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Gulistan Academic Lyceum was established in 1999. There are 42 classrooms in the academic lyceum that meet modern requirements, including 3 classrooms, 3 classrooms, physics, biology, anatomy and chemistry laboratories. At the academic lyceum there was an internal TV and radio studio to improve students' speaking abilities.

• The building has 600m2 gyms, outdoor courtyards, basketball, volleyball courts and 2 tennis courts.

• Meeting room with 300 seats and a small meeting hall for up to 60 seats.

• In the inner part of the academic lyceum there is a 240-seat kitchen.

• The lyceum for 60 beds with all amenities and the number of books is 21150.

• Students of academic lyceum are educated by 73 high school teachers, of whom 17 are candidates of science.

• For Lyceum students there is a bedroom for 300 seats, meeting the requirements of comfortable and modern students.

• In the lyceum teachers of the Gulistan State University and experienced teachers of the lyceum conduct classes.

At the Gulistan academic lyceum:

• "Clear science" (physics, mathematics, economics); After graduating from this academic lyceum, specialties include mathematics, applied mathematics and informatics, mechanics, construction, automation and management, telecommunications. Metrology, standardization and certification of products of electronic and microelectronics, air and rocket, textile and light industry, aviation and space engineering, transport, metrology, standardization, radio engineering, atmospheric engineering, forestry, geology, mining, electrotechnical engineering, electromechanics and geophysics, electrical engineering, hydropower, geodesy, cartography and cadastre, geology and mineral exploration, oil and gas, physics, astronomy, and mathematics, physics, mathematics li and literature subjects of entry tests for high school pupils.

• "Natural Sciences" (Chemistry, Biology); After graduating from the academic lyceum this direction will be focused on medical care, dentistry, pediatrics, natural-prophylactic, biology, soil science, ecology and nature management, agrochemistry and agro-ecology, agronomy, silkworming, pestilence and genetics, plant protection, zootechnics, for veterinary, chemistry, pharmacy, and those entering the university for tests on biology, chemistry, native language and literature.

• "Social - humanities" (history, mother tongue and literature, law); After graduating from the academic lyceum, this area was a sociologist in the field of social sciences, history, political science, psychology, sociology, librarianship, bookkeeping, archiving, cultural and social affairs, lawyer, pedagogue, and literature is intended for those entering the Upper Threshold, where entrance exams for foreign language subjects are tested.

• Foreign Languages ​​(English) This course was followed by the completion of the academic lyceum, with a specialization in Romance-German (English, German), Oriental Philology, and foreign language (English French, German), native language and literature, There are directions for those entering higher educational institutions.

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Guliston davlat universiteti (GulDU)
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