Scientific researchs
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Scientific researchs

The direction of scientific research

1. Chemistry of Soils and Chemistry, Department of General Chemistry;
2. Chemistry of organic substances, Department of General Chemistry;

3. Application of modern information technologies in the educational process, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics;

4. Experimental biology, department of general biology;

5. Ecology of plants, Department of general ecology and geography;

6. Pedagogical Innovation Center: 1 laboratory, 2 laboratories, 3 laboratories, pedagogics and psychiatry;

7. Laboratory of Semiconductors and Geophysics, Faculty of General Physics;

In laboratories, along with the participation of doctoral students, masters, independent researchers and gifted students, their employees and specialists participate in research work carried out jointly with industrial enterprises and institutions. This will serve as an important basis for the development of the integration of science and industry.

Inventions, developments and technologies created on the basis of the results of scientific research conducted at the departments of the university are recommended for use in various fields of the national economy. Of the documents submitted to the Agency of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017, scientists of the department "Technology of processing agricultural products" Rakhmatov O., Nuriyev K. K., Yusupov A. M., Usmanov B., Kaliev H. "Perfection", 01106) , Doctor of Technical Sciences Barakayev N.R. "Fractional fractionation by grain size" and associate professor of the Department of Physics Niyazov Sh.K. as a useful model for his invention "Solar water heater with a heavy receiver" (No. FAP 01185).

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