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837 | 2023-02-02 16:24 | Batafsil
Propaganda work was carried out aimed at reforming the system of internal affairs bodies
On January 24, 2023, at Gulistan State University, representatives of the IIB of Syrdarya region and preventive Inspector A."On additional measures by the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan to transform internal affairs bodies into a nation-wide professional structure and direct them to work in close cooperation with the population"by Usmanov propaganda work was carried out, the resolution of which was aimed at explaining the meaning and essence.             The event was informed by the responsible on the following issues   📄On January 20, 2023, the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 10 "on additional measures to transform the internal affairs bodies into a folk professional structure and d…
1042 | 2023-01-25 09:35 | Batafsil
On January 14, 2023, a meaningful event was held at Gulistan State University to mark the 31st anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the "Day of Defenders of the Fatherland". A group of retired military personnel who retired from the armed forces and are currently working at Gulistan State University were awarded holiday gifts. The event was attended by the 1st vice-rector of the university for youth issues and spiritual and educational affairs F. Niyazov, the chairman of the university trade union A. Yusufaliyev, the chairman of the Women's Council N. Sultanova and the head of the personnel department O. Abdurakhmanov gave congratulatory speeches.Guardians of the Motherland, defenders of the Motherland are always in the spotlight and in ho…
917 | 2023-01-14 11:32 | Batafsil
The administration of Gulistan State University informs about the end of the winter vacation and the beginning of training sessions in social networks that on the official channel of the university ( On 10.11.2023, official information about the beginning of training sessions was posted in the appropriate order, and all official information about the university's activities is covered only on the official pages of the university, other unofficial We inform you that the news spread in the sources is baseless.
876 | 2023-01-12 11:45 | Batafsil
❗️ Attention announcement!
We would like to inform you that from  11.01.2023, training sessions will start in the traditional way for all students studying at Gulistan State University in the form of full-time education. We ask that students from distant regions take all precautionary measures when they arrive at the university, and all conditions will be created for these students to participate in online training until they arrive.Class schedules will be announced later.
844 | 2023-01-11 09:07 | Batafsil
Professors and teachers of Gulistan State University were awarded with a letter of thanks from the head of the Republican Spirituality and Enlightenment Center and a valuable souvenir
1. Makhmudov Ravshanbek Jalilovich - Professor of Gulistan State University, holder of the Order of "Labor Glory" 2. Karimov Yoldosh Ergashevich - senior teacher of Gulistan State University, winner of the "Shuhrat" medal.
1095 | 2023-01-05 12:05 | Batafsil
The chairman of the Women's Council of Gulistan State University was awarded by the governor of the region
An event dedicated to the annual summary of the "Aqila Women" movement was held in Gulistan. Akmaljon Makhmudaliyev, acting governor of the region, representatives of partner organizations, otinoyi, women's activists, journalists and bloggers took part in it. During his speech, the head of the region emphasized that the protection of women's rights and legitimate interests in our country has been raised to the level of state policy, and said that a fair and effective system has been created to deal with their problems and concerns. At the event, information was also provided on the activities carried out by the members of the "Aqila Women" movement during the year. The chairman of the Women's Council of Gulistan State University, N. Sultanova, was awarded with a letter of thanks and souv…
1039 | 2022-12-30 10:13 | Batafsil
Yuldashev Ulmasbek Abdubanapovich, a teacher of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies, Faculty of Information Technologies, Gulilston State University, became the winner of the "Promoter of Science" badge. CONGRATULATIONS
956 | 2022-12-29 11:14 | Batafsil
A meeting of the rector and leaders was held
Rector of Gulistan State University, professor Khodzhiyev Muksin Tadzhiyevich met with the leaders of the university, members of the volunteer team and young people who won the intellectual Olympiad held in Tashkent.   At the beginning of the speech, the rector of the university, M. T. Khodzhiyev, reflected on the content of the Address of the President to the Oliy Majlis and informed the students about the tasks set in it.   At the meeting, a summary of the year was heard, achievements and shortcomings were discussed. After that, they agreed on the plans to be implemented in the future.   At the end of the meeting, vouchers were handed over to students who won the intellectual Olympiad. Leaders and members of the volunteer team were awarded with letters of thanks and …
973 | 2022-12-23 09:40 | Batafsil
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