Solving environmental problems on the basis of world religions is a requirement of time
We think that we can succeed in shaping people 's ecological culture based on their religious beliefs, because there are no people in the world who have no faith or faith. Not every nation can live without faith without any beliefs. Religion itself also means "trust", "believe" in Arabic.It is relatively easy to call people to the correct use of the blessings of nature using religious beliefs. Of course, in the sacred religions of the modern peoples, in some sense, it is about how you should treat the elements of the "soul", the "soul" of nature. For example, totemism, which is one of the first religious doctrines (which means “o totem”, or “her offspring”) in the religion, is believed to have supernatural connection, intimacy, blood relations between believers and …
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The role of plants in human life.
There are over 500,000 species of plants on Earth. About 6,000 people use it for their daily needs. Green plants clean the air, give people aesthetic pleasure, protect the fields from the wind, protect the soil from erosion, and are important for human beings such as food, clothing, medicine, and construction materials. Plants absorb 70 to 80% of the dust in the air. Among them are plants containing phytoncides, which cause various airborne diseases that reduce fungi by up to 40-50%.As a result of the photosynthesis process, plants absorb 5 to 1011 tons of oxygen a year and collect more than 200 billion tons of organic products from the air. Plants maintain oxygen balance in the atmosphere. Nowadays, however, the constant air composition has slightly changed under human influence. Car…
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