Education branch

Education branch

The Education branch is one the main parts of the university. It organizes and fulfills its activities according to the law “About Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan, requirements of National Program in Specialists Traning and Charter on higher education institutions, orders of Higher and secondary Specialized education institutions, university Charter, orders of rector and decisions of Scientific Soviet of the university. The activities of the education branch are fully controlled by the pro- rector of education branch of the university.

1. Goal and Main Function of the Education Branch:

The education branch controls organizining activities in increasing the education process of the baccalaureate and magistracy directions of the university, working out methodical education plans on the basis of higher education sample education plans, ruling and fully controlling the activities concerning to the education processes of the department and faculties, extension and development the test-rating system concerning to marking knowledge of students, effectively use of the educational auditoriums funds of the university, effectively organizing and constant development of all types of practice of students, supplying and using computer technologies in education process and increasing its effectiveness and conserning improvement activities.

2. The education branch fulfills certain:

  • Controls and supplies fully fulfillment of the methodical educational plans on the basis of samples of educational plans according to the State Education Standards of the baccalaureate and magistracy direction of the university;
  • Controls the fulfillment and supplies its mutual coincidences of the methodical educational plans which are worked out on the basis samples educational plans;
  • Controls the structure and function of the methodical educational plans shown in semesters on the basis of sample of methodical plans existing in the faculties;
  • Prepares the annual schedule of the education process of the directions;
  • Controls the quantity of the education hours at the departments and coincidences with normative acts of the professor-teachers;
  • Controls the existing of the necessary appliances dedicated at increasing the marking rating system of the students` knowledge of the departments;
  • Controls the presence of the students and reworks of the missed hours;
  • Sonstantly controls the educational auditoriums, educational laboratories` activities, the methodical plans of educational assistant specialists and their fulfillment;
  • Controls the supply degree of the necessary equipments of the laboratories and their improvement up to the required level;
  • Sonstantly controls the supply degree of the required equipments of the educational auditoriums (such as tables, chair, pulpits, etc);
  • Fully controls the fulfillment degree of the qualification works of the graduates of the faculties, concerning orders, fulfillment quality and activities concerning to their defense;
  • Fulfils activities such as making orders about state attestation commission, offer in organizing its staff, and hour payment for the heads of the attestation commission;
  • Controls the fulfilment of the activities concerning hour payment at the departments;
  • Leads and takes part in different organized commissions, makes reports on the fulfilment of the educational plans of the university and annual total reports;
  • Organizes and controls the intermediate and final control works;
  • Controls and examines the stipends given to the students according to the final control exams and the fulfilment of the orders concerning to the students’ stipends;
  • Makes the annual total reports of the 3-HEI (Higher Education Institution) and sends to the Ministry.


3. The education branch fulfils certain activities on the basis of its goals and functions:


  • Makes offers in the improvement of the education processes of the activities of the dean offices and departments of the university to the rector and science soviet;
  • Gives offers in order to punish some of the specialists’ lacks in organizing the education process of the faculties and departments;
  • Makes notes for departments and faculties and takes part in making process of the extension of acts and charters;
  • Collects the reports of the heads of the state commission;
  • Makes offers in organizing works and the improvement of the staff structure and staff supply of the departments and faculties;
  • Makes offers and holds examining processes of the education branch of the university;
  • Controls the fulfilment processes concerning the reworks of the students, rating system, control exams and testing of the departments;
  • Collects annual total reports of the departments.


4. The education branch possesses certain rights:


  • Holds examining processes in the fulfilment of the education process of the departments and faculties;
  • Controlling and acting process of an hour payment of the teachers;
  • Takes part in making orders of the professor-teachers staff, changing the staff structure, changing categories, employment and waiving, etc;
  • Takes part in controlling the stipend of the students, academic furlough, enrolment, etc;
  • Defines the monthly effectiveness and quality of the workers activity;
  • Makes offers on the awards and punishments of the specialists to the administration;
  • Demands the required documents concerning administration standards of the university from departments and other branches of the university;
  • Makes offers on serious breaches of the education rights of the specialists concerning to the decrease of the teaching level of the deans, chiefs of the departments, teachers, assistants, etc.

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