The department of pedagogy and psychology

The deparment of pedagogy and psychology 

  Head of the Department: psycholog.f.n. associate professor Kholnazarova Matluba Holboltaevna

 Phone: +998915021832


History of the department

Pedagogy and psychology department was founded in 1966. General scientific Research work on the theme "The theory and practice of formation of professional culture of a future teacher". Since 1966 Turgunov G.T, Tsoy Gennadiy, Julanov Q. A, Arimboev S, Abdukarimov H., O. Suvonov, G. Davirova. Over the years of independence dissertations of 5 candidates of science were defended. Members of the department are active in educational and social spheres. Their pedagogical activity is highly valued by the government. G. Davirova was awarded with the Dustlik award, H.Abdukarimov, A.Ahmedov, O.Suvonov, A.Fadeevs with "Badges of public education" and many honored titles. Members of the department published dozens of monographs, hundreds of scientific and methodical articles.


 From the beginning of the year, the department is headed by psycholog.c.s. associate professor Kholnazarova Matluba Holbutayevna. Nowadays, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor H. Abdukarimov, the candidate of psychological sciences, associate professors M. Kholnazarova senior lecturers O. Suvonov, Yo. Nurumbekova, O Shukurova, G. Kurbanova, S. Khaydarova, Fayzieva Sh, Toshmatova G, Nosirova D, as well as talented young teachers as U. Holikov.

Professors and teachers of the department provide knowledge, skills and qualifications on all subjects of education for all students of the educational process on modern pedagogical and information technologies in 33 subjects.


Under the leadership of the members of the department, starting from 2017, the staff of the department "pedagogical psychology" has been established in the region and neighboring regions. At present 16 professors and teachers work at our department. Of these, 16 work full time. There are 2 professors and 3 candidates of science. The average age of the teaching staff is 39, the average age of the candidates is 45. The scientific potential of the department is 40%.

Of these, 16 work full time. There are 2 professors and 3 candidates of science in the department. The average age of professor-teachers is 42 years, the average age of science candidates is 48. The scientific potential of the department is 39%.


• Teaching aids, teaching materials, workshops and TUIs have been developed by the teaching staff of the department. Members of the department have participated in international and national scientific conferences with more than 150 scientific papers and published more than 90 scientific papers in scientific journals.


Nowadays, the main scientific theme of the department: Two innovative groups have been established on the basis of "Educating the spiritual and professional competent person in continuous education". In these groups, except for professors and teachers of the department, talented students and specialists from the AL and KHK are involved.

 1. Continuously pedagogical education upbringing of the spiritual and professional person "

    Leader: Abdukarimov H.

M.Holnazarova M

2. O.Suvonov

3. Yo. Nurumbekova

4. G. Kurbanova

5. U. Kholikov


 2. "Spiritually-professional in the system of continuous education psychological bases of education of a physically challenged person "

Head: Kholnazarova M.

1. Shukurova O '.

S. Khaydarova

3. Fayzieva Sh

4. Toshmatova G

5. Nosirova D




 Currently, the department carries out research on 5 doctoral dissertations. Members of the department regularly publish the results of scientific researches at international and republican scientific-practical conferences. For example, in 2015-2017, members of the department published 20 articles in international journals, 25 in international scientific journals, 25 in international scientific conferences, over 25 scientific conferences in international conferences, more than 100 scientific conferences and more than 75 scientific articles at academic conferences and published theses.

At the department there is organized a pedagogical skill school, which consists of circles "Kamil Sari", "Tafakkur chashmasi", "Ma'rifat gulshani", and more than 75 gifted students under the leadership of experienced teachers of the department.


 At present, 145 students are learning the secrets of science in the direction of "Pedagogy and Psychology".

Students are deeply involved in the curriculum as well as successfully participate in Republican Olympiads.

The staff of the department also provides practical support to the regional, city educational institutions. Regional Department of Public Education and Department have signed agreements on conducting experimental work on teaching practice and research in teaching staff.

The department cooperates with educational institutions under the management of the department and the secondary specialized professional department. The first branch of branches of pedagogical colleges Gulistan, Yangier and Syrdarya pedagogical colleges are functioned. Teachers of the department provide methodological help to the teachers of these educational institutions on the system "Teacher-apprentice".



Research on the department has established scientific contacts with many scientific centers and international organizations. These relations are developing extensively on the basis of mutual cooperation agreements.

Also, our department has established cooperation with Academic Lyceums and vocational colleges and the following works are carried out in this direction. In particular, in the 2017-2018 academic year, agreements were signed with Gulistan city's 1 academic lyceum, 1 pedagogical college in Gulistan city, Syrdarya pedagogical college and academic lyceum of Syrdarya.

Address of the Department: Gulistan, 4th district, Gulistan State University, Socio-Economic Faculty, Economy building, 3rd floor, 312, Pedagogy and Psychology Department

Phone: (0367) 225-48-61


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