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About the Information Resource Center

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Director of Information Resource Center: Okyigitov Obidjon Shoyimkulovich

Reception hours: Friday, Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00.

Tel.: (+998 97) 275-16-09, 225-45-09


Information Resource Center

In order to ensure the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2006 No. PP-381 "ON THE ORGANIZATION OF INFORMATION and LIBRARY SUPPORT FOR the POPULATION of the REPUBLIC", an Information Resource Center was established on the basis of the library of Gulistan State University. Today, the IRC has 5 departments.

To date, the total fund of the RPI is 40,260 titles, 401,454 copies, including: 252,790 copies in Uzbek, the rest – in Russian and other languages. There are 127561 textbooks, 119448 textbooks, 116115 popular science literature, 38330 copies of fiction.

The number of users reached 9096, including: 396 professors, 12 masters, 4938 students, the rest of the city's residents, students of colleges and schools. The IRC has an automated library based on the “ARMAT” program. The “ARMAT” database contains more than 12,000 electronic catalogs, electronic formulas for readers for 2-3 years. There are 50 computers in the APM computer classes. All computers are accessible and connected to the Internet, and users are provided with a username and password.

The internal network portal of the university has a database of more than 134 GB, which is regularly used by students. The created set of electronic resources is recorded on disks and transmitted to each student. Readers also have the opportunity to get acquainted with 46 newspapers and 51 magazines published in Uzbekistan and Russia.

Taking into account the intellectual needs of the younger generation, the development of spiritual, moral and cultural values, taking into account modern innovations and information technologies, a branch of the IRC was created in the city center to serve the population, schoolchildren and college students.



Syrdarya Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1966. It provides for the training of specialists in 5 areas. The necessary literature on these specialties was brought from the Nizami Pedagogical Institute, the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation, and the institute library was created. In the early years, the library had a bookstore and a reading room.

Since that day, the fund of educational and fiction literature of the university library is replenished day by day. The number of readers of the library is growing every year. Since 2002, the library has organized a computer class. In it, students prepare the necessary information. The computers are connected to the Internet. On the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2006 No. PP-381 "On the organization of information and library support for the population of the Republic", an "Information Resource Center" was established at the University. On the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the establishment of a centralized information and library service for the population" No. PQ-381 of June 20, 2006, an Information and Resource Center was established at the University. By the order of the khokim and the rector of Gulistan State University No. 85-0 dated June 23, 2006 No. 135-1. By the decision of the special commission on the transfer to the balance of 5 branch libraries in the system of centralized libraries of the city of Gulistan, the university library was transferred to the register.

In pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-381 of June 20, 2006 and the Order of the khokim of the region No. 135-1 of June 23, 2006, Order No. 85-0 of Gulistan State University for the purpose of providing information and resource services, 5 libraries of the city of Gulistan were transferred from the balance of the city to the balance of Gulistan State University by the decision of a special commission.

Based on this, in the building allocated by the regional administration, a branch of the "Information Resource Center" was created to provide the population with a wide range of information and library services.

On April 17, 2008, the city branch of the Information Resource Center was officially opened, and on the same day, the republican methodological training seminar on the topic "Prospects for meeting the needs of the population in modern information resources" was held. Today, the branch serves the population of the city, students of schools and colleges.

The Information Resource Center of GulSU is equipped in accordance with modern requirements. The IRC has special halls with 50 computers connected to the Internet, the scientific and methodological department works in the system of electronic information and communication technologies. The IRC is also equipped with a scanner, printer, and copier. With the introduction of new information technologies in information resource centers, the number of IRC readers has increased dramatically. For example, the IRC together with the entire branch provides high-quality services to 9096 users.


The activities of the IRC

The Information and Resource Center (IRC) of GulSU organized the provision of information and library services to users in accordance with modern requirements and the formation of a system of highly cultural library services with rapid modernization of its activities based on information capabilities and communication technologies, providing the population with the use of forms of remote access and delivery of information resources to consumers, as well as access to the international Internet for a wide range of users, students and young people. In addition, educational, scientific, artistic and popular literary services are provided to readers through the educational portal Ziyonet, which was introduced in the country, electronic delivery of news and information distributed through the press and mass media.

In addition to the main building, the University's Information and Resource Center has branches located at the Faculty of Economics, in the student residence building, and in the city center. They have fast and high-quality access to various information resources through the internal Internet system developed by the university's specialists. University students are fully provided with a login and password.

The IRC has a special hall for 50 computers connected to the Internet, a computerized department for subscribing to electronic catalogs, and a scientific and methodological department with computers working in the system of electronic information and communication technologies. To date, IRC specialists have added more than 12,000 electronic catalogues of the existing fund to the software database. The IRC funds are replenished with new types of electronic information resources. Access to educational, scientific, artistic and popular information resources based on the libraries of the republic and foreign countries is expanding. The total fund of the IRC is about 407,890 publications.

The XXI century is the century of "high information technologies". The role of information technologies in everyday life is so high that we cannot imagine our life without them. In the future, these types of services will be implemented in the IRC.

General services:

* Preparation of information packages at the request of readers.

* Electronic catalog.

* Prepare copies of articles from scientific and popular journals from the library's collection and send them in electronic form.

* Remote reader service, delivery of documents (articles, various information kits, electronic catalogs) to consumers by e-mail.

* Provision of a media library (trainings, educational programs and databases on SD disks).

* Training courses on computer skills, the use of the Internet and databases, “ARMAT” and other automated library and information systems.

* Abstracts of dissertations defended in Uzbekistan. Provide information about SD and magnetic disks via the library's local network or by email at the request of scientists, graduate students, and undergraduates.

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