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Bizning shior: Universitet obro'si har bir professor o'qituvchi, xodim va talabaning or-nomusi, iftixori va vijdon ishidir.           Asosiy maqsadimiz: Eng yetuk universitetlar qatoridan joy olish!           Ilm bir shu'la, dilga tushgan on Shunda bilursankim, ilm bepoyon...
Iron discipline is required in the education system
Gulistan State University organized the "Quality of Education Month" from October 11 to November 11, 2021. During the month, in the organization and management of the educational process, every situation related to the high level of training in the disciplines will be analyzed in depth, open to the introduction of advanced technologies lessons are organized. "Iron discipline is required in the education system," said H. Koshiyev, vice-rector for academic affairs. It is based on the 4 + 2 program, which is developed and implemented in collaboration with the production of trainings on the quality of education during the month. The quality of education is important in the introduction of a mechanism to establish a credit-module-based system.
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Talaba - yoshlardan chorlov...
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Another approach to digital-electronic management of educational processes at Gulistan State University
Starting from the 2021/2022 academic year, the digital-electronic course schedule created at the university has been linked to the telephone numbers of professors and teachers. The day before the teacher's phone number will automatically receive the following message: “Dear ***! Tomorrow at 10:00 you will have a science class in the 121st auditorium of the main building of the university. Please be late! ” The next day, when the teacher enters the designated auditorium at the appointed time, the green button on the control room of the chief dispatcher lights up. If the teacher does not come to class, the chief dispatcher will show a red button on the monitor marked by the audience, indicating that the lesson is not being held and the teacher is not coming to class. This syste…
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At Gulistan State University, the management of the educational process is being transferred to a fully digital-electronic system
There are no paper lesson plans on the walls of the university today. All faculty and students can view their schedules through the HEMIS program, the university’s internal education portal connected to the Internet, the electronic interactive whiteboard installed in the university lobby, and the kiosks. The "electronic lesson schedule" is managed by the university's chief dispatcher, said Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Professor H. Koshiyev. The electronic system has many advantages. First, professors and students have acquired the skills to work with the Internet and information technology on a voluntary basis. Second, electronic-digital applications can be modified to prevent failures if necessary. Thirdly, the time spent on the electronic lesson schedule storage devices wi…
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The "propaganda train" started operating in Syrdarya
⚡️On the initiative of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Election - 2021: Vote for your future!" The "Propaganda Train" project was launched under the motto On October 13, the "Promotion Train" arrived in Syrdarya region. ✔️ “Election 2021: Vote for Your Future!” As part of the "Propaganda Train" project, students are being informed about the election news, changes in it, the adopted election code. 🔹A group of talented students led by a group of professors and teachers from Tashkent will organize a seminar and spiritual and educational events for students from Syrdarya to improve their knowledge of elections. The event is scheduled for October 13-15.
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Good news
Nosirov Dilmurod Yorkinboy oglu, 4th year student of Gulistan State University, Faculty of Information Technology, individually registered in the Intellectual Club "Zakovat" and successfully taking part in the Syrdarya region together with his team in the brain-ring tournament of the intellectual game, received a referral to the final games. In the final games, which took place in the Bukhara region on October 9-11, Syrdarya region took the honorable 2nd place in the final stage of the brain-ring
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