"Month of Sport" has started
In May of this year, the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan declared the "Month of Sport" in May of this year in order to implement the tasks set out in the Decree of the meeting approved by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Abduhakimov on April 15, 2019. On May 1, 2019 there was a solemn opening of the "Month of Sport" at the university's central sports arena. The opening ceremony was attended by Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs F.Niyazov and the main purpose of the organization of the Month of Sport was the expected results, holding the competitions at the highest level during the month, the "Best Department", "The Best Faculty" , "The Best Sports Team" and other nominations, the winning teams were encouraged by the university adminis…
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Healthy family - healthy society
On May 1, 2019 in the lecture hall of Gulistan State University held an informational meeting with students on "Healthy Family - Healthy Society", "Family - in the State and Society Protection", "Early Marriage: Problems and Solutions". The event was attended by pro-rector on youth affairs F.Niyazov, judges of the Syrdarya regional court L.Sherbekova, G.Olimova, S.Namozboeva, O.Razzikov, chief specialist I.Abdurahmanov, head of Syrdarya regional prosecutor's office Q.Mukumov, chairwoman of the Council of Women S.Kulbaeva, head of the department on work with youth, spirituality and enlightenment Sh.Abdurasulov, chairmen of Women's departments of faculties and 84 students. Speakers at the event talked about the role of the family in preventing early marriage, ensuring family solidarity, se…
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Conquering the world ...
On April 24 this year, the Social-Economic Faculty of the University hosted an event dedicated to the work of Amir Temur within the "Hour of Information and Coaching" on the theme "National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Education" in the group 60-18. During the event, the participants were informed about the role of Sahibkiran in the history of the world, his work, the initiatives of the head of our state and his extensive work on the memory of this person. At the event, new information about the military expeditions of the Sahibkiran, "Temur's Orders", and Temur's pyramids were presented at the event. In the art part of the event were demonstrated scenes, fragments from Uzbek and foreign languages ​​were heard from Temur's editions.
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University students traveled to museums in Tashkent
In order to implement the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 11, 2014 189 "On Measures to Ensure the Openness of State Museums for Children and Their Parents," in order to promote the implementation of the motto "Travel around Uzbekistan!" On April 20, the 2nd year students of the Department of History of the Socio-Economic Faculty of Gulistan State University, senior lecturers of the department "History" L.Kodirova and Sh. Bekturdiev visited the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan, the State Historical Museum of Uzbekistan, and the State Museum of History of Temurids in Tashkent. Fund of the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan, founded in 1918 by the collection of art collections collected by the prince N.Kh.Romanov, has a lot of exhibits. In pa…
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The seminar was held
On April 22, 2019 a seminar on "Principles and rules of observance of the rights in the field of employment and employment" was held between professor-teachers and students of Gulistan State University. The workshop was attended by pro-rector on youth affairs F.Niyazov, inspector of the Syrdarya regional department of labor and employment M.Abdurahmonov, prosecutor of Syrdarya regional prosecutor's office M.Sulaymonov, deputy deans, professors and students. Speakers of the event noted that today the main goal of ensuring employment in the country is the creation of new jobs by the state, the main principles of the state policy in the field of employment, as well as the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 31 May 2018 "On Additional Measures to Implement rat…
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Ancient Bukhara and Samarkand Travel
In our Holy Land there are many historical places, monuments, sacred places, places of pilgrimage, important cities, lots of places. Today, in our country, the tourism industry is paying great attention to attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Teachers and students of the Faculty of Philology at Gulistan State University have traveled to ancient Bukhara and the world's best-known Samarkand cities to visit historic cities, holy places and saints and to develop internal tourism in Uzbekistan. . During the trip, the students visited Bukhara Arki, Minorai Kalon, Masjidi Kalon, Mir Arab madrasah, Tim trade complex, Kokaldash, Ulughbek, Abdulazizkhon, Abdullahan madrasahs, Labi pool complex, Ismoil Somoni mausoleum, Imam Bukhari mosque in Samarkand, Registan ensemble, The first President o…
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Interview with academician A.Azamov, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences
On March 22, 2019, Gulistan State University visited Academician A.Azamov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, and spoke with students in Mathematics. During the conversation, he focused primarily on students' academic guidance and discussion about mathematics in the world.  
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