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Being aware is the requirement of today

"At present, all the countries in the region are facing terrorism, religious extremism,
transnational crime and drug trafficking. Effective counteraction to these threats can
only be achieved within the framework of practical cooperation mechanisms between
the countries of the region. We are firmly convinced that the threats to security threats are
"self-denominational and others" and that we must adhere to the principle of
"full security". The United Nations should play an important
role in resolving regional security issues primarily by preventive diplomacy. It is
also necessary to strengthen cooperation within the CIS, SCO, OSCE and other
international and regional structures. Today, the prospects for
sustainable and consistent development in Central Asia are closely linked to
the establishment of peace in neighboring Afghanistan. One of the first tasks
is to assist Afghanistan in joining the regional economic processes.
This will make an important contribution to the efforts of
the international community to promote peaceful development in Afghanistan.
I want to emphasize that Uzbekistan will continue to actively participate
in economic recovery of the neighboring country, its transport and energy
infrastructure, and the training of national personnel ". SH.MIRZIYOYEV

 Be aware...

If you are a thief, you will be warned. Vigilance is equal to the individual's life
and to the will of the king. Today, each of us needs such awareness. This is
especially important in our time when we are dealing with various errors. It is a
mistake to say that the preventive measures that are being created in this country form a stable will and legal literacy. Terrorism is a threat to unlimited power, so it is necessary to combine forces against it. SH.MIRZIYOYEV. LOQING IS A SPIRITUAL HELP It is no secret that today's globalization is a global episode of ideological encroachments on humanity. The form of
ideological attacks is diverse, and nowadays it is a missionary movement, which has become a world-wide, public-political,
spiritual-ideological problem.Who are the missionaries? What tools do they use to achieve their goals? First of all, it is important to note that missionary work is a way to accomplish its destructive goals by propagating another religion or other system among a particular system and people of a particular religion. We all know how badly these members of the movement are affecting society.The missionaries use the tools of international terrorism, drug addiction, religious extremism, particularly Hizb ut-Tahrir, and Vakhobizm, as educational and charitable organizations, as well as teaching and propaganda groups, and they do their best to make a cigarette lighter under the guinea pig in the other public dishes. After the independence of our country, various ideologies and ideologies flowed into our country. Among these ideologies, the most vague is the missionary movement. Missionaries are the teachers of a foreign language curriculum that allows students to go to bedrooms, merchants or business markets, and shopkeepers as well as culinary secrets to general pubs, in all spheres of life, they will strive to take advantage of any small opportunity to do so. Just like in other countries in the world, some young people in Uzbekistan are trying to get rid of their unobtrusiveness, confidence, and lack of faith, even to improve their material security.Peaceful engagement amongst the civilian population and distracting them from the right path, raising indignation amongst themselves, especially for young people to join various informal religious organizations, They are separating. These funds are spent on providing financial support to patients, providing free medicines, assisting students on a contractual basis, publishing various illegal publications and distributing them to the public free of charge. Some psychologically and politically uneducated people are easily enslaved to such traps. As a result, they go to their own people and to the homeland, to betray their family. We must never forget the existence of fanatical forces outside our country, who chose the path of independence and pursued Uzbekistan's path of democratic development, which could create its own model of development. The external threats that threaten our independent state under the religious mask - the struggle of the fanatics to break the spirituality of our people - is the highest duty of Uzbekistan, which is the consciousness of every conscious person, my country, my country, my family, my motherland.
 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: It is necessary to abandon the threats of "security for themselves and for others" and to adhere to the principle of "full security".

Gulistan State University Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

Young people of Uzbekistan are opposed to destructive ideasGulistan State University hosted 
an enlightenment meeting among the teaching staff and students on the subject "Youth of
Uzbekistan Against Violent Ideas". The event was attended by R.Makhmudov, Vice-rector for
spiritual and educational work of the university, K.Quqororov, Syrdarya DHC employee, F.Rahmanov,
Syrdarya region's chief imam, Head of Syrdarya regional branch of the Youth Union J.Sherbaev,
vice-rectors, deans, faculties, professors and 500 students participated in the event. Speaking at the event, the speakers noted that we can not achieve our noble goals
without preserving today's spiritual treasure and continuing to uplift the spirituality.
Today, some citizens, especially young people, are unwittingly involved in various
religious movements or groups, in the minds of young people they are "ideological
vacancies", the conditions for filling them with good ideas, about the need to improve
the effectiveness of national propaganda and spiritual-enlightenment work, to increase
the effectiveness of the events, to carry out propaganda campaigns against ideological
and ideological threats on a systematic basis, commented on his remarks. At the end of
the event, the participants held a question-and-answer session.

Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

The event was attended by pro-rector of the university R.Mahmudov, member of the Senate
O. Qudratov, chief imam-secretary of Syrdarya region H. Zokirov, employee of DNR Syrdarya
Dzh.Hudoynazarov , Chairman of the Gulistan city branch of the "Nuroniy" foundation Q.Abdullaev,
head of the Syrdarya regional prosecutor's office M.Sulaymonov, deputy chairman of Syrdarya regional
council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, deputy M. Khayitov, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, department
heads, professors and 512 students.Those present at the event shared their opinions about the preservation
of peace, preventing the fallout of extremist movements in various destructive movements. In addition, our
sacred religion has given us advice on how to confuse the true rules of Islam with the pseudonym. In the
second part of the event, he had a question-and-answer session. At the end of the event, the documentary
film "The Darkness in the Huge" was prepared by the Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan.

Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

Promoting the ideas of religious tolerance and interethnic harmony among students "
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan 736 of
September 17, 2018 "On Measures to Increase the Effectiveness of Spiritual and
Educational Work in the Educational System" and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary
Specialized Education On November 1, 2014 in the Palace of Culture of the Gulistan
State University was held a lecture on the theme "Promoting the ideas of religious
tolerance and interethnic harmony among students" on October 1, 2018, teachers,
students and religious scholars. The event was attended by R.Makhmudov,
Vice-Rector for spiritual and educational work, M. Suleymanov, Syrdarya
regional prosecutor's office head, A.Usmanov, Gulistan police department
chief, Z.Xoldorov, H.Usmanova, teacher of department of "MG, MA and H",
university professors and teachers and 500 students. The speakers spoke
about the concept of religious tolerance, its meanings and meaning, the role
of the system in the interethnic relations. The main issue was the role of
religious tolerance in the education of young people. At the end of the event
the speakers were answered by participants.


Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

Gulistan State University Gulistan State University

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