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    The delegation headed by the rector of Gulistan state University consisting of Vice-rectors, deans, Deputy deans got acquainted with the " school of information technologies Muhammad al-Khorazmiy” in Tashkent. The Deputy Director for spiritual and educational work of the school told about the features, advantages, innovations of each audience, familiarized in detail with the conditions of the school. In this school, only 800 of the smartest students in our country, who have talent and potential in mathematics, physics, and computer science, are educated. The current conditions at school are an example of our country's strength and great attention to science. Teachers of the University received a great impression from the school of information technology of Muhammad…
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    On January 3, 2020, a team led by the rector of Gulistan state University, mukhsin khodjiev, consisting of Vice-rectors, deans, Deputy deans for youth work, got acquainted with the Abdulla Kadyri creative school in Tashkent. Director of the school of creativity Nilufar Yuldasheva thoroughly acquainted with the conditions in the school, the subjects that will be taught, the potential of students. In each study, the students showed their potential, their talents. Abdullah Kadyri is a great writer who defined the Uzbek novel. Among the students of the creative school, there will undoubtedly be Abdullah Kadyri, Abdullah Kahhar, Oybeklar, Gafur Gulyamlar, Erkin Vohidov, Abdullah Oripov, Muhammad Yusuf, Turin Suleiman. Because the respected President of our school did not say …
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On December 31, 2019, rector of Gulistan state University M. T. khodjiev, Vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments, Deputy deans laid a wreath at the recently opened monument of the people's poet of Uzbekistan to the holder of the order “El-Yurt Khurmati” Halima Khudoyberdieva. The University team got acquainted with the creative school named after the poet. Syrdarya poet Halima Khudoyberdieva received a lot of new, useful information from the study rooms of the creative school, home Museum. In this creative school, Syrdarya youth receive education and upbringing. Promotes the disclosure of talents and potential of young people. From the creative school of Halima Khudoyberdieva there was a great opportunity for the performance of the national poet of Uzbekistan Tura Suleymanov…
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Based on scholars of the practical innovation fund of World Bank “CLUSTER APPROACH IN DEVELOPING INTEGRATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND PRODUCTION: organizing “Educational-scientific complex” in the integrated system of Production and Gulistan State University” is being accomplished in Gulistan State University.  The main purpose of the project is the integration of cluster-based integration into higher education, science, and industry - the establishment of an innovative educational-scientific complex system and its creation.    According to this aim, cooperating with a high level of universities and giving special attention to learning advanced experiences is maintained in our project.In this project, foreign universities, scientific labs, special…
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From 2020 work with youth and students will rise to a new level
On December 28 this year, an extended meeting of the University Council was held at the Palace of culture of Gulistan state University. The Council was conducted by the rector of the University, Professor M. T. Khodjiev. It summed up the results of 2019 and monitored the current state of the work done. The Council awarded professors and teachers who had worked successfully for a year. At the meeting, the rector of the University congratulated the staff on the New year and elaborated on the actual tasks to be performed next year. At the video conference held on December 27, 2019 by the distinguished President of our country, the task was set to raise the work with young people to a new level, and in 2020 this issue will be put in the first place in the educational processes of the Universi…
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Mrs. Beate Schoreit received the title of Honorary Professor of the Gulistan State University
The international organization Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has been supporting the research laboratory of experimental biology of the Gulistan State University, under the leadership of Professor H. H. Kushiev, for the last 3 years. During this partnership, scientific and practical activities for the development of horticulture (pomegranate farming), analysis of water, soil and plant products in Syrdarya region have been developed and implemented. During the cooperation, GIZ supported the experimental biological laboratory with laboratory equipment, reagents for the analysis of water, soil and plant products (worth 30.000 Euros) and the establishment of research activities at the international level. The results of the analyses are now entered into the…
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Gulistan state University student wins international Olympiad
In November 2019, the international “Siberian mathematical Olympiad”was held at the Novosibirsk state University of the Russian Federation. This Olympiad was held among students of 1-4 undergraduate courses of higher educational institutions, which was attended by representatives of Gulistan state University.The 1st year student of physics and mathematics faculty of Gulistan state University in the direction of “mathematics” Akhadov Abdushukur Utkir ugli accompanied by the supervisor senior lecturer of the Department of "Mathematics" J. Mamatov took part in this Olympiad and took the first place.
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The next meeting of the scientific seminar at the Scientific Council
GULISTAN STATE UNIVERSITY PhD providing degrees.30.09.2019.B.91.01 digital The next meeting of the scientific seminar at the Scientific Council will be held on December 21, 2019 at 10:00. DAY SCHEDULE:One of them. Sobirov Jabir Jamolovich 03.00.06-discussion of the dissertation work of the doctor of philosophy in Biological Sciences (PhD) on the specialty of Zoology on the topic "the importance of Duckling in fishery and its gidrobiological state".Two. Different issues. Address: Gulistan City, 4-Muze, GulDU Main Building lecture hall.
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Meeting with a miniature artist
On December 12, 2019, in the specialized school of arts of Gulistan, Syrdarya region, within the framework of 5 important initiatives on the project “Visit to the artist's Studio”, a creative meeting with a member of the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan, winner of the medal “Shukhrat”, miniaturist Bahodir Bobonazarov took place.During the meeting, students were provided with information about the history, methods, features and stages of development of miniature art of the East, as well as a master class on the miniature genre of fine art.The creative meeting was attended by students and teachers of the faculty of art history of Gulistan state University.
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"Youth-on the eve of elections
During the conversation at the" round table " of the Syrdarya regional Kengash UzLiDeP, special attention was paid to the education, improvement of the intellectual and spiritual potential of young people, comprehensively developed, self-thinking, loyal to the Motherland, with firm life views.In order to develop the political and legal culture of the young generation in our country, to fully prepare for the upcoming election processes on December 22, to ensure the active participation of young people and to hold it at a high level, a round table between the faculties is being held at Gulistan state University on Tuesday. Its sequence took place among the students of the faculty of physical culture of the University. It was attended by employees Of the Kirdar regional Council UzLiDeP, facul…
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