Department of Civil and Labor Protection
Gulistan State University
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The main tasks of the Department of Protection the labour of human and Human Rights.

Head of the department: Nazarov Komil

Reception hours: Every day (from 9:00 to 15:00)

Phone: + 99899-8774599



The main tasks of the Department of Labor Protection and Civil Protection:

1. Organize and improve work to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

2. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of normative and technical documents and legal documents on healthy and safe working conditions and the educational process.

3. Observance and observance of rules and norms of labor protection, firefighting, radiation safety, control of the air in the room, as well as the state of the environment.

4. Introduction of MIXX State Standard, labor and training standards in the system of labor protection management.

5. Introduce and conduct a qualified inspection of working and learning conditions.

6. Organize and conduct health promotion activities to prevent injuries, occupational and occupational diseases.

7. Development and improvement of labor protection regulations in accordance with occupational safety standards.

8. Study, generalize and implement best practices in the field of occupational safety of students and workers.

9. Regularly improve the educational process among students, the creation of safe and healthy working conditions, the organization of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases in educational institutions.

10. Organization and conduct of occupational safety training for employees performing work with more stringent occupational safety requirements, training of engineers and technicians in the field of occupational safety under the guidance of the trade union of the Department (Bureau) of Occupational Safety.

11. List of industries, professions and positions entitled to additional leave, reduced working hours, increase in salaries by 12%, treatment and preventive nutrition, milk or other similar food products, soap compile and submit for approval.

12. Organize the ordering and delivery of special clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment in accordance with the instructions on the procedure for providing workers and employees with special footwear and other personal protective equipment.

13. The information received from the sanitary-epidemiological stations, mainly the compilation of a list of names of persons who need to undergo a periodic medical examination.

14. Administrative-public control over the state of labor protection in cooperation with the trade union, conducting public inspections on labor protection.

15. The engineer is responsible for the correct and timely inspection of industrial accidents by technical personnel, analysis of the causes of accidents, participation in the development and implementation of measures to prevent injuries at work.

16. Instructing the school to clean the equipment, machinery, machinery, ventilation systems, electricity, heating, gas and sewage networks, facilities.

17. Control over the issuance of instructions on labor protection in the prescribed manner in the departments and faculties.

Duties of the head of the department:

- Development of the plan of Civil Protection of Gulistan State University with the involvement of the Civil Protection (CP) Staff and other specialists, the implementation of this plan in the prescribed manner;

- organization of management, communication and warning and other types of emergencies, organization of protection of professors, teachers, students and staff and reduction of damage;

- providing personnel with special clothing and protective equipment;

- providing personal and community protection in case of emergency;

- development and approval of the plan for evacuation of personnel in case of emergency;

- Placement of personnel evacuated during emergencies at the assembly point of the population to be evacuated to a safe area and organization of management in accordance with the plan of CP;

- Organization of perfect CP events;

- The organization of training of professors, teachers, students and staff at the university on the basis of special topics on CP;

- Carrying out rescue operations in emergencies and improving academic performance at the university;

- to know the requirements of the government on CP in today's conditions;

- Knowledge of the requirements of legal and regulatory documents on CP;

- knowledge and observance of the duties assigned to the head of the department of CP of the university;

- development and implementation of radiation protection and transmission plans;

- organization and conduct of communication and notification;

- training of management staff, employees and structures to act in case of emergency;

- organization and conduct of rescue and other urgent works;

Gulistan State University

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