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Gulistan State University chancellery.

Chancery and archive department

Head of the department: Yarkinbaeva Sayyora.

Telephone: 0 (367) 2253134

Chancery and archive department is considered to be structural part of the university.

In its work activity chancery and archive department is instructed and acts on the basement of the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 12 “On further strengthening executive discipline” from January 12 1999, No. 140 “On further strengthening execution discipline” of the Ministry of higher and secondary-specialized education from March 29, 2019, No. 195 “On approving Instruction on normative documents and execution discipline for running activities in local state enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan” from May 21.

Responsibilities of chancery and archive department are: delivery of documents to the executing staff.

The Chancery and Archives Department works in conjunction with ministries, regional and city khokimiyats, district administrations and organizations, vice-rectors, deans, and departments of the university.

Functions of office work and archival department:

The University Chancery and Archives Department performs the following duties:

proper organization of office work at the university;

On behalf of the rector, university employees get acquainted with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, documents of the Oliy Majlis, decrees of the President, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President’s Office and ministries, departments and organizations.

Introduces new employees to the Instruction for office work, internal work schedule and other office documents;

Together with the university staff, it assists in the high-quality preparation of draft orders, responses and letters of reply from the rector;

Arranges delivery of copies of all documents received by the University to the appropriate officials;

Provides business management at the university in the state language, computerization, processing of incoming information and raising the culture of office work;

Regular analysis of documents and making proposals to the management to improve the quality of regulatory documents, reduce document circulation;

Documents controlled by the management: Decrees, orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions, instructions, laws of the Oliy Majlis, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Orders of the Board, modems, organizes the timely consideration of resolutions, orders, decisions of the meeting of the University Council, as well as proposals and appeals of citizens;

Controls the timely provision of information requested by the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers, Oliy Majlis, ministries and departments;

Establishes control over the timely consideration of written and oral applications of citizens at the University;

Providing and monitoring the storage of documents at the University, compiling a nomenclature of documents;

Head of Department and Archives

The head of office work and archival department - bears personal responsibility for the implementation of the affairs assigned to him/her and the archival department of duties based on his/her position and rights:

determines the level of activity of each employee, depending on the task;

plans the work of the office and archives department;

Coordinates the activities of the heads of all departments of the university on the organization of office work;

Attends meetings as directed by management;

Responsible for the proper organization of office work at the faculties of the university.

The head of the chancery and the archives department registers the correspondence received by the rector of the university, prepares a draft assignment and submits it to the deputy rector.

Ensures the correct execution of orders of the rector in accordance with the instructions:

Explains to the personnel preparing draft documents on the procedure for preparing an order and order;

Signs orders and enters orders into the accounting record;

Copies are stamped by the general department and transferred to a specialist who submits documents to the performers in accordance with the handout;

When the handout is complete and entered into the handout, the document is sewn into the appropriate folder.

On a quarterly basis, documents drawn up in a special form are analyzed and reports are sent to the ministry.

The supervisor is responsible for maintaining strict records of documents and items under control and provides executors with checklists and notes in accordance with the regulation.

Works in the computer program "Control", issues control charts.

Prepares, coordinates and deals with the nomenclature of documents of the Office and Archives.

The Office and Archives Administration is responsible for the preservation of seals and stamps,

Regularly informs the management about the results of letters, statements and complaints.

Prepares quarterly, semi-annual and annual analyzes and data on the consideration of letters, applications and complaints of citizens at the University.

Business responsibilities:

-reception and primary processing of incoming documents:

opens packages, verifies that they are not damaged and the address is correct;

- registers incoming documents, downloads to a computer and maintains control charts;

- submits the revised documents to the head of the department for revision;

- Copies the permission of the document on the grade sheet and transfers the document to the performers, signing a copy of the sheet;

- in the presence of two or more performers, reproduce the necessary copies of the document and resolution and transfer them to the performers;

- In general, he prepares all letters and documents of the university:

-records sent letters and documents;

-checks the correctness of the application, the correctness of the documents before converting documents;

- prepares a register (handout) for sealed packages and hands it over to a post officer. One copy is taken for sewing with a signature and a mark on the receipt of the magazine.

Accepts executive letters, writes down executed letters.

Places and sews completed documents into working folders, marked according to the nomenclature.

Prepares closed documents for archiving.

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