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The Deputy Minister got acquainted with the progress of construction and repair works in the universities of the Syrdarya region
Today, on January 21, Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education for Economic Affairs Sarvarkhan Buzrukhonov got acquainted with the progress of construction and repair work in higher educational institutions located in the Syrdarya region.  First, the Deputy Minister got acquainted with the construction and repair works carried out at Gulistan State University. Work has begun on the repair of educational buildings of the Faculties of Physical Culture and Agricultural Engineering, the construction of locker rooms for students in the sports complex and the improvement of the university territory. Responsible persons are given appropriate recommendations for the high-quality and timely completion of construction work.  Together with the responsible persons of the u…
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New Uzbekistan New Youth
On January 21, 2021, the Faculty of Production Technologies of Gulistan State University hosted a meeting on the topic “New Youth of Uzbekistan – New Youth” with gifted students studying at the university. At the meeting, the Vice-Rector for Work with Youth, F. P., was invited as speakers.Niyazov, Head of the University Primary Organization of the Youth Agency Z.Zikiryaev and a former student of the University is now Hakim of the town of Shirin S. I. Sultanov were. During the meeting, the speakers discussed in detail the issues of identifying new ideas of young people, studying their problems and finding solutions to them.
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Dedicated to the fulfillment of the Message
On January 20, 2021, a meeting of professors and teachers of the University was held at the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University. At the event, detailed information was given about the activities planned to promote the essence and content of the Presidential Address sent to the Oliy Majlis and to be implemented in it in the education system, including in the higher education system. Within the framework of this meeting, the rector of the University, Professor M. Khodzhiev, Professor of the University R. Makhmudov, Associate Professor A. Burhiev and senior lecturer A. Abduvokhidov made speeches. At this event, the university community identified the tasks that should be completed in 2021.
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The Message was promoted
On January 18, 2021, in Gulistan State University, together with the Syrdarya regional branch of the national movement "Yuksalish" and the senior lecturer of the Department of History of Gulistan State University, I. Abdushukurova, a conversation was held on the topic of plans for youth policy put forward by President Sh.Mirziyoyev in a message to the parliament. The questions asked by the youth were answered by the leadership of the movement.. During the event, brief information about the activities of the movement was given. A group of gifted young people were enrolled in the" Active Youth " group of the movement and familiarized with the work plan.
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Documents for the contest Third Renaissance-through the eyes of youth are accepted
✅ Students and researchers participate in the competition in the following categories:   - innovative approach to the promotion of ancestral heritage;   - ways to change the educational process and methods of improving students ' self-esteem from obtaining high-quality knowledge in higher education;   - non-traditional methods of attracting young people to science and innovation.   At the republican stage of the competition, the winner will be granted a grant of 50 million soums in each direction for the implementation of the projects proposed by him.   Documents are accepted for all faculties of higher education institutions until January 20 of the current year.
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Brave men protect the Homeland
On the occasion of “Defenders of the Motherland Day", an event was organized under the motto "Brave Men protect the Motherland". The event was attended by officers and a group of military personnel serving in our region. Captain Vaesov Vohijon Kuchkorovich, junior sergeant Ashurov Mansur Pulatovich, Junior Sergeant Zhuraev Sirozhiddin Makhmatkulovich, private soldier Akbaraliev Shokirjon Akhmadali ugli spoke at the event, who told the participants about the protection of the Motherland, the features of this honorary profession. The event was held by the Deputy Dean for Youth Work and spiritual and educational work of the Faculty of Production Technology Zokirjon Zikriyaev.
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Dear students! We remind you that further contractual payments for tuition will be made to new current accounts, since there have been changes in the university account!!! Download in PDF format
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Sport is a guarantee of Health!
On January 6, 2021, at Gulistan State University, on the initiative of “GSU” Sports Club, Competitions were organized between professors, teachers and employees under the slogan” We are in favor of healthy living " from volleyball and table tennis types of sports. PRoR F. F. on working with young people of the University F.Niyazov opened up and wished good luck to the participants. Teams of all faculties of the university took part in the competitions. In uncompromising past bets, the teams achieved the following results:     Volleyball (Men)     1st place: Faculty of Physical Culture 2nd place: Faculty of Philology 3rd place: Faculty of production technologies   Volleyball (Women)     1st place: Faculty of Physical Culture …
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Five initiatives in action
“Five initiative weeks” were organized for the university students in order to conduct meaningful winter holidays and ensure the implementation of “five initiatives”. The first day of this week, which began on January 4, 2021, was organized on the initiative of young people-music, painting, literature, theater and other types of art. The first event organized in this direction was held in the form of a competition. .
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