Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Head of the chair: Ph.D. Abdukulov Zafar Umrboevich

Phone: (8 3672) 225-40-42


Scientific Subject: "The role of secondary metabolites in the saline resistance of plants"

History of the department

Department of General Biology was founded in 1985. The department has been preparing specialists in biology. At present, the department has a large educational and research base: Scientific Laboratory of Experimental Biology (its structural directions: biotechnology, gene pools of saline resistance, field of experience), department of information resources of the department, museums, educational laboratories and auditoriums, Regional Research Center.

In 1985-1987 IH.Xalpayev, IAZhmetov from 1987 to 1999, A.Pozilov in 1999-2001, H.Khushiev in 2001-2009, A.Pozilov in 2010, N O.Sulaymonov, Z.U.Abduqulov is the head of the department since 2012.

Professors and teachers of the department provide knowledge, skills and qualifications on 20 pedagogical and information technologies for biological students.

Under the leadership of the members of the department, since 1985, the department trains specialists in the field of "Biology" in the region and neighboring regions.

Structure of the department

Z.Abdikulov - Head of the department

A.Pazilov - Professor

H. Kushiev - Professor

S.Dadaev -Professor

T. Guliyev - Docent

M.Allamuratov - Docent

I. Shirinova - Docent

L. Botirova - Docent

A.Karimkulov - Docent

R. Bozorova - Senior teacher

K.Ismoilova - Senior teacher

M.Saidov - Senior teacher

A.Eshquvvatov - Teacher

O.Yunusov - Teacher

N.Ablakulova - Teacher

R. Kadyrova - Teacher

N.Sultanova - Teacher

B. Almamatov - Teacher

                       The main scientific themes of the department are "The influence and management of biotic and abiotic factors on growth and development of plants" and "Animals in Uzbekistan and adjacent areas".

In the period from 2003 to 2012, in collaboration with scientific research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 1 doctor of science, 3 candidates of sciences and 12 masters have been trained.

Currently, the department conducts research on 4 doctoral and 3 master dissertations. Members of the department regularly publish the results of scientific researches at international and republican scientific-practical conferences. For the period from 2007 to 2012, more than 60 scientific articles and abstracts were published by members of the department in foreign journals in 15 scientific journals, 24 in international scientific journals, 20 in international scientific conferences, more than 30 in international scientific conferences and over 300 scientific conferences were published.

At the department there is a circle "Dominant", where more than 50 gifted students work under the guidance of the experienced professors and teachers of the department.

The scientific researches are carried out by the researchers of the department are leading academics of one of the research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. J.A.Azimov, prof. Z. Tillabayev, S.Mavlyanov, D.Dolimov, T.Rahimova, A.Kuchboyev, professor of Samarkand State University ZZIzzatullaev are the scientific advisors.

More than 200 students study the secrets of science in "Biology" direction today.

Students are deeply involved in the curriculum as well as successfully participate in Republican Olympiads.

The staff of the department also provides practical support to the regional, city educational institutions. Regional Department of Public Education and Department have signed agreements on conducting experimental work on teaching practice and research in teaching staff.

The department cooperates with educational institutions under the management of the department and the secondary specialized professional department. 1 and 2 Pedagogical colleges of Gulistan, branches of the Pedagogical colleges of Yangier and Syrdarya are functioning. Teachers of the department provide methodological help to the teachers of these educational institutions on the system "Teacher-apprentice".

The department has information resource center, museum, educational audiences and laboratories and experimental biology laboratory.

Information Resource Center

Information Resource Center is the most important base of the department. It has 16 latest printer, scanner, scanner and video projector. At the Information Resource Center there are electronic versions of electronic textbooks, electronic textbooks, electronic versions of lecture presentations, virtual labs and virtual stands in all disciplines are taught at the department. Also, the Information Resource Center casts the results of scientific research of staff and students of the department

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