Chair of Soil Science

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Department of Soil Science


Department of Soil Science

Head of the department of soil science : Turdimetov Shahobiddin Muhitdinovich

Time of admission: Everyday Time 15-00 -17-00 (Except Tuesday and Saturday)

Phone : (+99899) 4742344





The structure of the department


The department prepares bachelors in the following areas of study::

5411900- Agrobitechnology

5410200- Agronomy (Pomegranate)

5141000- Soil science

5410100-Agrochemistry and agro-soil science

511100- Professional education  (5410200-agronomy)

The department prepares masters in the following areas of study:


5A141001-Soil sience


History of the soil science department

The department was established and renamed in 1994 on the basis of the department "Basics of Botany and Agricultural Documents".

In 1994-1995 and 1999-2003 the department was headed by Nukta I. Urazbaev, 1995-1999 Ph.D. Associate Professor A.Altmishev, 2003-2007 docent Sh.Turdimetov in 2007-2017 Ph.D. point N.B. Zhapakov, b.f.d., 2017-2019, dot. The I.U. Tavozrozboev, October-2019 yy. Headed by AA Musurmonov. Since November 1, 2019 the name of the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Sh.Turdimetov

Currently, the department has 14 faculty and assistants. Of these, 2 are doctors of science, 6 are candidates of science and associate professors, 2 are senior medical assistants, 8 are those who earn money, 1 is the office manager and 1 is staff. The scientific potential of the department is 50%.

The professor-teachers of the chair R. Kurvontoev, b.f.d. I. Orozboyev, Assoc. Sh.Turdimetov, Associate Professor NB Zhapakov, Assoc. A.Altmishev, Assoc. O. Tashbekov, Ph.D. G.Mirsharipova, Ph.D. A.Musurmanov, senior teachers B.Kholboev, I.Rakhmonov, teachers S.Tuhtamishev, D.Kim, O.Kholmatov, A.Abdurahmonov, U.Goziev, Y.Kh. Normatov, O. Abdujalilova, K. Kurdashev.

For each new academic year, the faculty develops a set of academic and methodological materials on the development of the education system and places it on the portal of distance learning. The results of the research are reflected in the materials of national and international scientific conferences, as well as in the published scientific and methodical manuals.

Assoc. The textbook "Soils of Uzbekistan and their evolution" and "Soil booking and mapping", co-authored by Sh.

The department has 2 laboratories, equipped with modern laboratory equipment and computers.

Associate Professor. Toshbekov U. and Ph.D. There are such groups as "Agronom" and "Soil science" headed by G. Mirsharipova. Boys and girls from "Vocational Education" ("Agronomy"), "Agronomy" ("Pomegranate") "Soil Science" are involved in this circle.

The department cooperates with many universities.

Research institutes of the departmen and  cooperation with another universities

National University of Uzbekistan. Faculty of Biology

“O‘zRYergeodezkadastr” DQ TAITDI

Tashkent State Agrarian University

Samarkand Veterinary Medical Institute

Regional Department of Land Resources and State Cadastre

O‘zPSOYeAITI Sirdaryo viloyat tajriba stansiyasi

Tashkent State Pedagogical University

Samarkand State University


Scientific activity of the department

The main scientific themes of the department:

«Increasing productivity of Mirzachul oasis»

Urazbaev I. On November 29, 2017 at the Scientific Council of the Scientific-Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: "The structure and evaluation of the fertility of irrigated soils" on the specialty 03.00.13. He received his Ph.D. Also in May 2019 Musurmonov A. successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at the Scientific Council of the Scientific-Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry on the topic: "Improving soil fertility through the mulching in the Mirozachul oasis" on the specialty 03.00.13. He received a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

The main scientific theme of the department is "Conservation, restoration and preservation of fertility of the Mirzachul oasis".

Associate Professor NB Zhapakov is working on the problem of "The study of the effects of soil reclamation on the irrigation of agricultural crops from groundwater".

b.f.d. I.Orzbaev - “Estimated soil fertility of cotton fields with consideration of agroecological conditions.

Associate Professor O. Tashbekov - Leading specialist on the causes of secondary salinization of soil and measures to combat it, has developed and implemented the technology of reduction of groundwater level and mineralization by plant resources.

Associate Professor A.Altmishev is a leading expert on studying the processes occurring in the soil-plant system in collector-drainage irrigation of cotton. He is the author of several textbooks.

Associate Professor Sh.Turdimetov is conducting research on the evolution and productivity of Mirzachul soils. q.x.f. G. Mirsharipova - is conducting research on the technology of legumes cultivation in Mirzachul and studying the effect on soil fertility. Senior teacher A.Musurmanov is conducting research on "Development of low-tillage technology of irrigated meadow soils". Senior lecturer B.Kholboev is working on "Development of technological solutions to improve crop yields by improving the chemical properties of irrigated soils" Senior teacher I.Rakhmonov is working on the development of technology of pomegranate cultivation in saline soils of Syrdarya region.Teacher S. Tuhtamishev is conducting research on " Fungal diseases of wheat in Sirdarya region conditions and their control".

Teacher D. Kim is doing research on "Creating different varieties of tomato and melons."

The department is carrying out the state grant S-A-2018-006 "Improvement of soil fertility using plant resources and improvement of fodder technology for livestock" under the guidance of G. Mirsharipova.

Faculty of Natural Sciences


The address of the department:4th Floor, Gulistan State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, 5th floor, room 522, Department of Soil Science

Phone number : (0367) 225-48-61


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