Bizning shior: Universitet obrosihar bir professoroqituvchi, xodim va talabaning ornomusi, iftixori va vijdon ishidir.           Asosiy maqsadimiz: Eng yetuk universitetlar qatoridan joy olish!           Ilm bir shula, dilga tushgan on Shunda bilursankim, ilm bepoyon...
Important source!
An important innovation was that the encyclopedia of Gulistan state University was recently prepared and published. The encyclopedia opens with an introductory speech by the rector of the University, Professor mukhsin khodzhiev. Also, a large article by Professor Hayitboy Mirkhaydarov about the history of the educational institution gives A lot of information about the University. The book contains extensive information about more than six hundred faculty and staff members who worked at the University and are active today, about their teaching activities, research papers, textbooks, manuals and discoveries. Therefore, the "encyclopedia of Gulistan state University" plays an important role in the study of the history of the Syrdarya region, the history of the educational institution. The Un…
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The native language is the spirit of the nation!
In the city of Gulistan, the regional center, festive events began with a visit to the monument to Alisher Navoi, who made a great contribution to the development of the Uzbek language. Representatives of the regional Khokimiyat, Gulistan state University, enterprises, organizations, and youth laid wreaths at the monument. Speaking at the event, khokim of the region Gofurjon Mirzayev spoke about the subtleties, rich opportunities, long history and many other aspects of the native language. Then a solemn festive event dedicated to the “Day of the Uzbek language”was held in the building of the regional drama theater.
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Holiday greetings to the people of Uzbekistan
Dear compatriots! I sincerely congratulate you and all our people on today's wonderful holiday of the Uzbek language. We all remember that the adoption of the law "On the state language" in our country on October 21, 1989, in a difficult socio-political situation, was an important step towards national independence. As you know, taking into account the wishes of our public and people, last year we adopted a law establishing this historical date As the day of the Uzbek language holiday. I am sure that this holiday, which is widely celebrated in the country for the first time, will take a strong and worthy place in our life. Dear friends! The life-affirming power of our national language serves as an important support for us in building a new Uzbekistan, forming the Foundation of a new …
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Let your destiny be high, mother tongue!
On October 16, 2020, in connection with the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the law “on the state language”in the “Connoisseur's mansion”located in Gulistan city, and on October 21 the day of the Uzbek language holiday, in cooperation with the National Guard Department of the Syrdarya region and Gulistan State University, a spiritual-educational and artistic event was held on The event was attended by the heads of the National Guard Department of Sirdarya region, military personnel, responsible staff of Gulistan State University, professors, teachers and students. During the event, poems and songs dedicated to the holiday were performed, Bakhru-Beth was performed by young creative students, and a look at art books was demonstrated.
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The importance of language in the perception of the world, in the understanding of the environment, cannot be overemphasized by man. Spirituality can not be imagined without a fork from the language, tilni from spirituality. Language is the mirror of the nation. It is one of the factors that characterize the identity of the nation. A nation without a language – there will not be a spirituality without a language-without a language, as there will not be a nation without a language. The adoption of the law "on the state language"on October 21, 1989 was a huge historical event in the name of raising the spirituality of our people, preserving our national traditions and values, developing our native language with invaluable wealth. Thirty-one years have passed since the adoption of the…
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Dear students! On the occasion of October 21-the day of the Uzbek language holiday among the students of Gulistan State University, remote competitions are held on the topics of "Best Article", "Uzbek language – my honor", "best interview", "Best Speaker", "most meaningful and impressive social roller" categories aimed at developing the culture of speech and speaking skills in order to further enhance the sense of love for our mother tongue. This competition will be held on October 14-24, 2020. Materials prepared by the participants of the competition are accepted through Telegram (97-277-24-37, 99-594-89-05) and submitted to the jury. Students who won the competition (1, 2, 3 places in each direction) will be awarded with special diplomas and memorable gifts by the administratio…
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Talabaning F.I.Sh. Talaba o’qiyotgan oliy ta’lim muassasasi, ta’lim yo’nalishi Talaba o’qishi ko’chirilayotgan oliy ta’lim muassasasi, ta’lim yo’nalishi ABDUMALIKOVA SEVDORA UMIDJON QIZI TDAU, Agrobiznes va investitsion faoliyat GulDU, Iqtisodiyot ABDUMANNONOVA MALIKA IZZATULLO-QIZI TDTU, Geodeziya, kartografiya va kadastr GulDU, Informatika o’qitish metodikasi AKBAROV MIROLIM NEMATOVICh TDAU, Qayta ishlash (chetlatilgan) GulDU, Qishloq xo’jalik mahsulotlarini saqlash va dastlabki ishlash texnologiyasi (tiklash) ANVAROV ShERDOR O’KTAM O’G’LI TDTU, Yorug’lik texnikasi GulDU, Matematika ANORQULOV SOBIR…
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2020-2021 oquv yilida Guliston davlat universiteti bakalavriatiga to'lov-kontrakt asosida o'qishga kirgan talabalarning to'lov shartnomalari. IJODIY.
QUYIDA KELTIRILGAN YONALISHLAR UCHUN IKKI TOMONLAMA (STIPENDIYALI VA STIPENDIYASIZ) VA UCH TOMONLAMA (STIPENDIYALI VA STIPENDIYASIZ) SHARTNOMALAR MAVJUD.    Bakalavriat kunduzgi 5151201 Amaliy san’at: Badiiy kulolchilik 5150602 Vokal san’ati: An’anaviy xonandalik 5112000 Jismoniy madaniyat 5112000 Jismoniy madaniyat rus guruhi 5112001 Xotin-qizlar sporti 5111100 Musiqa ta’limi 5150801 Rangtasvir: Dastgohli 5110800 Tasviriy san’at va muxandislik grafikasi 5120116 Filologiya va tillarni o’qitish:Qozoq tili 5150711 Cholg’u ijrochiligi: Xalq cholg’ulari   Bakala…
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The deadline for accepting documents to colleges and technical schools has been extended
In order to create opportunities for a large number of parents and young people to study at colleges and technical schools, in particular applicants who failed to score enough points for admission to universities this year, the deadline for online admission of applicants ' documents has been extended until October 20 (October 20), 2020.   Have this documents acceptance of applicants to colleges online also did this through electronic platforms.   ✅ The following documents are accepted to colleges and technical schools via the electronic platform:   1️ ⃣ electronic application;   2️ ⃣ a copy of the passport (electronic) 3️   ⃣ a copy of the certificate (electronic) of comple…
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Erasmus+ week in Uzbekistan
Erasmus + is a program of the European Union that supports projects, cooperation, activities and mobility in the fields of education, professional education, youth work and sports. This program, which will run from 2014 to 2020, will Finance the development of all these areas, both between European countries and between European countries and partner countries of the world. As part of the last competition for the 2020/2021 academic year, the following program areas were identified for the collective and individual participation of universities, teachers, and students from Uzbekistan: Sapasity house in higher education (Sapasity buildings in higher education), international credit mobility (Credit international mobility), Erasmus Mundus joint master's programs (Erasmus Mundus joint master'…
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