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International cooperation
On April 25, 2023, Merzon Elena Yefimovna, director of Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, visited Gulistan State University. The guest was welcomed by university rector M. Khodzhiyev and vice-rector for scientific affairs and innovations Z. Zikriyayev. During the visit, issues of further expansion of cooperation established with Gulistan State University and Kazan Federal University, increasing the number of joint educational programs in the 2+2 format, bringing scientific and innovative cooperation to a new level were discussed.Elabuga Institute director Ye.Merzon's visit to Gulistan State University continues.
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Referendum 2023 - Vote for your future
On April 19, 2023, the "Referendum and Youth" forum was held at Gulistan State University under the slogan "Referendum 2023 - Vote for your future". Intellectuals, creative people, talented young people were invited to this forum.University professor R. Mahmudov, Associate Professor S. Kudratov, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences Musurmonova Shakhlo, Zulfiya state award winner Abduolimova Zarnigor, Mirzo Ulugbek state scholarship holder Samatboyeva Marjona Bakhtiyor's daughter, winner of the "Brave Boy" state award were present at the event. Yorqinjon Hayitbayev, the winner of the Republican stage of the "Yosh Kitabkhan" competition, gave a speech and expressed his opinion that the main idea of the New Constitution of New Uzbekistan is to ensure human dignity and the interests o…
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The number of Chinese partners of Gulistan State University is expanding
 On April 5, 2023, a delegation of Northwest A&F University, one of the prestigious higher education institutions of the People's Republic of China, headed by Professor Szou Yufen, visited Gulistan State University.  The guests were welcomed by university rector M. Khodzhiyev, vice-rectors J. Karshiboyev, Z. Zikriyayev, head of international relations department G. Norimova and professor H. Koshiyev, and held official talks.  For information, it is worth mentioning that Northwest A&F University, founded in 1934, is the most prestigious university located in Xi'an Province, China, and occupies 39th place in the national ranking of higher education institutions of the PRC. Today, 34,000 students are studying at this educational institution, and about 3,000 doctoral s…
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A seminar-training was organized with US partners
✨On April 1, 2023, Lola Kadirova, senior lecturer of the Department of Interfaculty Foreign Languages, Faculty of Philology, Gulistan State University, and Sarah Borden, assistant teacher of the English language of the US Fulbright ETA program, Terra Nicol, teachers of the US Fulbright English language (World Economy and Diplomacy University), Alberto Navarro (Urgench State University), Grace Kudlak (Bukhara State University), Aaron Szczesny (Jizzakh State University) and Sam Robertson (Tashkent State Law University) organized a seminar-training on the topic "Practical Activities for Teaching English" reached The event was funded by the US Embassy and is designed to improve the professional skills of English language teachers, provide methodical support and develop language skills.T…
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"Referendum-2023. Vote for your future!"
"Referendum-2023" was held today at Gulistan State University with the participation of members of the leadership council, volunteers and talented active students. Vote for your future!" a promotional event was held. At the event organized at the Spirituality and Enlightenment Center of Oliyogoh, the rector of the university, M. Khodzhiyev, gave a speech and detailed information was given about the changes and additions to the Constitution, about human value in the new Constitution of New Uzbekistan, and about the priorities of state policy regarding youth. During the event, active participation in the Referendum, which will be held on April 30 of this year, was encouraged. At the event, talented students also expressed their opinions within the framework of the referendum. At the end of …
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Chairman of the Senate visited Gulistan State University
On March 30, 2023, the chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan T. Narbayeva met with the students of Gulistan State University. Members of the leaders' council and active students took part in this event, which was organized in "Students' Alley" under the moderation of university rector M. Khodzhiyev. At the beginning of the event creative and innovative students presented exhibitions of creative works and innovative developments and ideas to the Chairman of the Senate. After that, T.Narbayeva made a speech and gave detailed information about the relevance of the adoption of the new Constitution of Uzbekistan, changes and additions to the constitution. At the end of the event, the winner of the republican stage of the "Yosh Kitabkhan" competition, a student…
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A meeting between the mayor and the youth was held
On March 30, the mayor of Sirdarya region A. Mahmudaliyev held an open dialogue format "Meeting of the mayor and youth" with students of Gulistan State University. Students first presented their innovative and creative works at this event organized in "Students' Alley" of the university. A. Mahmudaliev studied these developments proposed for the republican contest "100 ideas for Uzbekistan" with great interest and expressed his support for the implementation of these ideas. After that, a meeting between the mayor and student youth was started in the format of direct open communication. The suggestions and ideas expressed by the students and young people were presented to the governor of the region, etc. It was stated that A. Mahmudaliyev will be constantly under his personal attention and…
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May every day be Nowruz, my dear Uzbekistan!
Within the framework of "Five important initiatives" in Gulistan State University, competitions were organized among students and youth in the sports of rope pulling, stone lifting, wrestling, arm wrestling, volleyball and football. Today, March 17, the finals were held. Also, a special holiday number was organized by the "Zakovat" club of the university. Painters of the Faculty of Arts presented their creations on the occasion of the holiday.    Awarding of the winners and prize-winners of the competition was organized in the Center of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the university. He spoke about the place of Nowruz holiday among the values of our people and its educational importance. After that, the university administration headed by the rector awarded the winners and pri…
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💐You are a symbol of loyalty, woman!
🔄 On March 7, 2023, events dedicated to March 8 International Women's Day are taking place at Gusliston State University. The main holiday event was held at the Palace of Culture of the university "You are a symbol of loyalty - Woman!" organized under the slogan Women of the professors, teachers, and workers who were invited to this evening were greeted with festive greetings. ⚡️The festive event was opened by the rector of the university M. Khodzhiyev with a congratulatory speech. It was said that special attention is paid to women's issues in our society, including the increase in the influence of women in state administration, and the increasing share of women in the development of academic potential of the university. At the event, poet Muhammad Ismail gave a cong…
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