Department for the Protection of Citizens and Labor

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The main tasks of the Department of Protection the labour of human and Human Rights.

Head of the department: Kilichev Abdumavlon

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The main tasks of the Department of Protection the labour of human and Human Rights.

1. Organization and improvement of work to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

2. Ensure the implementation of normative and technical documentation and legal documents on healthy and safe working conditions and curriculum.

3. Ensure compliance with and protection of occupational safety, fire fighting, radiation safety, and control over the air and air condition of the premises.

4. Implementation of State Standards, labor and education standards in the management system.

5. Implement and conduct qualitative study of working conditions and learning environment.

6. Organizing and conducting health improvement works to prevent complications associated with occupational, occupational and developmental disorders.

7. Protecting the environment in conformity with the standards of work safety and standards.

8. Advanced experiments, study, generalization and introduction of scientific developments in pupils 'and workers' labor.

9. Continuous improvement of teaching and learning process, safe and healthy working conditions of workers, organization of work on accident prevention and occupational disease prevention in educational institutions.

10. Organization and carrying out of training of engineers in the sphere of labor protection under the guidance of the labor protection department (bureau) trade union of employees, who are responsible for the work of the most demanded employees of labor safety.

11. Provision of a combined holiday, shortened working day, a 12% increase in official salaries, a list of prophylactic nutrition, milk and other similar foods, lists of production, professions and positions for soap collection.

12. Arrangement and delivery of custom clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment on the basis of the Instruction on the provision of workers and employees with special footwear and other personal protective equipment.

13. Information from sanitary-epidemiological stations should be periodically reviewed, and a list of persons to be nominated.

14. Together with the Trade Union, to carry out public-sector supervision over the protection of labor protection, to conduct a public health examination.

15. Inquiries of technical and technical personnel to analyze the causes of accident at accuracy and timely inspection of accidents at work, to participate in the production and implementation of injuries in production.

16. Guidelines on equipment cleaning equipment, machinery, mechanisms, ventilation systems, power supply, heating, gas and sewerage systems.

17. Control over the delivery of instructions to departments and faculties in accordance with the established order of duty.       



 Citizens' Protection shall be secured by the Head of the Department:


Development of the citizens’ protection Plan of the University involving  citizens’ protection  staff of Gulistan State University and other specialists;

- organization of protection of professors, teachers, students and workers in the organization of management, communication, warning and other emergency situations, and reducing harm caused;

- provision of staff with special clothing and protective equipment;

- provision of personal and collective protective equipment during emergencies;

- development and approval of the personnel discharge plan during emergencies;

- deployment of the displaced person to the safe area at the point of collection and the organization of citizens’ protection -based management of the discharged individual discharged during emergencies;

- organization of excellent citizens’ protection events;

- organization of training of students, teachers, students and staff at the university on special themes;

- rescue operations in emergency situations and improvement of educational activities at the university;

- Knowledge of government requests for citizens’ protection under the current conditions;

- Know the requirements of the legislation on citizens’ protection;

- Knowing and following the responsibilities of the University citizens’ protection Department Head;

- Development and implementation of radiation protection plans and their implementation;

- organization and conduct of communication and reporting;

- training of managerial staff, employees and structures during emergency situations;

- organization and carrying out of rescue and other urgent works;

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