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Head of Department: Taniberdiev Akmalkafedralar/bt.jpg

Reception time: Tuesday to Wednesday from 14-00 to 16-00

The main scientific topic of the department: "Preparing future primary school teachers for professional and pedagogical activities."

History of the department.

The Department of Primary and Preschool Education was created in 1978, headed by Associate Professor B. Turdiev. B. Turdiev is the author of several teaching aids on the methodology of teaching the native language in primary school. Later, the department was headed by associate professors T. Shoturaev, B. Sodikov, Ch.Niyazov, H. Abdukarimov, K. Yuldashev, O. Mamajanov, B. Burkhiev , R. Ergashev, P. Kholmatov, B. Rakhimov, F. Sharipov, A. Bolibekov and H. Yodgorov.
Over the past 40 years, the scientific potential of the teaching staff has increased. Among them are doctors of sciences (K. Yuldashev, B. Rakhimov), many candidates of sciences (R. Ergashev, O. Ruziboeva, P. Kholmatov, G. Isaeva, M. Sariboeva, etc.) and several more young researchers and teachers (S. Sharipova, D. Elmuratova) on the eve of the thesis defense.
At the moment, the department is headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor B. Rakhimov.
Faculty of the department. The scientific potential of the department is 33%: 4 associate professors, 5 senior teachers and 7 teachers.
Research activities of the department.
The main topic of scientific research of the department is "Preparing future primary school teachers for professional and pedagogical activities", which covers all aspects of the process of higher education and upbringing: the formation of personal qualities and qualities of a future teacher, professional knowledge and skills, their orientation towards independent scientific and creative activities, the introduction of a technological and innovative approach to the educational process.
Creative teachers R. Ergashev, A. Bolibekov, D. Abdullaev, S. Sharapova, Kh. Umarov and others also devoted their research work to this problem.
The staff of the department, interacting with educational institutions of the region, the city provides them with practical assistance. Between the public education department of the Syrdarya region and the staff of the department, an agreement on cooperation for 2015-2020 was concluded to conduct approbation of pedagogical practices and scientific research conducted by the faculty of the department.
During its existence, the department has become a large experimental school for training primary school teachers. The department has formed teaching staffs who teaches all subjects of primary education.
The faculty of the department was trained in the following general and specialized disciplines, from which, on the basis of pedagogical technologies, a teaching manual, a complex, a collection of lectures and practical classes, electronic teaching materials were prepared:
General pedagogy;
- General psychology;
- Preschool pedagogy;
- Basics of defectology;
- Family and social pedagogy;
- Organization and management of preschool education;
- Pedagogy, innovation and integration of primary education;
- Native language and children's literature;
- Theory of elementary mathematics course;
- Methods of teaching the native language;
- Methods of teaching mathematics;
- Labor and teaching methods;
- Methodology of educational work;
- Natural science and methods of teaching it;
- Methodology for the formation of elementary mathematical concepts;
- Theory and methodology of speech development
All faculty members conducted research work on the main scientific topic of the department and published the following works:
1.R. Ergashev. Theory and practice of the formation of aesthetic culture in the personality of the future teacher. Monograph. - T., "Teacher", 2017
2.R. Ergashev, H. Sanakulov. Pedagogical diagnostics. Educational-methodical manual. - T., TSPU, 2014
3. K. Rakhimov. Methods of teaching mathematics. Study guide. –T .: 2016.
4. K. Rakhimov. Development of laboratory classes on the methods of teaching mathematics in primary grades. Study guide. GulDU,
The department has a comprehensive educational and scientific plan, which includes the laboratory "Pedagogical excellence" (headed by Associate Professor R. Ergashev), "Technology of independent learning" (headed by senior teacher Kh. Umarov), a circle "Problematic education" (headed by senior teacher K. Rakhimov). The laboratory "Pedagogical skills" included 22 students, the group "Technology of independent learning" - 35, the subject circle "Problematic education" - 15. They compile an information bank of student-members; approve their scientific topics and leaders’ meetings of the department.

As a result of cooperation, the teaching staff prepared a number of scientific materials in the areas of educational, methodological, spiritual, educational, research work, presented at scientific conferences, seminars and competitions. The teaching staff of the department, together with the teaching staff of public education institutions of the region, carries out large-scale pedagogical, methodological, scientific and spiritual and educational work. The main activities of the department are the management of the scientific work of pedagogical staff of the Institute for retraining and advanced training of teachers of regional public education, regional administration of public education, vocational education, preparation and publication of scientific and methodological manuals together with them, conducting trainings and trainings based on modern technologies, organizing conferences and competitions.
To date, more than 51 students of the department have been involved in research work. A third-year student of primary and sports-educational direction Kayumova Shokhsanam, being a laureate of the I. Karimov scholarship, published about 10 articles, about 15 theses and was awarded many certificates of honor. In addition, several talented students were awarded certificates of honor by publishing their theses and articles.

Great importance was attached to the organization of the activities of the "Innovation group" at the department. In the circles organized at the department, along with creative, talented youth, the teaching staff of educational institutions of the region also take part. The department provides systematic scientific and methodological assistance to teachers of secondary schools, academic lyceums, colleges based on the traditions of “Master-Student”.

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