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The Department of History

Head of the department: To'ychiboyev Baxodir Bosimovich kafedralar/tarix.jpg

Phone: (+998 93) 2711669


The main scientific theme of the department: The history of ethno-archaeological research in the Syrdarya basin

History of the department

• Department of "History" was founded in August 2012 with the joint "General History" and "History of Uzbekistan" chairs. Department of "General History" has been operating from August 1983 to August 2012 and since 2011, headed by docent O.Nazarov. Department of History of Uzbekistan was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Department of Political History. From 2001 to August 2012, the department was headed by Ph.D. Mr. Erbutaeva was the leader.

• "History" department is currently one of 5 chairs in the Social-Economic Faculty of Gulistan State University. There are 23 professors in the department. There are 2 candidates of historical sciences, associate professors, 1 docent, 5 candidates of historical sciences, senior teachers, 3 senior teachers and 12 teachers. At the full rate of 18 people, at the rate of 4 people are working. The average age of the teaching staff of the department is 38.5.

• The department deals with the scientific problems of "Uzbekistan and the World Community" and "History of Syrdarya Region", "History of Uzbekistan", "World History", "History of History", "Ethnology", "Archeology" Political Processes ". At the department dots. Under the leadership of Nazarov O., he is working on a project on "History of ethno-archaeological research in the Mediterranean Syrdarya basin". The project plan is approved. Project participants: dots. O.Nazarov, N.Mirzaeva, L.Kodirova, O.Mamirov. There are 3 candidate dissertations and 2 doctoral dissertations on this scientific problem. As well as Ph.D. Under the leadership of Professor Erbolatova O'. U., Alibekov, B. Tuychiboyev, E.Shodiev on the project "Historical roots and bases of people's and public traditions in the Uzbek nature (for example, residents of Syrdarya region)". I.Djuraev and O. Mamyrov are working. It is planned to carry out 5 research works on this project. There are 4 clubs in the "Small school" organized at the department. Members of the "Small school" are involved in research work, including teachers, gifted students, history teachers at academic lyceums and colleges in the region.

The department trains national and European groups of "History of Uzbekistan" between faculties in all directions of bachelor degree in Uzbek and Russian languages. A total of thirty professional, specialization and elective subjects are trained to students of Bachelor's Degree in "History".

• Teaching aids, teaching materials, workshops and TUIs have been developed by the teaching staff of the department. Members of the department have participated in international and national scientific conferences with more than 150 scientific papers and published more than 90 scientific papers in scientific journals.

• The department has its own activity at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Jizzak DPI, Samarkand State University and 4 academic lyceums and colleges in Syrdarya region, foreign languages with whom she co-operates in the field of science and education.

• Associate Professor O. Ayupov has signed a contract for printing 5000 copies of the "World, Politics, Society" brochure with "Sirdaryo Printing House" LLC - Print. Nowadays there are two innovative groups in the department, including "The History of Ethno-Archeological Research in the Basin Syrdarya Basin" under the supervision of N.Mirzayeva. According to the plan, 1 million soums of off-budget funds were disbursed, one candidate's dissertation was defended and 2 candidate works are being prepared for defense. Dots. Under the guidance of Ayupov O., they are working on "Topical Problems of World History Education".

• At present, cooperative academic lyceums and colleges carry out several practical work to improve the effectiveness of teaching history of Uzbekistan and the history of the World.

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