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The head of Information Technologies Center: Burkhiev Olimjon Babaevich

Phone: 0(3672) 254526

E-mail address: 

Reception days: Tuesdaz, Wednesday

Information about the activities of the Center

-         The Center plans to carry out its activity and development on the development prospects of software and multimedia products and other products, services and types of activity, as well as the expansion of the production, social and material-technical base of the Center;

-         Carries out contractual relations with suppliers of services and types of business, as well as suppliers of technical resources and equipment;

-         The Center can perform orders of economic entities and individuals on a contractual basis in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter of the GulDU;

-         Economic activity of the Center with other organizations, enterprises, individuals and legal entities is based on contractual relations on all spheres. If the Center does not contradict the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter of the GUAM, the right to choose the subject of the contract, obligations and other conditions of economic relations.

The Center represents the following activities:

  • organization of information marketing;
  • creation and introduction of modern forms of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel;
  • Implementation of information technology and multimedia systems in higher education and science;
  • Development of distance education and training, organization of didactic and methodological support, creation of electronic versions of lectures;
  • Providing informational communication with foreign countries and organizations, libraries, research institutes, enterprises and universities;
  • providing Internet and e-mail services, searching for specific topics and offering them addresses;
  • organization, repair and modernization of computing facilities, servicing of computers;
  • Design, start-up and adjustment of information and computer networks and systems;
  • creation and implementation of software for data collection and processing;
  • organization and carrying out of research, research, design and experimental works;
  • Organization and conduction of seminars, conferences, researches, exhibitions and fairs.

The main goals and objectives of the Center are:

         Coordination of intellectual and informational resources of Gulistan for solution of the issues mentioned in the National program of cadres training;

Informatization of educational process, development of information marketing services in the field of education, introduction of new information technologies and research results into the educational process;

- Free exchange of knowledge, ideas, scientific and practical results in intellectual activity, which is the main factor of economic and spiritual revival of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- organization of services for students, masters, researchers, post-graduate students and doctoral students, professors and teachers on informatics and information technology and Internet access;

- Organization of professional development of teachers, academic and teaching staff of educational institutions;

- Providing technical, information and methodological assistance to educational and training institutions;

- Introducing the world of information and computer space and culture of communication;

- Creating electronic copies of new courses and methodological materials;

- Introduction and development of the distance education system based on capacity of the Center.

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Guliston davlat universiteti (GulDU)
Telefon: (0367) 225-40-42
Faks: (0367) 225-42-75

Manzil: Guliston sh. 4 mavze
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