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Bizning shior: Universitet obro'si har bir professor o'qituvchi, xodim va talabaning or-nomusi, iftixori va vijdon ishidir.           Asosiy maqsadimiz: Eng yetuk universitetlar qatoridan joy olish!           Ilm bir shu'la, dilga tushgan on Shunda bilursankim, ilm bepoyon...
Entrance examination questionnaire for applicants to Gulistan State University with a base doctorate (PhD), intern research and doctorate (DSC).
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To the attention of applicants for basic doctoral (PhD), doctoral (DSc) and internship research!
Examinations and interviews at Gulistan State University's Basic Doctorate (PhD), Doctoral (DSc) and Internship Research Institute are held on scheduled dates.You will be asked to be at the university no later than the time specified in the schedule.A ZOOM link has been added for observers to ensure exam transparency. Download schedule
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Roundtable in student dormitories
Chairwoman of the Women's Council of the Faculty of Philology Sh.R.Khakimova and professors of the Department of English Language and Literature organized a round table discussion on modern Uzbek, Russian and English literature at the University. The appearance of Navoi or Pushkin, the chairman of the women's council of the faculty Sh.R.Khakimova, is determined by the combination of genius and historical necessity. In other words, the great Turkic works of Navoi in the world of culture and literature took place at a time when history demanded, and the same examples were given of Pushkin, Shakespeare, Kadyri, Cholpon.
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Information on applications to Gulistan State University from individuals and legal entities in October 2021
In October 2021, Gulistan State University received a total of 30 applications from individuals and legal entities. Of which:The number of applications received through the virtual reception - 14Orally - 13Written - 1 pieceEmail - 2 pcs
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Entrance examination questionnaire for applicants to Gulistan State University with a base doctorate (PhD), intern research and doctorate (DSC).
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Another agreement with Chinese partners at the university
Gulistan State University was visited by partners from the People's Republic of China. Mr. Chen Bing, CEO of Yanlin, Yang Xi, Manager of the company, Mr. Wang Xinhe, General Director of Peng Sheng, met with the Rector of the University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Muhsin Khodjiev. training of scientists and teachers in such areas as agriculture, greenhouse work, primary processing of agricultural products, food technology, the organization of master's studies, advanced training and internships, jointly Preliminary agreements on the training of doctoral students, the transfer of Chinese scientists to the university on the basis of mutual exchange programs, the organization of internships were discussed in detail. The meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs,…
2147 | 2021-11-01 10:33 | Batafsil
"University" - the winner of the Syrdarya regional cup!
The team of "University" consisting of students of the Faculty of Physical Culture of Gulistan State University, which took part in the finals of the Syrdarya Regional Cup in football, which was held on October 30, 2021 in Gulistan, won the regional cup!
2245 | 2021-11-01 09:28 | Batafsil
The author of the collections "World. Politics. Society" Orifjon Ayupov is 80 years old!
On October 29, the 80th anniversary of Orifjon Ayupov, a famous historian and orientalist, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, honorary academician of the Turan Academy of Sciences, owner of the first degree "Mehnat Fakhriisi", was held at Gulistan State University. It was attended by representatives of the state, science and public figures.
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Training is conducted on the basis of 4 + 2 project (video)
2nd year students majoring in Economics and Management are taking practical classes in statistics on the basis of the dual education 4 + 2 project in the Regional Statistics Office and its district and city departments. Daily attendance is 96-100%. Excerpts from these workshops are provided. Students develop professional skills by combining theoretical knowledge with practice.
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