Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology
Gulistan State University

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Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology

Head of the department: Tishlikov Sulton

Reception time: Every day 15:00-17:00

The main scientific theme of the department: Development and implementation of educational and methodical and practical issues of ICT application in the educational process

Department structure:

The department prepares bachelors in the following areas:

5110700- Informatics Teaching Methods;

5130200- Applied Mathematics and Informatics. 

The department prepares masters in the following specialties:

5110701- Information Technologies in Education.

History of the department:

The department was founded in 1986 under the name «Fundamentals of computer science and computing». At the beginning the department was headed by PhD, docent Abduraim Pardaevich Tishlikov. Head of this chair were various docenst in various years: I.Isakov, K.Eshkuvatov, S. Allayorov and D. Abdurahimov works.

In 1994, the department was renamed as "Applied Mathematics and Informatics", and in 2015 it was called "Information Technology", and in 2021 it was called Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology.

In 2011, S. Sultonov was awarded the State Scholarship named after M. Ulugbek from students of the department "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science". B. Dzhanikulov was awarded the honorary 2nd place at the Republican Scientific Olympiad in "Informatics and Information Technologies".

In 2012, Sh. Khursanov, a student in teaching computer science, was awarded a diploma of the Republican contest “Kelajak ovozi” in the nomination “Information Technologies, Rationalization Proposals and Technical Developments”.

In 2012, Sh. Bomurodov, a student of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, participated in the project “My Role in Parliament”, participated in the republican stage of the competition “If I am a Member of Parliament 2012” and received a special certificate.

The senior lecturer of the department S.A. Tishlikov received the certificate of the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a patent for the invention “Inventory and error correction program based on a stochastic search for word forms in the Uzbek language”.

Student of the 14-14 group Tursunbaev Jamshid in the camp of Lochin, Shakhrisabz district, Kashkadarya region, Republican stage of the republican contest “Information technologies, rationalization proposals and technical developments, development of WEB” busy.

F. Berdaliev, a student of the 13-13 group in the field of teaching computer science, is the winner of the regional and republican stages of the Higher Spiritual Generation festival on May 5, 2015.

8 scientific and creative circles devoted to the meaningful organization of students 'leisure activities, the meaningful organization of students' leisure activities, the implementation of the plan of spiritual and educational work with students living in hostels and renting out. Members of the circles are engaged in the research work of professors and teachers, gifted students, teachers of computer science in academic lyceums and colleges of the region.

The department teaches 48 disciplines for students studying methods of computer science, applied mathematics and computer science and all other undergraduate courses.

Teaching aids, teaching materials, workshops and TUIs have been developed by the teaching staff of the department. Members of the department have participated in international and national scientific conferences with more than 200 scientific papers, and more than 50 scientific papers have been published in scientific journals.

Cooperation of the department:

The department has its own activities at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi, Samarkand State University, Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute and academic lyceums and professional colleges in Syrdarya region. professional colleges, and several general secondary schools.

The chair. Z.Negmatullaev Gulistan academic lyceums is working as a PC and IT Coordinator.

At the chair, as well as in educational and methodical workshops are held in the chair of academic lyceums and professional colleges in Syrdarya region. At the initiative of professor-teachers of the department was held a scientific-practical seminar on "Actual problems of teaching information science and information technologies in the continuous education system". At these training seminars participated professors and teachers of the department of "Information technologies", teachers of academic lyceums and professional colleges in Syrdarya region.

Scientific activity of the department:

The teaching staff of the department is the main research subject of the department: "Development and introduction of teaching-methodological and practical issues of ICT application in educational process".

At the department a scientific laboratory "Application of modern information technologies in educational process" was published. At the Scientific Laboratory, innovative groups are working to increase the effectiveness of the learning process.

Innovative group 1 is carrying out scientific researches on a subject «Modern pedagogic and pedagogy in education, methods, models and algorithms for implementation of ICT». Group Leader Doc. D. Abdurahimov, members: S.Kulmamatov, D.Toshtemirov, A.Adilov, A.Taniberdiev, S.H.Islikov, M.B.Niyazov, M.N.Normatova, J.D.Saidov.

Innovative group 2 is conducting research on the subject "Creating modern software for teaching and ICT in education". Group Leader Doc. S.Allayorov, members: U.Juraev, S.Tishlikov, A.Kudratov, Z.Negmatullayev, A.Kalandarov, O.Burkhiev, Sh.Kh.Mavlonov, A.Mamatov, D.Abduraimov.

The scientific laboratory has created software products such as e-learning literature, computer software for independent learning, educational portal for distance education, automated testing software for students' knowledge assessment, and effective use of educational process. The results of the research are reflected in the International and Republican scientific-theoretical conferences and published scientific, teaching-methodological manuals. At the same time, the members of the team are updating the university web site and working on the creation of an innovative project of the regional education portal.

Address of the Department: Gulistan sity, 4th district, Gulistan State University, Information Technologies Faculty, Department of "Applied Mathematics and Information Technology"


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