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The time and places of the republican science Olympiad held in higher education institutions in the disciplines of "Chemistry", "Biology", "Physics" and "Informatics and information technologies" have been determined. .
The Olympiad will be held on June 20, 2023 among graduate (4th stage) students studying in the relevant educational fields of the undergraduate stage. Exams will start at 10:00 am.   Venues of the Olympics:   🔹Chemistry and Biology - National University of Uzbekistan; 🔸 Physics - Samarkand State University; 🔹Informatics and information technologies" - Tashkent University of Information Technologies.   ❗️ To participate, register on the platform. According to the Regulations, registration will be closed two days before the day of the Olympiad, that is, on June 17, 2023 at 00:00.   ☝️Note: You can get acquainted with information about the Olympics through the platform
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New facilities under construction at the university were inspected
On June 8, Gulistan State University vice-rector for financial and economic affairs M. Mamatkulov, accompanied by chief engineer A. Yunusov, inspected the construction and assembly works at the facilities being built at the university. In particular, he inspected the construction works of the 600-bed residential building for beggars being built in the city of Gulistan. He gave instructions on the execution of construction works according to the established plan.
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An open dialogue was held in Saykhunabad
On June 7, Rector of Gulistan State University, deputy of the Sirdarya Regional Council of People's Deputies, M. Khodzhiyev, held an open dialogue with the residents of Gulistan MFY, Saykhunabad district. During the open dialogue, M. Khodzhiyev gave an explanation about the qualitative improvement of the educational process in the district, the content and essence of the new articles and norms related to education included in the newly revised Constitution. During the dialogue, the existing problems of the residents of the region were studied, and relevant instructions were given to the organizations responsible for their solution.Also, M. Khodzhiyev visited the "Children's summer camp" organized at the 39th general secondary school located in "Gulsiton" MFY, communicated with the childre…
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A career orientation event was held at the creative school
On June 6, 2023, Guliston State University "Uzbek Linguistics" department teachers Zulayho Toychiyeva and Farrukh Mukhudullayev held a career orientation with the participation of native language and literature teachers and graduates at the creative school named after Halima Khudoyberdiyeva organized a roundtable discussion. During the interview, the scientific potential of professors and teachers of Gulistan State University, the university's cooperation with the leading higher education institutions of the republic and the prestigious higher education institutions of the world, the spiritual and educational events held at the university, the conditions created for students, detailed information was given about the talented students of the university and their achievements. Graduate stud…
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The rector visited the construction sites
Rector of Gulistan State University M. Khodjiyev inspected the construction and assembly works of the objects being built at the university on June 5. In particular, he inspected the construction works being carried out in the 400-bed residential building for students under construction at the Faculty of Pedagogy located in the city of Yangiyer. He gave instructions on the execution of construction works according to the established plan.
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Activities aimed at the development of inclusive education are ongoing at Gulistan State University
On May 30, the regular meeting of the working group headed by Mukhsin Khodzhiyev, rector of Gulistan State University, was held at Nurli Maskan boarding school under the authority of the Preschool and School Education Department of the Ministry of Preschool and School Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya Region. At the meeting, opinions were exchanged on the development of inclusive education in higher education, the tasks of the parties in the development of this field, and mechanisms for working with students with disabilities. During the meeting, the rector of the university M. Khodzhiyev held a dialogue with the students of the boarding school. It provided information about the interests of young people, what profession they want to become, and the measures being implemen…
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Quality education and interdisciplinary approach: problems, solutions and cooperation
As we previously reported, on May 25, an international scientific-practical conference on the topic "Quality education and interdisciplinary approach: problems, solutions and cooperation" was organized at Gulistan State University in cooperation with Turkey's Istanbul Commercial University and Balikesir University, as well as Kazan Federal University. z started working. The plenary meeting dedicated to the opening ceremony of this international conference, which is planned to be held on May 25-26, was held in the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University. The governor of Sirdarya region A. Makhmudaliyev took part in it.In his speech, the governor of the region said that the Syrdarya region is becoming a scientific and innovative space in the conditions of the new Uzbekistan, and he al…
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An international conference has started at GulDU
On May 25 of this year, the international scientific-practical conference on "Quality education and interdisciplinary approach: problems, solutions and cooperation" was launched at Gulistan State University. Professors and teachers from Turkey's Istanbul Commercial University and Balakiser University and a number of educational institutions visited the conference. The conference continues, stay tuned…
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Appreciate science, strive for science!
On May 25, the last bell will ring in all general secondary educational institutions in our country. The event dedicated to this date was also held at the 16th general secondary educational institution in Gulistan, "Appreciate science, strive for science." Rector of Gulistan State University M. Khodjiyev and university professor R. Mahmudov took part in it and gave a festive speech. In their congratulatory speeches, the speakers wished the graduates good luck and thanked the teachers for their hard work in educating young people for many years. They also gave information about the newly adopted Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan on educational issues and the innovations introduced in it on the right to education.The white road is for you!
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On the defense of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) dissertation of Saymuratova Ijobat Tursunkulovna
At the meeting of the scientific council numbered Ph.D.03/27.02.2020.Phil.91.02 at Gulistan State University, which will be held on May 20, 2023 at 1000, independent researcher Saymuratova Ijobat Tursunkulovna of Gulistan State University 10.00.02 - He defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in philological sciences on the topic "Form and Style in Uzbek Novels of the Independence Period (Examples of Khurshid Dostmuhammad and Isajon Sultan)" in the specialty of Uzbek literature. taste Address: 120100, Gulistan city, Syrdarya region, district 4 Tel.: (67) 225–42–75, fax: (67) 225–40–42, E-mail:
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