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About academic lyceum

Gulistan academic lyceum was founded on the basis of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, № 77 of July 16, 1998, and named Gulistan academic lyceum. The projected capacity is 825 square meters, the total area is 8.0 hectares, the building area is 8291.53 square meters, the asphalt and covered area is 9248 square meters, the oval lands are 87182 square meters, the total area is 63078.71 m classrooms are 2075.38 sq. m. of the population.

At the academic lyceum there are 100 qualified teachers. The main staff consists of 95 people and 18 members, who are mainly qualified professors-teachers of Gulistan State University.

At the academic lyceum there is a modern type of indoor sports hall and 5 sports grounds (mini football, volleyball, basketball, 2 tennis courts). It is equipped with necessary equipment, simulators and sports equipment. There are 280 seats and a bedroom with 240 beds and a total of 60 beds with 300 beds and a 120-bedroom café for cultural and enlightenment events.

There are 3 computer classrooms that are connected to the Internet. The total number of computers in the educational institution is 63. Of these, 42 computers in classrooms, 15 computers with direct access to learning and 6 in IRC.

42 classrooms are fully equipped with modern teaching materials. In particular, there are 3 laboratory rooms: physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, and modern equipment developed by South Korea and El-Holding. There are also TV, audio and video equipment, TV center. The Information Resource Center has 20,500 pieces of educational and literary literature funded by modern information technology. The IRC has 6 PCs connected to Ziyonet network. The IRC operates under the program "Karmat". There are also 1 scanner and printer available.

The academic lyceum was established in 1998 under the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, No. 77 of the Center for Secondary Special and Vocational Education, July 16, 1998, and it is named Gulistan academic lyceum.

Information on reorganization or renovation: Newly constructed.

Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya Province, Gulistan, 4th Block

Phone: (0367) 226-57-90, fax: (0367) 226-58-13 e-mail: sir.gduqgal@markaz.uz

Account number: 100010860244017092500079001 Banking branch: "Qishloq Qurilish" bank. City of Gulistan

INFO: 00014 INN: 202799296

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Which is based on the educational institution: Gulistan State University

Design capacity of educational institution: 825 seats

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Guliston davlat universiteti (GulDU)
Telefon: (0367) 225-40-42
Faks: (0367) 225-42-75

Manzil: Guliston sh. 4 mavze
Jamoat transporti: 2-4 yo'nalishdagi avtobus, universitet bekati
Email: glsu_info@edu.uz
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