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Note to the applicants

Before enrolling, an applicant should submit the following documents to the admissions office:
Application form, indicating the language of instruction, language and form of education (the application shall contain a completed graduation or higher education, as well as the rules for passing tests and answers, fill in the settings); the original of a medium or medium-sized private information document; 086 / U-shaped medical certificate; copy of passport; 6 photos with a size of 3.5x4.5 cm (as in passport); the original of the international and republican olympiads, competitions, and the right of unqualified to read the competition winners.
Applicants who have completed their military service and have a recommendation from the military are advised to apply to the admissions office until July 15, after which the recommendation letter will not be accepted.
Special correspondence departments receive documents from secondary special education and pedagogical personnel, including children's sports trainers, with at least three years of practical experience in appropriate education.
Entrants of special correspondence departments are required to submit a notarized copy of the work record in the prescribed manner.
The applicant submits a passport and a military service statement personally.
Once the entries of the entrant are checked, the webcam will be photographed and the documents will be accepted. Separate corners or chambers are created for taking photos. This photo will be added to the applicants' database and sent to the IDP.
Documents that have not been photographed will not be accepted.
Acceptance of their documents will not be denied if the applicants meet these requirements.
The entrant is welcomed with the receipt of the documents.
Applicants are eligible to receive a second and higher higher education on a contractual basis (Law "On Education", article 14).
The applicants must carefully examine the plans and schemes of buildings and auditoriums proclaimed by the admission commission on July 26, the location of the test object,
the audience will know the order number and the floor.
Entrant entitles the group number (compatible with class number) on July 27 from the admission committee.
Day-by-day, special correspondence courses are tested in 3 languages, Uzbek, Karakalpak (in the Republic of Karakalpakstan) and Russian languages, in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan 10 * and will be held simultaneously on 1 August (the date * indicated by the military higher education institutions).
On the day of the test, the entrance of the applicants to the building starts at 7.30 am. The applicant will personally show his passport and passport at the entrance to the building. Starting at 8.00 am, entrants enter the classroom with the number corresponding to their group number.
In the case of admission to the test commission, the applicants are required to obtain a microcircuit, tap, tablet, book, mobile phone, communication equipment, pallet, and so on, and a statement (optional) The acceptance committee shall sign the agreement. Entrants can not be tested.
After the start of the test (after 8.30), the entrant will not be included in the audience.
No additional tests are conducted for applicants who are not in the test.
The entrant passes the test tests in the language and textbook (Cyrillic, Latin) in the institution of education.
You can get acquainted with the procedure of admission to the bachelor's and master's degrees in higher educational institutions by the following Regulations, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on June 18, 2010 118: "Order of admission to bachelor's and master's degrees of higher educational institutions Provisions

Gulistan State University

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