Department of internal control and monitoring

Department of internal control and monitoring

 Gulistan State University

 The head of department:     

 Education: Higher 

 Specialty: Teacher of Uzbek language and literature

Foreign Language: Russian and English languages

 Phone: (8-367-2) 25-49-12

 Fax: 25-40-42



Reception days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 


About the internal control and monitoring department


The University's Internal Control and Monitoring Division has been set up to monitor the timely fulfillment of the tasks set out in the National Program for Personnel Training, the implementation of normative documents and guidelines in the educational process, as well as on the orders and decisions of the university. The Department of Internal Control and Monitoring has approved the Regulation on the implementation of the "Monitoring of the implementation of the National Program for Internal Audit and Training of Higher Education," approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 29, 2001, and the departmental charter. The department carries out monitoring of the implementation of the National Program of Personnel Training at the University, including educational, training, spiritual, educational and educational, research, teaching discipline, retraining and retraining of staff, decisions of the Collegium and the Academic Council, controlling the implementation of university orders and regulatory documents in the field of education. The department of internal control and monitoring is directly subordinated to the rector.


The main tasks of the internal control and monitoring department are:

• Carrying out monitoring of implementation of higher education laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions, orders and other documents of the Ministry, as well as internal orders and decisions of the university;

• organizing and conducting internal inspectorate of university teaching staff and teaching staff;

• Monitoring and monitoring of compliance with the state educational standards and other normative documents that define the required requirements for the quality of training and the level of preparation of the trainees;

• Providing practical and methodological assistance to branches, faculties, chairs and other structural subdivisions on the introduction of university education standards;

• Preparation of analytical materials and recommendations on reforming and improving the educational process of the university management bodies;

• Oversee the execution of community commands;

• Provide practical and methodological support to the units to eliminate identified deficiencies in the teaching process of the university and its affiliates;

• Implementation of rating methods for the evaluation of professor-teacher activity

  participation in implementation of the project.

• Provide specific recommendations for elimination of deficiencies and problems to university management.

• check whether the university and its related educational institutions (branches, lyceums and others) are in compliance with educational standards and regulatory documents;

• Participate in all types of councils at the University and related educational institutions;

• Attracting the relevant specialists from branches, faculties, chairs and other structural subdivisions on the activities of the educational institution for the performance of their services and duties;

• Examination of the course project (works), graduation and master's thesis, state attestation and examination of all the theoretical and practical exercises;

• Establish groups with qualified professors and teachers of the university in accordance with the established procedure for the study of their rights within the field.


Structure of the department:

• The head of department: Abdualieva Mamura Abdualievna

Methodist: Ra'no Sattorova

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