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Gulistan State University Trade Union activities

Chief of the Trade Union Committee: Yusufaliev Abdurakhman Tilovich.


Telephone: (67) 225-39-57


Website: www.

Reception time: 14:00 – 16:00

Activity of the Trade Union Committee of Gulistan State University.

Operates on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of their activity”, of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on public associations”, “On non-governmental organizations”, the Charter of the Central Council of the trade Union of workers of education, science and culture and other legal acts, as well as the social contract with the rector of Gulistan state University and Charter of the University, its structural framework.

Main directions of the activity:

v    Participation of members of the trade union committee in the development of legal and other regulatory documents related to the protection of their intellectual property rights and freedom;

v    Implementation of collective control over compliance with labor legislation;

v    Conclusion of collective agreements and elimination of disagreements in labor activity;

v    Conducting cultural and educational events together with trade union members;

v    Carrying out work to restore the health of trade union members and their children, to involve them in physical culture and sports;

Cooperation and establishment of international relations with trade unions, public and non-governmental organizations, trade unions of foreign countries.

The staff of the trade union.

Currently, the trade union committee of faculty and employees includes 684 members of the trade union. The Trade Union Committee consists of 6 faculties, 1 farm and a department of primary trade union organizations. The committee has 7 commissions.

These commissions are engaged in the socio-economic protection of the teaching staff, improving their conditions, strengthening labor discipline, resolving disputes arising in labor relations, ensuring labor protection and safety, holding mass sports, festive events, as well as improving the health of the teaching staff and employees, organizing volunteer recreation, supporting young people and raising the status of women in society.

The main structural direction of the trade union committee:

1. The Conference is the highest body of the trade union committee and is held once every five years.

2. The Trade Union Committee is the governing body between conferences and is elected for a term of five years.

3. Between conferences, the presidium of the trade union committee is elected, which exercises leadership. Meetings of the Presidium are held at least once every three months.

4. At the conference, the chairman of the trade union committee, his deputies, members of the committee and members of the audit commission are elected.

5. The Presidium and the Plenum of the trade union Committee employees participate in ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the conference.

6. The trade union committee is financed by a monthly membership fee.

Membership fees are set at a minimum of 1% of the monthly salary.

Tasks of the Trade Union Committee of Gulistan State University:

Protects the constitutional rights of university employees to work regardless of nationality, gender, age and religious beliefs, free choice of work and profession, work in fair working conditions, protection from unemployment. Promotes the implementation and observance of a socially fair system of remuneration and work schedule of teaching staff. Takes an active part in raising the spiritual and educational level of the teaching staff and other staff, organizing their leisure and recreation. Monitors compliance with the requirements of labor legislation, legislation on labor protection and environmental protection in relation to teachers and employees and provides their legal protection. Provides assistance to teachers-employees and their family members in the systematic employment of health and sports activities. Takes the initiative in resolving labor disputes that arise in the team.

Social protection performed by the Trade Union Committee of Gulistan State University in 2017:

Ensuring the rights of trade union members to work and rest organization of their social protection assistance in improving the health of employees, assistance in voluntary spending of free time is the basis that trade unions carry out. Of course, all these works are carried out on the basis of articles of the collective agreement with the management: the resolution of labor disputes is also the main task of a professional organization. In 2017, the following work was carried out on the social protection of the teaching staff:

 On the recommendation of the Union were studied work, amount of work, socio – economic status of workers as additional compensation, promotion, financial aid administration of budgetary funds from extrabudgetary funds 399218000 there were used 821462500 soums from a special account 36685000 in total 1257365500 soum. During the last academic year, 25 faculty members were sent to the recreation resorts “Chimgan”, “Chortok”, “Khoshog”, “Umid gulshani”, “Zaamin”, “Oq Tosh”, “Turon”, “Botany”. 56 children from among the staff were sent to the summer camps “Zaamin” and ”Syrdarya”. The university studies the appeals of poor and needy employees, and provides monthly financial assistance. In 2017, financial assistance in the amount of 14,000,000 soums and financial incentives in the amount of 1,500,000 soums were provided. At each event, on the recommendation of the management, active and public workers were awarded books and valuable gifts. In connection with the Army Day on January 14, the women’s committee held a festive event. In connection with the Women’s Day on March 8, 26 of our public women were taken by high-speed train and airplane to Samarkand. In connection with the holiday of Navruz, the winners of the competition were awarded. In connection with the celebration of May 9, the Day of Remembrance and Honors, 22 faculty members and employees over the age of 70 were invited to the festive event, presented with valuable holiday gifts and set tables. On October 1, in connection with the Teacher’s Day, 66 professors and employees were sent to Samarkand at the expense of the trade union. This event is still ongoing. In connection with the celebration of the New Year, it is planned to distribute holiday gifts to 286 preschool children to the teaching staff and employees. 60 of our employees were given tickets to concerts organized as part of cultural and educational events. Several events were held in cooperation with the women’s Committee, and the union provided gifts. Sports competitions in the context of faculties were held tournaments in football, mini-football, volleyball, checkers and chess, the winners were awarded. 200 students and 120 faculty members took part in mass sports competitions and marathons. The winners were awarded with valuable prizes.

Organizational work was carried out to provide 23 orphan-students and low-income students with a trade union scholarship of the Republican Federation of Trade Unions as winners of the competition, and each of these students was awarded a scholarship in the amount of 700 thousand soums.

It was recommended to study the activities of 36 faculty members and employees who made mistakes and omissions in the process of working in the team, and to eliminate the “shortcomings”.



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