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Conference on the topic
On December 19-20, 2022, the first international scientific-practical conference on the topic "Resursosberegayushchie metody na osnvo prirodnyx soedineniy" was held at the Gulistan State University, organized by the initiative of the professors of the chemistry department of the faculty of aesthetic science.     In addition to professors and lecturers, leading higher education institutions of our republic, he also participates in conferences and lectures and shares the results of his scientific work with students from Germany, Singapore, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
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RESULTS of the exam held on December 20, 2022 for admission to the Basic Doctoral Science at Gulistan State University for 2023 at the expense of the state budget
👉 10.00.01-Uzbek language 👉 10.00.02- Uzbek literature 👉 10.00.06-Comparative literature studies, cross-linguistics and translation studies 👉 13.00.02-Theory and methodology of education and upbringing (by fields) 👉 13.00.01-Pedagogical theory. History of pedagogical teachings 👉 13.00.04-Theory of physical education and sports training 👉 13.00.08-Preschool education and training theory and methodology 👉 19.00.05-Social psychology. Ethnopsychology 👉 19.00.01-History and theory of psychology. General psychology
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RESULTS of the exam held on December 19, 2022 for admission to the Basic Doctoral Science at Gulistan State University for 2023 at the expense of the state budget
👉 03.00.06-Zoology 👉 03.00.12-Biotechnology 👉 03.00.13-Soil science 👉 06.01.07-Fruit growing and viticulture 👉 08.00.01-Economic theory 👉 08.00.04-Agricultural economy 👉 08.00.07-Finance, money circulation and credit
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RESULTS of the exam held on December 17, 2022 for admission to the Basic Doctoral Science at Gulistan State University for 2023 at the expense of the state budget
👉01.01.06-Algebra 👉 01.04.05-Optics 👉 02.00.03-Organic chemistry 👉 02.00.17-Technology and biotechnology of processing, storage and processing of agricultural and food products 👉 03.00.05-Botany 👉 03.00.10-Ecology 👉 05.01.04-Mathematical and software support of calculators and computer networks 👉 07.00.01-History of Uzbekistan 👉 07.00.05-History of international relations and foreign policy 👉 11.00.01-Natural geography
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7 researchers of Gulistan State University participate in foreign scientific internships
Based on the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Science Financing and Innovation Support Fund under the Ministry of Innovative Development, "In 2022-2023, young scientists who will be sent from Gulistan State University to leading foreign scientific organizations (centers, universities, etc.) for short-term scientific internships" list" was confirmed. According to him, the following researchers of Gulistan State University have received the right to participate in foreign scientific internships: 1. Shodmonova Mukhayo-English language and literature department 2. Shavkiyeva Dilfuza - Department of Interfaculty Foreign Languages 3. Buribayeva Aziza - Interfaculty Department of Foreign Languages 4. Abdurazzakova Shokhida-Interfaculty Department of Foreign Languages 5. Norimova Gul…
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December 3 - charity events were held in connection with the International Day of Disabled Persons
On December 3, 2022, the team of Gulistan State University received information about 56 children with disabilities living in Mirzaabad district. Primary food products, as well as clothes and toys for children were distributed to the families where these children live. Gulistan State University decided to carry out systematic work to support these young people in the future.
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Financial statements
Cost estimate (budget) Cost estimate (off-budget) Expenses (budget) Expenses (off-budget) Public procurement Vehicles, real estate
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