At the Academic Council chaired by the doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Gayrat Shoumarov at the Tashkent state pedagogical University named after Nizami, senior teacher of the Department of Pedagogy and psychology of Gulistan state University Sabohat Sharapova successfully defended her dissertation of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) in psychological Sciences on the topic “Socio-psychological aspects of the formation of ideological immunity in young people”online. Official opponents of the dissertation doctor of philosophy, Professor Rustamjon Samarov, candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor Nigora Lutfullayeva gave a high assessment of the research work. The scientific potential of Gulistan state University is growing. Ravshanbek Mahmudov Press Sec…
80 | Bugun 12:10 | Batafsil
A set of conferences on the topic
As we reported earlier, the Gulistan State University hosted a Republican online scientific and practical conference on the topic” the skill of using words by Erkin Vohidov". Now you can download an electronic copy of this conference kit. Download
5 | Bugun 11:03 | Batafsil
On June 6, 2020, at 1100 hours, the next meeting of the Scientific seminar under the Scientific Council at Gulistan state University PhD.03/30.12.2019.B.91.01 will be held online Agenda: Discussion of the dissertation submitted for the degree of doctor of philosophy in biological Sciences (PhD) in the specialty 03.00.05-Botany (Biological Sciences) by an independent researcher of the Jizzakh state pedagogical Institute, Abdullayeva Nilufar Sagdullayevna on the topic "Distribution of species of Dracocephalum L. geography, ecology and significance in Uzbekistan". Scientific supervisor: doctor of biology, Professor Olimjon Khozhimatov  Address: 1-meeting room of Gulistan state University
66 | 2020-06-02 10:42 | Batafsil
Distance seminar was held
During the quarantine period, research works are carried out by professors and teachers of Gulistan State University. One such research is Associate Professor of the Department of history at 14:00 on 29.05.2020.B.It was organized by Kadirova remotely, observing the rules of quarantine. By the researcher "A.G.The documents of the Serebrennikov Foundation will be held a scientific seminar on the protection of the PhD dissertation on the topic" issues of illumination of the history of the middle Asian khanates." This scientific seminar was organized jointly with the scientific seminar at the Institute of history of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Seminar was highly appreciated for the research work.
69 | 2020-06-01 11:05 | Batafsil
In Sardoba celebrated Family Day
In Sardobad district, on the occasion of "15th – International family Day", a competition "Model family" was organized. The competition was held among the evacuated residents of Sardoba, Akaltyn and Mirzaabad districts of the Syrdarya region in secondary school No. 2 of the Sardoba district and families competed under five conditions. The contest was held by the Ministry on the support of family and mahalla, expert Syrdarya regional management Centre and women inventors of Uzbekistan, members of the family of Professor at the Gulistan state University Feruza Gaibnazarova together with the winners of the State prize "Mard uglon" never Javlonbek Javlonbek and Golhaye Hamdamova.
143 | 2020-05-22 11:46 | Batafsil
An online scientific conference dedicated to the creativity of Erkin Vohidov was held.
Gulistan State University hosted a Republican online scientific and practical conference on the topic "the skill of using words by Erkin Vohidov". The rector of the University Mukhsin Xodjiev opened the Republican scientific and practical conference with an introductory question. Professor of the University Ravshanbek Mahmudov started a scientific-practical conference with a speech on the theme” social political, philosophical and moral views of Erkin Vohidov". Also, professor of the University Kazakh Yo'l Yoldoshev” the poet who aspired to the freedom of heart", professor of the Tashkent State University of Uzbek language and literature Bahodir Karimov” literature and aesthetic views of Erkin Wahidov", professor of Fergana State University Akbarali Sabriddinov” in…
163 | 2020-05-21 13:00 | Batafsil
Doctor's degree awarded
In the small hall of Gulistan state University, a solemn ceremony of awarding a doctoral diploma to Kamola Abrorkhanova, a native of the village “Navbakhor” of Mirzaabad district of the Syr Darya region, was held. The defense was opened and led by University Professor R. Makhmudov. Kamola Abrorkhanova studied at the pedagogical College No. 2 in Gulistan, and studied for a master's degree and doctorate in the direction of "primary education" at the Nizami pedagogical University. Early in the morning of may 1, 2020, as a result of the collapse of the Sardobinsky reservoir, Kamala Abrorkhanova's family also suffered heavy losses. For liquidation of consequences of the accident at the reservoir sardobinsky our dear President four times visited sir-Darya region. On may 15, 2020, Ka…
289 | 2020-05-19 12:56 | Batafsil
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233 | 2020-05-18 11:34 | Batafsil
Electronic addresses of the 2nd direction of five important initiatives
In order to increase the knowledge of students and students in the field of physical culture and sports, promptly inform about innovations and information in this direction, and widely involve five important initiatives in the 2nd direction by informing them by e-mail, we provide e-mail addresses in order to provide access to these addresses: web page of the National Olympic Committee; Facebook page of the National Olympic Committee; instagram page of the National Olympic Committee; page of the National Olympic Committee in Odnoklassniki; Telegram channel of the National Olympic Committee; website of the Ministry of physical culture and sports; www.y…
233 | 2020-05-13 10:49 | Batafsil
Picturesque Symphony of victory in the Victory Garden.
Picturesque Symphony of victory in the Victory Garden. Our people celebrated the 75th anniversary of victory in world war II with great enthusiasm. In order to perpetuate the memory of our ancestors who died in world war II, serfdom and a magnificent horticulturist were established in Tashkent on the initiative of the President of our country. The name also boasts-victory Garden. This blessing is very dear to us. The soul, the blood shed has not been forgotten. They are respected, respected, respected. Therefore, each exhibit of the Victory Garden will follow you, putting the spirit of memory and honor in your heart. You will notice at every step that the more carefully the preparatory work is thought out, the more fluff is put on to make this greeting worthy and hold it at a high level.…
216 | 2020-05-12 10:06 | Batafsil
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