Department of Physical culture and sport

Department of "Physical culture and sport"
1. Organizational work. During 2009-2010 the educational building of the direction of the "Physical training and physical culture"  was modernized. Universal sports hall, gymnasium hall, wrestling hall were equipped with modern requirements. A computer class was created in the academic building and nine modern Pentium-IV computers were installed. The computer class was connected to the Internet. The existing 10 audiences were fully equipped. 385 students are currently studying in the direction.
2. Educational work. All 22 educational-methodical complexes of the department were created. A set of student independent works has been developed in all disciplines. More than 15 titles of textbooks have been published over the past three years. Information and communication technologies are widely used in the educational process. Extensive work is being carried out to ensure that all the disciplines are presented in the form of presentations. The electronic versions of the main textbooks and manuals on the subject have been created and posted on the Educational Portal.
3. Research work. Members of the department are conducting research on the topic "Introduction of innovative technologies in the process of physical training and sports training in continuous education". Over the past three years 3 professors and teachers of the department have completed their dissertations and have been transferred to the Specialized Council at the UzACI. Teachers of the department published more than 10 articles in scientific journals in 2009-2010, over 10 international conferences, more than 50 scientific articles and abstracts in republican scientific conferences. The talented students have published more than 20 scientific articles and 6 scientific thesises throughout the Republic in 2010.
4. The structure of the department. Nowadays there are 3 candidates of science, 12 teachers (one of them is the International Master of Sports, two are Sport Masters). The average age of the teaching staff of the department is 41.5.
5. Sport achievements of the department. Teacher of the department, master of sports Asliddin Egamberdiev took the prize in the international tournament in Belbogli Kurash in Moscow in 2009. Students won 1 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals at the Universiade-2010 in Andijan in 2010. Dilshod Sodikov won the first place in 2010 in boxing, Orzubek Shoimov won the International Boxing Tournament.
    The department continues its educational, scientific and scientific-methodological cooperation with the UzJIU, the Tashkent State Institute of International Relations, the Jizzak State Pedagogical Institute, Fergana State University.

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