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Achievements of the University

Achievements of the University

At present, more than 60 professors, young scientists, doctoral students, masters and bachelors from 10 projects (8 practical, one practical and one innovative) of 563 million 456 thousand sums continue their research work effectively.

The following specialties were trained: 15 applicants were trained on base doctorate and 7 under doctoral thesis:

01.01.01- Mathematical analysis

01.04.00 - Physics

02.00.07 - Chemistry and technology of composition, varnish and rubber materials

02.00.10 - Biorganic chemistry

03.00.12 - Biotechnology

03.00.05 - Botany

03.00.06 - Zoology

03.00.07 - Physiology and biochemistry of plants

08.00.01 - Theory of economics

10.00.01 - Uzbek language. Uzbek Literature

13.00.01 - The Theory and History of Pedagogy

13.00.02 - Theory and methodology of education and upbringing (on branches)

13.00.04 - Theory and methodology of physical education and sport.

Young researcher of the Department of "Ecology and Geography" Kenjaev Aziz took part in the Republican Contest of Innovative Ideas Contest "Agriculture, Biotechnology, Ecology and Environmental Protection" with a practical project on "Agrobiotechnology that strengthens saline soils" was recognized as a winner.
The student of the 1st year student of the Faculty of Music Mamatova Nozima Fakhriddin, the student of the Faculty of Philology, the Kazakh language, the 3rd year student Asetova Baljan Nurbaevna, the student of the Kazakh language and literature (specialty) "And won the prize of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, as well as valuable prizes.
The Decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from September 28, 2017 "On Appointment of State Scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Navoi, Beruni, Ulughbek, Ibn Sino, Imam al-Bukhari, Islam Karimov) for the Students of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic for 2017-2018 academic year" 4th year student of the faculty "Economy" of social and economic faculty Shodibaeva Mastura Komiljon daughter and student of group 63-14, 4th course of English language and literature, group 9-14 student Pozilov Elyor Abduvoxid oglu from September 2, 2017 State Scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan named after Navoi, 3rd year student of the Pedagogical faculty "Elementary education and sport educational work", student of Kayumova Shohsanam Tulkin's daughter from 42th to 15th grade, from September 2, 2017 The State Scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan was named after Islam Karimov.
At the Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects in Tashkent on 10-12 May, 2017, the university team actively participated in the banner, development model and samples, signed a total of 92.0 million sums.
Information about the University's Masters Degree.

On the initiative of the department, the university administration prepared and submitted to the Ministry documents on re-mastering of 8 specialties. The Ministry is thoroughly studying this proposal and has been trained in 3 specialties (5A140101-Biology, 5A110701-Information Technology, 5A140501-Analytical Chemistry) for 2017-2018 academic year (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) Currently, 12 students, including 2 girls, are enrolled in the first year of master's degree in these directions of the university.
The activity of the magistracy department is based on the requirements of the "Master's Degree" approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 2, 2015 36 and the model set out in it.
Undergraduate students of the Department of Biology carry out research on the master's thesis on cooperation agreements between the Gulistan State University and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry named after O.Sodiqov and the Institute of Gene Pool of Animals and Animals of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.
At the Department of Biology, 5A140101 - Master of Science in Biological sciences are taught by leading professors and associate professors in 6 specializations. These are: Dadaev S, Ph.D., A.Pozilov, doctor of philosophy, H. Garshiboev, b.f.d, H.Qoshiyev, b.f.n, dots S.Doniyorov, b.f.n. L. Botirova, Ph.D., dots J. Karshiboev. The mentioned professors-teachers have enough pedagogical experience and skills in direction 5A140101-Biology. Textbooks, manuals, and didactic materials in the subject are sufficient and demanded.
5A140501-Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry) "in the discipline of special disciplines

Gulistan State University

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