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Open dialogue meetings are underway
As previously reported, the rector of Gulistan State University M. Khodjiev began open meetings with students in the faculties and areas of the university. The next such meeting was held with students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and graduate students of the university. During the meeting, the rector of the university talked to each student and gave their suggestions and assignments on the issues raised to the officials on the spot. Meetings of the rector with students in the form of open dialogue continue.
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Sports are a guarantee of health
Gulistan State University, Faculty of Physical Culture, Boyovut District Department of Internal Affairs FMB and "Dustlik" mahalla, on the initiative of the deputy governor for youth affairs Z.Amanbaev In order to spend the free time of students in a meaningful way, competitions in volleyball, table tennis and wrestling, as well as volleyball competitions were organized in connection with the activities of clubs. The event was attended by 30 neighborhood youth and 45 university students.
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University innovators in Made in Uzbekistan
The international exhibition of national goods "Made in Uzbekistan" opened today at the Center for Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen in Gulistan. Innovators of Gulistan State University also take part in this international exhibition with their products. The international exhibition will continue its work on March 16.
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Creativity night at the university
The Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University hosted a presentation of the book "Homeland of Love" by Muhammad Ismail, a respected poet of our country, a member of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The event was attended by Deputy Hokim of Syrdarya region Otabek Nosirov, Rector of Gulistan State University Muhsin Khodjiev, professors Ravshanbek Mahmudov, Obidahon Fayzullayeva, Ikhtiyor Irmatov, students, as well as artists of the oasis Muhammadali Ahmad, Tolkin Ahmadaliev, Holida Pardaboyeva. Along with Alisher Nur, Rustam Emin, Lola Nishonova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Academician and President of the Turan Academy of Sciences, winner of dozens of international orders and awards, one of the greatest historians of today, the wise man Haydarbek Nazirbek…
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Dedicated to graduate employment
An event aimed at employment of graduates of Gulistan State University for the 2021-2022 academic year was held. The event, organized in collaboration with the provincial Department of Public Education, introduced the graduating students to the principals of secondary schools in the province. The rector of the university M.Khodjiev and the head of the regional department of public education O.Donaboyev spoke at the event. At the end of the event, agreements were signed between alumni and employers.
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Emphasis was placed on student employment
The next meeting of the rector of Gulistan State University M.Khodjiev with students was held at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Yangiyer. The meeting heard suggestions from students to improve their academic performance. In order to ensure the employment of pre-school students, an agreement has been reached with private public pre-school educational institutions to involve them in kindergartens during their free time.
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Reforms in higher education: on the example of GulSU (video)
Oliy ta'limda islohotlar!Guldu Professori H.Qo'shiyev: "Guliston davlat universitetida Jahon banki ishtirokida oliy ta'limni modernizatsiya qilish jarayonlari jadallik bilan olib borilmoqda." * Olima ayollar safi kengaymoqda
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The number of foreign language centers will be increased
As previously reported, the Rector of Gulistan State University M. Khodjiev is holding open meetings with students in the field of faculties and areas of education. On March 11, 2022, a regular open meeting was held with students of the Faculty of Philology, "Uzbek language and literature." The rector of the university talked to the students one by one and studied their opinions, suggestions and objections. Many students have suggested that a language center be set up to study Arabic and Persian, and officials have been instructed to teach additional languages ​​in the coming days. was established. In addition, the proposals of students to improve the information and library activities, to increase the use of ICT in classrooms were positively addressed during the meeting.
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Presentation of the textbook "UZBEK MILITARY TERMINOLOGY"
The textbook is the result of the fruitful work of Hamid Yodgorov, associate professor of Gulistan State University, candidate of philological sciences, and Hamidulla Dadaboyev, professor of the Uzbek University of Language and Literature named after Alisher Navoi, doctor of philological sciences. This theoretical and practical textbook was published in 1000 copies at the expense of the Fund for the Development of the Uzbek Language under the Cabinet of Ministers.   The textbook "Uzbek military terminology" makes a significant contribution to the regulation of military terms, the selection of Uzbek alternatives to the terms, the development of Uzbek military terminology and lexicography.   The manual can be used by the Temurbek School, the military.
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Student projects are funded by the university
Meetings of the rector of Gulistan State University M.Khodjiev with students of the university in the format of open dialogue continue in terms of faculties and directions. On March 10, 2022, these open dialogue meetings were held with students of the Faculty of Information Technology and Socio-Economics. At the meeting, the rector supported the proposal of the students to assist in the implementation of projects and experiments, and such ideas and developments will be fully funded by extra-budgetary funds of the university. In the open dialogue, the issues of employment of students, increasing the coverage of the Internet, improving the information and library activities were positively resolved at the meeting.
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