students qualification practices, the quality of graduate and doctoral dissertations prepared and graduated i.

2.6. Increasing the academic potential of the university by 35-40% by supporting professors and teachers, supporting doctoral studies and independent researchers. There is a plan of measures for gradual defense of doctoral studies, doctoral studies and independent researchers' dissertations. In accordance with the Action Plan, protection of insurance works is timely.

2.7. Enhancing the effectiveness of the Council's work at the University based on the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan 304 of May 22, 201 "On further improvement of postgraduate education system", activization of dissertation work of base doctorate and doctoral students.

2.8. In deeply analyzing the experience of developing Doctor of Philosopy and Doctor of Science in advanced foreign countries, preparing philosophical doctors and doctors of science, preparing highly scientifically-methodical and practical-applied monographs and scientific articles, Activation of printing in foreign scientific journals with high silk factor. Short-term training seminars on the preparation and publication of articles for leading foreign magazines are organized by professors and teachers.

2.9. Enhancing the dissertation defense based on the measures set out in paragraph 4.4 of the Strategic Action Strategy for the Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, "Development of Education and Science". In order to implement the objectives set out in the action strategy, a working group will be established in the regions during the summer holidays and will be incorporated into the working group by professors, researchers, masters and students.

2.10. Activation of contracts at the Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects, including business contracts, through the active participation of the departments at the Republican Fair "Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects".

2.11. Opening branches of the departments and organization and monitoring of scientific-practical training of professors and teachers each year in order to enhance mutual innovation and corporate cooperation between universities and enterprises.

2.12. Improving the academic electronic journal of the University "GulDU Newspaper" and achieving the level of foreign academic magazines, which will be included in the OAK list. Magistrates and young researchers are encouraged to publish articles based on the requirements of international academic journals to enhance their research and publish their results. The articles are published in accordance with the requirements of the foreign scientific journals.


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